May Issue Does God Answer Your Prayer


When Jesus prayed, his followers asked him to teach them how to pray. He gave them an example found in Matthew 6:9 which we call the Lord’s prayer. The first point he made was to pray to “Our Father.” A person could spend hours on what those two words should mean to us. Jesus pointed out that we should hallow or hold sacred the name of God. Then we need to get the right perspective by praying that God’s kingdom come and His will be done, meaning we want to submit to His authority and His desires above our own or any other person. Now we are ready to ask Him for what we need this day. And to forgive us as we forgive others. How many prayers bounce off the ceiling because there is someone we haven’t forgiven? Finally Jesus said to ask God to lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. BECAUSE or “for the kingdom and the power and glory belongs to God.” Mouthing the words we call the Lord’s prayer is useless, unless our mind understands the meaning of the words and our heart is willing to be in subjection to God’s will. How do you know God’s will? Most of the time we just need to recall some of His words in the Bible. Other times we need to do something much harder: be still and listen. Prayer is not just asking God for what we want but getting to know God and the joy and peace of fitting into His plans for us.

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May Issue-No Rain What do you about funerals?


Margaret Cotter Nagy sent an email from where she lives 55 miles south of Alpine and about 50 miles from the wild fires. “EVERY THING is SO PARCHED, not a wild flower blooming on our 40 aces that I have seen,” she writes.

In 2006, Margaret a Hou-city girl and her husband, Ernie retired and moved west where Ernie has preached for the last four years. At first they lived in a tent for three months then moved into a cabin and were able to get a phone, propane, solar panels and a refrigerator! Since it cost $40 a foot to drill for a water well and water is found about 1300 feet down, they depend on rain water. The cactus thrive on the brief showers where a two inch rain means two-inch raindrops two inches apart. They are very conservative but they need more water than the cactus. When the water gets too low in their tank, they have to drive several miles to buy water and then haul it home.

Recently, Margaret had some errands to run and took a 60 mile trip. While in the area she went to an RV park and had a shower. It cost $2.

Next time you think about needing rain, be thankful you can still turn on a water faucet.


Most people don’t want to talk about funerals, but unless Jesus returns before we die, we will have a funeral.

Mary McCloud Appling, who grew up in Almeda and now lives in the Arcola area, doesn’t mind talking about funerals. She has even written a book on the subject. After talking to a funeral director, Mary realized she had the qualities for that position when he said he had to be a doctor, psychiatrist and preacher rolled into one. In 1992, Mary enrolled in mortuary school. In 2004, she purchased Unity Funeral Home.

Mary has noticed that people spend months planning a wedding but try to jam the SAME amount of detail into two or three days when planning a funeral. Some funeral homes will give you the cost of a funeral but then you find the things a person would normally expect to be included are extra.

Eliminate some of those surprises by making pending arrangements with a funeral director when death is imminent. If the person is under Hospice or Home Health Care and death occurs, immediately call their contact number as they are trained to know exactly what steps need to be taken. If the person is in the hospital, the doctor may advise the family to sign a form giving the hospital permission to release the body. At that time pending arrangements can be made with the funeral home of a person’s choice. There is much more to think through that will be mentioned in future issues.

May 2011 Issue Almeda Improvements


Back in the 1940’s at 13740 Almeda Road, the Foley’s CafĂ© evolved from an grocery store as Mrs. Foley would take some of the groceries off the shelf and fix customers a sandwich. The establishment changed ownership a few times and renamed the Almeda Diner. It stood vacant for awhile until the new owner, Jimmy Dillard did some major remodeling. The interior of the Fifth Quarter is new looking and downright classy.

Drive down Anderson Rd about a half a mile from Fifth Quarter and another improvement. The plain yard at 3641 Anderson Rd. is no longer plain. It is now the home of Mary’s Garden filled with hundreds of various kinds of flowers and plants with new ones being brought in as Mary sells to people who are delighted to have garden center in the neighborhood.


The biggest improvement of all is the Almeda School. In 1892, the students sat on bales of hay in the White’s barn. Now they have an 82,000 square foot, 12 million dollar complex where the fifth grade students will celebrate their promotion exercises on May 28, 2011.

By 1893, Almeda citizens built a one room school/church which had central air when they opened the windows and heat when the teacher or a parent brought in some fire wood for the wood stove.

As the community grew and students came from as far south as Arcola, the Almeda School Board Trustees:Mr. A. L. Parker (Parker’s Hardware), E. P. Edmunson(one of the five r

esidents living on Anderson Rd.) and G. E. Anderson decided to erect a two story structure in 1914.

The picture does not show the entire facility. They also had a wood shed and an outhouse and of course a good barbwire fence to keep the horses penned up for the teacher and students.

This school was focal point of the community which at that time was about 11 miles from the city limits of Houston. Students from three counties in approximately an eight mile radius attended this school. Some years they had a principal/teacher and another teacher. To graduate, students had to go to San Jacinto High School on Holman their last year. Later, in 1936, another building provided room for a library, gymnasium and more classrooms at the cost of $60,000. The 1937 class was the first and last to graduate from high school at Almeda. The next fall Almeda ISD became part of HISD. In 1956 the old building was replaced providing class rooms for kindergarten. The area was exploding. In the late 1950’s, six new elementary schools were built for some of the 1200 students at Almeda.

Another 50 years slipped by and the buildings became outdated for new methods of education. According to Cecilia Buennell the new building will not use chalk or marker boards, instead they will have electronic smart boards. A 63x57 foot library will provide space for books and other teaching tools. A clock in the tower in front of the school can be seen from the road. The new facility has about 75 parking spaces and slots for 33 computers and of course central air and heat. It is designed for 750 students but at the present 800 plus are enrolled.

The first students to glide across the foyer will be the fifth grade students attending their Promotion Event at 6 p.m. Tuesday May 31st. They will be the first to use the stage which is between the multi-service center and the cafeteria.

Summer school will be conducted in the new school starting Tuesday June 7th at 8am.

Improvement is a totally inadequate word to compare the terrazzo floor in the entry foyer of the new Almeda Elementary School to the barn floor the first Almeda students traipsed across.

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Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ April 24, 2011. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me though he may die yet shall he live.” John 11:25

This Easter many people will attend church who believe in Jesus. Many will attend who believe about Jesus. The difference is that those who believe in Jesus, trust him enough to obey his word, believing that he took the punishment we deserve and trusting that his death provided a way for a holy God to forgive us. Jesus knowing he was going to the cross told his disciples, “..because I live you shall live also.” (John 14:19) Knowing that Jesus conquered death they were willing to die to take His word to others. Today, some of those who believe in Him are still willing to die rather than deny Christ.


Patricia called to say she is preparing by buying water when it is on sale. She has 24 cases on hand. She also stocks up on pork & beans or whatever is on sale. She finds room for stuff in her town house. She remembers that her dad said, “Bale hay while the sun shines.”

Has anybody got advice on using solar panels to provide electricity?

Almeda Moe

Moe joined a group of friends about 9:58 pm. He sat down by a beautiful blonde watching T.V. The news crew were covering a story of a man on the ledge of a tall building preparing to jump. The blonde asked Moe if he thought the man would jump? Moe said, “I bet he will.” The blonde said, “I’ll bet he won’t.” Moe put a $20 on the table and said, “You’re on!”

Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the man on the ledge, jumped, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset, but gave her $20 to Moe. "Fair's fair. Here's your money."

Moe replied, "I can't take your money. I saw this earlier on the 5 PM news, So I knew he would jump." The blonde replied, "I saw the news at five, but I didn't think he'd do it again."


Bobby and Margaret Keyworth ate a fresh tomato from their garden on March 22nd. They planted tomato seeds in the fall in two gallon buckets, kept them in the house during freezing cold days and now they are eating tomatoes.

Thyroid Cancer

Protect your thyroid from the radiation by getting a neck guard when having an x-ray. In 2010 there were 44,670 new cases and 1,690 deaths from thyroid cancer.


Billy Keyworth was really surprised when family from a dozen locations descended on Rockport to help him celebrate his 80th birthday March 26th.

First Baptist Church Fresno

April 17th 10:45-Easter Cantata April 24th-Easter Sunrise at 7am Community wide Breakfast followed by regular service at 10:45


If you would like to learn how to teach children, a ten day training class is available June 7th thru June 17th. The classes are open to youth, 14 years old and up, who want to teach VBS and 5-Day Clubs. Teens receive enough training to be able to conduct a back yard Bible session on their own. Call 281 530-7282 or c. 281-610-4569 for more info.


FBC Commissioner Morrison, Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting on April 14, 2011 at Arcola City Hall located at 13222 Hwy. 6, Arcola from 6:30P.M. til 8P.M. He will be discussing any concerns that the residents of Precinct 1 may have. Come out to visit with Your Commissioner! 281 344-9400

FBISD SCHOOL BOARD CAND. Meet the candidates April 17th or May 1st from 4pm –5:30 at the Teal Run Club House 4703 Teal Bend Blvd. Sponsored by: East Fort Bend Neighborhoods.


ROBERT J. STAPLES, 90 born January 12, 1921 died February 27, 2011. For 40 years Staples lived in Almeda farming rice and welding. He belonged to Pipefitter Union Local 211 for 50 years. He was over 80 when he worked his last welding job. He never changed his membership from the Almeda Bible Church although for the last 25 years he has lived off and on at his daughter’s home in Fresno and attended First Baptist Church Fresno. He loved life and kept active. Preceded in death by his wife Dorothy Staples and one grandchild, Robert Upchurch, He is survived by his daughter Carrol and Oliver Upchurch, two grandchildren Debra Maloney and Andrew Morrison and seven greats: Holly, Lauren, Sarah, Justin, Kylyee, Tanner, Graci

NORMA MACALLISTER, 75, born September 28, 1935 died March 17, 2011. Norma Dietrich MacAllister, was the wife of Darwin MacAllister for 56 years, mother of Lance and Laura, grandmother of five, great grandmother of four and a lifelong faithful servant of her Lord. .

JENNY GEHRING, 101, died peacefully in her sleep March 22, 2001. Born June 9, 1909 in the country along Braes Bayou on Chocolate Bayou now known as Blodgett Street. In 1934, her brother, Allen Kaufhold, persuaded Jenny and their parents to move to Almeda. Jenny immediately got involved helping at Almeda School and taught Sunday School for as many as 50 kids. She married John Gehring in 1941. Jenny started driving at the age of 12 and stopped when she was 95. She stayed in her own home until she was almost 100. She had a hard working, good and happy life. She is survived by sons: John and Larry, five grandchildren and eight greats.

JOHN HARRIS, born in 1955, passed away March 25, 2011. John, a polite and clean living man worked at Crown Central Petroleum and was a member of the Albert J. DeLange Lodge. Preceded in death by his parents, Vernon & Lois, he is survived by his children: Jennifer/Cody Colson, John Jr. and Michael Harris, one granddaughter and twin sisters: Velda and Caryn.

DOROTHY NAGAI went to be with her Lord whom she had served for many years on March 26, 2011. Born on December 13, 1917 in the Valley, Dorothy graduated from Texas Tech. She came to Almeda when she married George Nagai in 1941. She taught at Windsor Village Elem. And other schools. She was quite artistic and faithfully attended church. Dorothy is survived by her four children: Mary Gail/Ray Jacobson, Don/Robie Nagai, Joyce/Bruce Baker and Mona Nagai; grandchildren: David, Laurie & Wendy and five greats.

From the Mayor of Arcola:

"Did you know that we have a computer lab here at Arcola City Hall?" Well, it’s available to the people and children in the Arcola/Fresno area. I realize that there are still a lot of families in our community who may not be able to afford a computer for their home use. They are more than welcome to come in and use ours Mon-Fri. 8:00a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Come out and visit us! For more info, please feel free to contact me. 281-431-0606.

Jesus Set Me Free

  1. Jesus set me free
  2. He gave me the victory.
  3. He saved my soul.
  4. He made me whole.© Copyright by Emmaline Wiley

John 8:36: If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.


The March 2011 edition contained a story on Duke, TX and a website with pictures of the only evidence left that Duke existed. That story sent me in search of my own evidence that the town did indeed exist. As you can see this appears to be a ledger page originally from the business of J.R. Fenn, Merchant, Planter and Stock Raiser. Notice the upper right hand side of the page - Duke, Texas July 6, 1894. I guess this is a bill and receipt in one. Albert Bockel is the half great uncle of Dad (Dick Bockel), Earl Bockel and Dorothy Roco. Looks like Uncle Albert was boarding with J.J. Fenn in 1894 for 30 cents a day. The initials of J.R. have J.J. written over them with Merchant and Planter lined through. I don't know if Kilberg worked for Fenn signing the receipt as his agent or if Kilberg made the payment. The name of Frank Kilberg turns up frequently in Bockel connected information.

The Duke website was most interesting. There was information about a flood of the Brazos River. I will have to review the old newspapers we have containing stories of a Brazos flood to see if it is the same time frame. So sad to see what has happened to that area in the name of progress. Progress is not necessarily a friend to all of us with so much history destroyed or concreted over.

Denise Bockel Kembro

Ed note: Duke was located along a railroad track just west of the runway of Houston Southwest Airport in Arcola.

Eagle Scout project

FRESNO TEXAS As of March 20, 2011 the Mustang Community Center Park has a new exercise station. Sean Nelson, Niels Reichert, Cole Nelson, and Jackson Felty are pouring concrete.

The park was the site of a four day construction effort during Spring Break week. Boy Scouts and scout parents from Troop 140 of Missouri City supported the Eagle Scout project of Life Scout Nils Reichert. The project took one day of preparation of drilling and cutting with 10 scouts and parents; one day of site preparation and drilling holes with an auger; two days of construction with four to six scouts each day; and the final finishing touches with many scouts, parents.

Charlie Baker, Nils Reichert, Scout Master Alisdair McLean and Bruce Reichert are putting on the finishing touches. The exercises station has four workout uses and is located on the outside of the jogging oval. The station has a chin-up bar, dip bars, push up rails and a sit up slant board. This will add to the strength training options for those using the park for their regular exercise.

Michel Davis, Director of Parks and Fairgrounds for Fort Bend County approved the plans and construction at the park. Mr. Davis checked on the progress of the project daily and provided county support with site preparation help and final mulching. The project was funded by donations from the following individuals and businesses:

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baker, Champion Technologies,

Wisco-Moran Drilling, Arcola Feed, Gulf Coast LP Gas, Fresno Power & Lawn Equipment, Navarre Cajun Movers, Baty’s Produce Market, First Baptist Church Food Pantry.

As of March 20, 2011 the Mustang Community Center Park has a new exercise station. Sean Nelson, Niels Reichert, Cole Nelson, and Jackson Felty are pouring concrete.

The park was the site of a four day construction effort during Spring Break week. Boy Scouts and scout parents from Troop 140 of Missouri City supported the Eagle Scout project of Life Scout Nils Reichert. The project took one day of preparation of drilling and cutting with 10 scouts and parents; one day of site preparation and drilling holes with an auger; two days of construction with four to six scouts each day; and the final finishing touches with many scouts, parents