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Almeda Moe
Nothing could dampen Jennifer’s excitement as she prepared for her wedding. Not even her parents’ nasty divorce. Her mother found the perfect dress. A week later, Jennifer realized her step mother had the same dress. Jennifer asked her to exchange it but she said “Absolutely not. I look great in the dress. When Jennifer told her mother, Mom immediately went out and bought another dress, but she kept the first one. Why are you keeping that dress you don’t have anyplace to wear it?. O yes I do said Mom, “I’m wearing it to the rehearsal supper.” 
How can you plant five rows of trees with four trees in each row when you only have ten trees? It can be done.
Send  answer to

The Arcola’s Police Department’s new badge and new uniforms are outward signs of the department as they try to change the image and perception of APD so the community will recognize that they are a professional organization and capable of responding to their needs. 
         Another change is the NO U TURN signs posted on Hwy. 6 to address a safety hazard in front of city hall and a little further west. The law will be strictly enforced. Chief Bell has been APD’s chief since December 1, 1914. He would like to remind citizens that December is the month thieves are doing their Christmas shopping, so be aware.
After being robbed, an 18th century preacher wrote: I   thank God that though he took my money, he didn’t take my life; I thank God that though he took all that I had, he didn’t take much, and lastly, I thank God that it was I who was robbed and not I who robbed.
EMERGENCY SERVICE DISTRICT Fort Bend county Commissioners Court will not finalize the election results to establish an Emergency Service District until they complete a canvas of the residents in the Fresno/Arcola area. 12.8% of the registered voters cast a ballot in the Nov. 3rd election with 845 citizens voting in favor, and 265 against establishing the ESD, according to Fresno Fire Chief Chris Tormey.        
Commissioner Richard Morrison Files For Re-Election
Under his watch in the last four years Morrison has held over 200 town hall meetings throughout Precinct 1. He is also at the forefront of mental health reform. The Mental Health Public Defender’s Office diverts hundreds of people a year from the County Jail to a more humane treatment and saving taxpayers millions of dollars. “Mental illness is not a crime and the success of the Mental Health Public Defender’s Office is one of my proudest accomplishments,” said Morrison 
What does Rising Sea Levels & Santa Claus have in Common?
According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.
Furthermore, instead of contributing to the rising sea levels, the still-very-much-frozen southern continent is actually reducing them by 0.23 mm per year.

 Merry Christmas
          Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above. The most precious gift is the gift of His Son. Joseph was told that Mary would have a son and “you shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.” Matt. 1:21 No wonder that those who have received God’s gift, want to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
96 Years in Almeda
On December 5, 1919, Rose Buell was born in a small wood frame house on Anderson Road. She played on 55 acres of land where the students at YES Academy now play. She also worked. Among her other chores shehauled water for the farm animals, for the garden, and for the house. No electric pump-no electricity. Still she had plenty of time to sit on a barn roof underneath a peach tree, reading, writing poetry, and eating peaches. When asked about the contrast of life now and life almost 100 years ago, her immediate response was freedom. “We could grab a fishing pole and go anywhere there was a pond of water.”
Freedom is not the answer we might expect knowing that Rose grew up without a telephone, running water, TV, all weather roads, etc. When the mud on Anderson Road made it impossible for her dad to drive the family to church in their Model T, they walked. Traffic was never a problem. Rose also walked over two miles to go to Almeda School where she graduated from high school in 1937. She was the salutatorian of her senior class consisting of four students.
The following year she married Jim Andrews. They lived with her parents for one year while Jim built a garage in Winchester Place on Grapevine in the middle of a cotton field about three miles from her birthplace.
In 1939, there were two other houses west of South Post Oak. From their single car garage which served as their home for 11 years, they could see the traffic light on South Main change from red to green. They could also hear the train.
The first house Jim built was destroyed. No insurance. They were finally able to build again, paying for the lumber with “what we didn’t eat and didn’t wear,” but when they moved out of the single car garage into the house with their four children that was one of the happiest days of her life. Other days were celebrating their marriage of 50 years, then 60, and then 70 years, seeing old friends, several vacations, being baptized when she was 76 years old were all special events in her life but day to day happy days  were filled with gardening, sewing, and making everything from giant mosquitoes out of okra to beautiful quilts and of course the joy of loving 15 grandchildren, 26 greats, and 15 great greats.
Rose has not had an easy life physically, but her secrets for  a happy life are: Love people. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Be humble and willing to serve. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Be content in all circumstances and bear up patiently in hard times, praying for God’s grace and help. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business. “These secrets have worked for me!” she says.
Rose looks much younger than 96 years old, perhaps because she has lived a contented life.

       Many Christians often feel they are lacking something. We don’t know exactly what it is but we just don’t have the joy we know we should have. Recently I felt like that. I heard that generous people are happy. So I prayed that God would make me-no that would be dishonest but I can pray that God will make me want  to be generous.
         He showed me that I am plain selfish. The best or maybe the only way is for me to die to myself. The Bible says that we should consider ourselves to be dead to sin but alive to God Romans 6:11.  Jesus said, “he that seeks to save his life shall lose it and he that loses his life for His sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25         
If life on this earth is all we have, God’s way is still the best but it would not be enough for us to die to ourselves unless we really believe that after our body dies we will live with God. We get so wrapped up with our own problems we lose sight of the eternal and dwell on the temporary. We may be grateful for the good things God gives us day by day, but when bad stuff outweighs the good, in our mind, that diminishes our gratefulness and our  generosity and our joy. 
To die to self is to live to God, the giver of every perfect gift.

Pick up a copy of the history of the area of Almeda at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News
 P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info

  Need a Ride? Call 281 633 RIDE  or   1-866-751-TRIP or go to for a public service bus ride Mon. thru Fri. in Ft. Bend Co. Cost $1.

Vinson Library
3810 W. Fuqua 832 393 2120
 closed Sun. & Mon.
Multi-center open Mon. thru Fri.
Registration starts Dec. 2, 3, 9, 10 at 9am at the Willie Gay Hall Campus at 1990 Airport Blvd. registration is $20. Classes starting in Jan. are free on Mon. Tue. & Wed from 9:30am –1:30pm. For more info call 713 718 5380.
Fort Bend County Law Library
Brief, introductory classes will take place on Thur., Dec. 3, 10, and 17, between 10:00 am and  noon, The classes are free. Call the Law Library at 281-341-3718 for more info.
Sienna Branch Library
 8411 Sienna Spring Blvd 281-238-2900
Winter Fest Family event featuring professional storyteller Jean Donatto on Sat., Dec. 12th from 10 to 11 am.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Following Donatto’s performance, families are invited to enjoy a hot drink, cookies, and caroling at the library’s Winter Fest Open House from 11 am to 1 pm.
The Tween Café, 4th and 5th grades  held on 1st and 3rd Wed. at 4:00 pm. Dec. 2- Pumpkin-Spice Playdough, Dec.6 -Peppermint Bath Salts.
 Middle-School Programs, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, at 5:30  grades 6 and up. Materials for these programs are made possible by the generous support of the Friends of the Sienna Branch Library. Dec. 3 – Heroes vs. Villains Life-Size Monopoly. Dec. 17-Cupcake Wars!
After-School Break -- crafts, movies, stories, grades 1 - 5 ONLY – 2nd Tue, at 4 pm. Dec. 8th- Book Ornaments.
COMPUTER “MS Word Survival Basics” - Wed., Dec. 9, 10 am. Learn how to create letters, resumés, forms, and other types of documents.“MS Excel Survival Basics” - Wed., Dec. 16, 10 am. Learn the basics of using this spreadsheet software program that includes calculation tools for financial and statistical uses.

Easy Christmas Treat
Combine three cups of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, one cup of water, bring to boil and cook until it reaches the thread stage. Immediately pour over two quarts of pecans and stir until the sugar mixture hardens and pecans separate. You can half the recipe.
If you don’t have a candy thermometer, dip a spoon into the sugary syrup lift it up eye level. It is ready when the syrup spins a two inch thread when dropped from the spoon.
Quotes From Fred Thompson
Thompson, a presidential candidate in 2007. a senator from 1994 to 2003, a film and TV actor before and after he served as senator died in November 2015. Following are a few of his quotes. “This country has shed more blood for the freedom of other people than all the other nations in the history of the world combined.”
“After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.”
Asked in 2007 to name his top accomplishments, Thompson replied “You mean besides leaving the Senate?”
 “It occurred to me that, to paraphrase one of Churchill’s comments, perhaps I had more to be humble about than I had realized,” he wrote of his failed 2008 presidential bid. “It also occurred to me that this was a pretty doggone expensive way to achieve a little humility.”
 January 6, 1931 –October 22, 1015
Former resident of Almeda, Juanita had moved to Longview, TX. A faithful member of Mobberly Baptist Church, she enjoyed crocheting and gardening. Preceded in death by her first husband, Walter Box, son Gene Box and second husband Jack Keyworth, Juanita is survived by her son, Gary/Pamela Box, daughter Debbie/David LaRue, Steve and Kelly/Cheryl Keyworth, 12 grandchildren and one great.

October 2015

Election Day Nov. 3rd  Early Voting Oct. 19-30
      Besides voting on elected officials, voters will decide on 7 amendments to the Texas Constitution including the proposition to raise a homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000.
      You can vote at any of the locations during early voting, but on election day in Harris Co. you can only vote in your local precinct. That rule has changed in Fort Bend County as voters can  cast a ballot at any of 78 Vote Centers in Fort Bend Co. on election day. About one third of the Election Day polling places are new, so visit the FB Election website at to find a convenient voting location.
Tax payers west of 521 in Ft. Bend Co. will also vote on whether to fund an Emergency Service District.

against 136 Counties in 21 states which have more voters registered than they have adult residents.

National Night Out  Tuesday  October 6th
A night to get acquainted with your neighbors and share safety issues. If you want an HPD officer to attend your event, contact HPD Public Affairs 713-308-3200.

Arcola Trade With Neighbor’s Day
Saturday 24th from 9am-4pm at 6215 FM 521. Poultry, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, jewelry, home goods, food, crafts, etc. Vendor space is $25. Proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research. Call 281 431 1014 for more information. 


Plans for the entire water district is expected to be completed by the 1st quarter in 2017. Wastewater (sewage) of Teleview Terrace Phase 1A is expected to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2016; Phase 1B Fresno Gardens, by the 1st quarter of 2017; Phase 1C  Gateway Acres south of Trammel Fresno 1st quarter of 2018; and Phase 1D Fresno Ranchos north of Trammel Fresno by 2020. The board meets at 6pm the third Thur. at Mustang Center. More info 

Arcola has the lowest crime in the eastern part of Ft Bend
Chief Bell believes police visibility and the officers connecting with the citizens makes a difference. August has been the busiest month because of traffic violations.  Drivers stopped for not having insurance or a valid license receive a ticket which is recorded into a data base. Drivers with a history of violations may have their vehicle impounded.    In honor of the deputy killed in Harris County Chief Bell wears a message in Latin on his badge which loosely translated means you harm me and there will be consequences.

Joyous Music Rang Out 
The Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church at 52 Riley Road celebrated 55 years of Fred Riley serving as their pastor. The little church was built in the 1920’s.
        Before the church was built, Fred remembers  catching a ride with his father, Whiteman Riley. They went to a roped off area on Milam in downtown Houston across from Henke & Pilot near the Farmer’s Market. People would gather around to hear his father preach and drop in a nickel or dime when a hat was passed. His father also preached at Joe Hughes camp in Pierce Junction and got paid with food. Money was scarce during the depression.   

       Fred preached his first sermon about 60 years ago. He had seen headhunters in New Guinea while serving during WWII and realized the importance of Christianity. His favorite verse is “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8.
Before completing 42 years of working at the Sears warehouse, Riley began to pastor the church he had attended as a boy.

    You might think at the age of 97, he would have to have someone assist him to get to church but he has perfect vision and still drives. He does use a cane but his voice is strong and he doesn’t sugar coat his words. A man told him he was not very religious, Riley replied, “You should be.”
Ask Fred what he is looking forward to and you might think he would reply heaven, but his reply was to “help these young pastors. School doesn’t make a preacher. It has to come from the heart.”

     It no doubt thrilled Riley’s heart to hear the children and grandchildren of his old friends like Ed Bowen, Leon and Vinnie Mitchell and others praising the name of  Jesus. No better way to celebrate 55 years for a pastor.

      To Donald Trump, Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, (John 15:13. No greater love than Trump to lay down his money for his country. God has renewed my HOPE through Donald Trump. I pray and thank God for him and ask God to keep him safe. Mr. Trump, don’t give up or give in. ask God to give you the desires of your heart and don’t faint and he will give them to you. Please read the Love chapter, I Cor. 13. Humble yourself and you will be exalted, Matt. 23:12.
       Trump’s reply: Dear M. Thank you for your recent letter. I truly appreciate your support.  It is because of Americans like you that I want to become President of the United States. America needs reform and a president with the ability to bring about real, positive, economic change. My experience makes me the most qualified candidate to restore American greatness. America can be saved; with your support I am confident we will reenergize the spirit of the American people. I am relying on your dedication to spread the values, ideals and principles of my campaign.
Readers:  Send information about your favorite candidate. Keep it short. Must be received before the 20th of the month.

Almeda School lets out at 12:30 on October 14th and again on Oct. 28th.
Skipping School is not a crime in Texas. Schools will take care of any problems regarding skipping school not the criminal courts.
Texas is not a state that has adopted the common core (which is considered to be a federal system of education standards).      Texas is still fully responsible for student curriculum, standards, and testing.      Many states are using this federal method to write education standards, but not Texas.  As a state, we are totally responsible for our successes and failures in education, not Uncle Sam.
     We can’t blame the feds for all of our problems.

Time to plant turnips, mustard greens, spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots, and peas.
Almeda Moe
Moe went to visit his cousin, Jimbo, who lived in Oregon where he was working in a saw mill. While they were talking, Jimbo  leaned too close to a blade and it cut off his ear. “Help me!” he cried out. “Find my ear and maybe a doctor can sew it back on!”
After searching through piles of sawdust, Moe triumphantly held up a freshly severed ear and said, “Look! I’ve found it!” Jimbo glanced at the ear and said, “Nah, keep looking. Mine had a pencil behind it”.                  (Thanks Jim M.)

First Fresno Baptist Church is hosting a fall festival on Sat. Oct 31, 6pm - 9pm. There will be games, prizes, and snacks for the kids for free. Fresno Fire Dept. will give kids a chance to crawl around on a fire truck. Arcola PD will have a finger printing station. The goal is to show kids a good time. Getting old Don’t waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be  but  live this day doing your best to honor God and serve although limited by health, age, and our natural inclination to please ourselves. 
Diane Yvette Dishaw
Born June 19, 1947, the second oldest of 7 children, Diane attended beauty school. She married Don Dishaw She loved being a mother to their three sons and spent hours watching the boys at sport events. Diane was an avid bowler, practiced guitar & piano, crocheted and wrote short stories.  Survived by her sons: Donnie, Randy, and Jesse Dishaw; siblings: Sherri Cece, Yvonne, Linda, Jerry, and Ronnie West; grand kids: Tripp, Avery, Hailey, David, Ron, Ashlee, Madison, Callie, Austin: and Jeff Hazard a true best friend she met late in life. Services and burial were held August 27, 2015 at South Park.

Paula Becerra
May 24, 1935—August 27, 2015
Paula and her husband Jose, whom she married in 1956, lived on Heatherbloom for 40 years where they raised four sons and two daughters.  Paula extended love to all who entered their home. Her services were held at Southway Community Church where her son, Pastor Ricky Becerra delivered the eulogy.

Mary Dagg Miller
July 8 1944 - September 14 2015
Mary is the daughter of Lewis and Gladyes Dagg. Her grandmother, Elisabeth Hamm Dagg grew up east of Cullen across from what is now Bass Park. Their home was an overnight stopping place for people traveling to Houston.  They loved having visitors as sometimes they would not see anyone for weeks. That love for people became a family trait as Mary collected people like a kid collects baseball cards. She truly cared for others. After her children Donald Miller, a well known author, and her daughter Jennifer were grown, Mary went back to school, got her Masters, retired, lost her retirement money when Enron fell, and then went back to work. Never complaining, ever believing, reminding everyone that God is good all the time even as she fought cancer for the last 16 months. 

 Lauren Age 4 Knows What Love Means
     'I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.' 
      “If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate” says Nikka, age 6.

         Can you take sixty six books written by over 20 people, living on three continents, over a period of about 1500 years and form one book with a unity of thought?
           Only one book in the world is in existence that can make that claim indicating that One Mind inspired the writing of all 66 books. It is also the only book that claims to be divinely inspired. “I have loved you, says the Lord,” wrote Malachi. “Thus says the Lord to me,” writes Jeremiah.
         Genesis doesn’t explain but simply says, In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. Genesis also lays the foundation for the establishment of a nation God intended to reveal himself through. The record of the establishment of that nation was written by Moses. The next 12 books contain the history of the nation of Israel and surrounding nations; the contents are confirmed by archeology.
       The five books of poetry (Psalm, Proverbs etc and the following 17 books of prophecy were basically written during the same time frame as the books of history.
Predictions that came true during the prophets life gave credence to long term predictions. Four hundred years elapsed between Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament  and the New Testament. The Old and the New teach that faith in the Word of God brings life. Eternal life begins with our  faith in God as revealed to us in His Son. John 5:23,& 24.
          Through out the Bible, rejecting God’s word results in sin and death. Trusting God’s written and living word results in life. 
The last book, Revelation, predicts the return of Christ. 
                       Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

September 2015 Volume 22 No. 1


9/23 First Day of Autumn

Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend TIRZ
          The Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ #25) has officially created the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Redevelopment Authority.  The authority was created for the purpose of aiding, assisting, and acting on behalf of the City of Houston in the performance of its governmental functions to promote the common good and general welfare of the area included within TIRZ #25.
The initiative of the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Redevelopment Authority will be to implement the Project Plan and the Reinvestment Zone Financing Plan for the TIRZ; to develop a policy for the financing and construction of public infrastructure improvements necessary for the development of mixed use, residential, commercial, retail and other related land uses within the zone; and to develop and implement a development policy for the zone (including the acquisition of land for development purposes). 
The Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Redevelopment Authority Board shall consist of the same members of the TIRZ #25 Board with Theodore Andrews, TIRZ #25 Board Chairman.

 MILTON AND Peggy zwahr will celebrate  62 years of marriage September 26, 2015
 They agree that their secret for a long and happy marriage was to “always have faith in God and faith and trust in each other.  Our love grew stronger each year.” During those 62 years they raised three Eagle Scout sons: David, Steve, and Jon. They also had three grandchildren: Shonda, Kayla and Steven and six great grandchildren: Ava, Aisha, Dayssi, Lily, Tristan, and Blake Milton, born July 31st and named after his Grand Pa and Great Grand Pa.  Their two great sorrows was the lost of David’s wife, Debbie, and great granddaughter, Aisha. Their faith has helped them through the good and the sad times.

Milton Blake Labra arrived in time to help his great grand parents celebrate their 62nd anniversary.

         Sweet little Erma went to her doctor and told him that as soon as her husband stepped in the door he started yelling and complaining, insulting her, and even using foul language. He won’t listen to reason. “I’m getting so depressed, the verbal abuse is more than I can take. Can you give me something to help,” she asked.
         The doctor said, I want you to make a pot of tea. As soon as your husband walks in the door, I want you to take a sip of tea and just hold it in your mouth until he gets quiet. If he starts up again take another sip. Come back in four weeks for a check up.
Four weeks later, Erma bounced into the doctor’s office all smiles. “Doctor that tea worked like a miracle. At first I had to take several sips of tea, but this week I only needed one small sip. I wished I would have known what a wonderful effect tea has.”
“And Erma, if you ever run out don’t have tea, substitute  water,” replied the wise old doc.
“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength and my redeemer.”  
Psalm 19:14

         So why no protest when 24.8 percent of the babies aborted in Texas are black, but only 12.3 percent of the people in Texas are black, according to the Census Bureau.  

FM 2234
         Initially  scheduled for completion in 2014, the 4-lane roadway project from Cartwright Rd. to the Fort Bend Tollway is finally open to vehicular traffic. This segment of FM 2234 is still undergoing some minor construction repairs to the existing medians, but TxDOT assured the District K council office that all construction will be completed by mid-September.
Phase II of the FM 2234 project from Fort Bend Tollway to FM 521 is scheduled to start in 2016. According to TxDOT, their Brazoria Area Engineer's Office is expected to manage this project. Similar to the Phase 1 project, Council Member Green will facilitate a community informational meeting for the residential neighborhoods pertaining to this portion of FM 2234. The District K office will continue to keep the Fort Bend Houston community informed as when a tentative start date is established.
To help us understand the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, Lewis  Napper wrote a Bill of NON-Rights
 I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of wealth.
II: You do not have the right to never be offended.
III: You do not have the right to be free from harm.
IV: You do not have the right to free food and housing. 
 V: You do not have the right to free health care.
 VI: You do not have the right to physically harm other people.
VII: You do not have the right to the possessions of others.
VIII: You do not have the right to a job.
IX: You do not have the right to happiness. You have the right to PURSUE happiness,
X: English is our language. Learn it!
XI: You do not have the right to change our country's history or heritage. This country was founded on the belief in the one true God. And yet, you are given the freedom to believe in any religion, any faith, or no faith at all with no fear of persecution. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is part of our heritage and history.

 Phone Scams - Still Number One
         The telephone is still the scammer’s favorite method. Never give out information concerning your Social Security or bank account info, etc in response to an unsolicited call. Scammers come up with new stories everyday. They are experts in deceit and they don’t give you time to think.
.  They use scare tactics, prey on your sympathy, or on your desire to get something for nothing.

Drivers don’t pay attention to the law that says no passing within 300 feet of an intersection according to Sue Hughes who has been hit twice when turning off of Anderson. On the morning of August 15th, a neighbor made a left hand turn onto his street and was hit by a car passing a car that had slowed down as the neighbor turned. Witnesses estimated the car was speeding about 80 miles an hour. The speeder hit the ditch after knocking the back wheels off the car of the man just trying to safely drive home.  He survived.
Another person in the 14000 block of Almeda Road was not so fortunate. He had an heart attack, ran into a pole and was killed near Bob’s State Inspection station.

 Almeda Moe
“Morning Moe. I see you are all prepped for your operation. Hey, why do you look so worried? This is a  procedure that has been done many times.”
“I was ok until the nurse said, ‘Don’t worry I’m sure everything will be fine.”
Why should that bother you?
“She was talking to the doctor.”  

Commissioner Richard Morrison, Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Fresno on Sept. 3rd at the Mustang Community Center  at 4525 FM 521 North at 6:30 pm.


Born June 1st 2015  Call 281 438 5363

Vinson Library

3810 W. Fuqua 832 393 2120
 closed Sun. & Mon.

Multi-center open Mon. thru Fri.

Sienna Branch Library

 8411 Sienna Spring Blvd 281-238-2900
Deer Hunting in Texas Sat. Sept. 19th beginning at 10:30 am. David Lobpries, a biologist for 42 years with Texas Parks and Wildlife will speak on white-tailed deer population and Chronic Wasting Disease.    Sienna Book Club 2nd Mon.  1:30 pm,  Sept.14,  The Aftermath, by Rhidian Brook.  Booked on Crime Mystery Sept. 22nd at 7:00 pm, The Monogram Murders,  by Sophie Hannah. “Make Your Own Book Safe” on Sat. Sept. 12, at 10:30 am,  Mother Goose Time -- Tues. at 10 am -- age 1 month to 12 months. Sept. 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29.Toddler Time -- Thurs. at 10 am --  12 to 36 months. Sept. 3, 10, 17, & 24.Pre-school children, 3 to 6 years will enjoy Story Time, stories,  movies, and  crafts,  10 am  Sept. 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30.Pajama Night Story Time --  Mon. at 6:30 pm -- Sept.14, 21,  28;  Kinder Korner -2nd & 4th Wed. 4pm. Sept. 9 – All About School  Sept. 23 – All About Friends The After-School Break -crafts, movies, stories,  for school-aged children grades 1-5 through 5 ONLY – 2nd and 4th Tue. at 4 pm. Sept. 8 & 22. Tween Café, 4th & 5th grades  1st and 3rd Wed. each month at 4 pm.  Middle-School  5:30 pm 1st & 3rd Thurs. grades 6 and up.  Sept. 3 Game Day! Computer: MS Word 2010 Survival Basics- Sept 2, 10 am. MS Word 2010: Intermediate- Sept. 3, 10 am. MS Excel 2010 Survival Basics - Sept. 8, 10 am. MS Excel 2010 Intermediate - Sept. 9, 10 am.MS Excel 2010: Pivot Tables Sept. 10th.
Abiding Missionary Baptist Church as you celebrate  your 23rd Church Anniversary in Almeda October 18, 2015. 

 College Fair 
 Missouri City Branch Library on Sat. Sept. 12th, 2 to 4 pm at
 1530 Texas Parkway.

Annual Raffle and BBQ 
Sat. Sept. 12th Serving starts at 11am.
Call 281 431 2451 for more info

Work has begun on Phrase 3 of the district with the main lines being laid starting at Fresno Trammel going north up to Nail Road and then east to west on Evergreen.

 West Fuqua Project
The proposed West Fuqua St. reconstruction project which is slated for 2019.  For more information about this project or to fill out a comment while still in the design phase, e-mail and reference the West Fuqua St. Reconstruction project.

See You at the Pole 9/23
 The First Amendment guarantees free speech and the free exercise of religion.  Students may privately pray, either individually or as a group, at a school athletic competition (such as a football game), student assembly, or other extracurricular activity when school officials (teachers or administrators) are not involved, like praying around the flag pole on the 23rd. Public schools must treat religious expression such as prayer, reading the Bible, and religious discussion the same way they treat similar non-religious expression. If you feel the public school is violating your child’s constitutional rights contact Liberty Institute at

Serina Mystique “Mysti” Stewart June 14, 1978—July 4, 2015.
No matter how often or what the  offense, Mysti  was always willing to forgive. She is survived by four children. She died saving a life.

In 1892, Almeda was a 250 acre town on paper eleven miles from the Houston city limits. A year later 50 early residents had a post office and  provided school for their children conducted in  a hay barn on White Road. To read about Almeda's early history buy Back Yonder in Almeda at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News  P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245  Call 713 433 1098 for more info.