He loved her. She was so gentle, kind and pure. Hah! She was pure. How could she have betrayed his trust. A million thoughts ran through his mind. He still loved her but what man, what honorable man, in his town would take a woman for his wife who was pregnant by another man. His reputation would be ruined. But what should he do? He hated to think of how she would be treated if he made her a public example. No, he would put her away privately. Why didn’t she just tell him the truth instead of making up that story about an angel. He could have believed her if she said she was raped. But noooo, an angel, not just any old angel, but the angel Gabriel, told her the Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you and for that reason that holy offspring which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God. What possessed her to come up with a story like that. Maybe her cousin Elizabeth was talking about the promised Messiah, but didn’t Mary realize that he would know that the prophet Micah said the Messiah would come from Bethlehem, the city of David, in Judea, not from their miserly town of Nazareth in Galilee.

He had to make a decision soon.

That night the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife for that which has been begotten in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she shall be bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.”

What she said was true! Joseph took Mary as his wife but did not have a sexual relationship with her until she gave birth to her firstborn Son. Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1

Have a Very

Merry Christmas

The safest place in the US is the church, where only .001% of all deaths occur. Compare that with 20% fatalities in automobiles, 17% deaths in the home, 14% walking, 16% during other forms of travel and the most dangerous place the hospital where 32% deaths occur.

Have a safe holiday season and be thankful we live in a country where it is safe to be in church. Pray for those where it is not safe to attend church and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Franklin Hall, Roschelle Marshall, Richard Johnson in back
Joe Bibbs, Leon Sessions in back, and Jim Traylor
As soon as I can locate the picture I will post it.

Early every Tuesday morning you will see these men working to improve their neighborhood. They make the entrance into the 900-home community inviting, keep abandoned property from getting trashy, pick up litter, trim, weed-whatever it takes. To them age is no excuse to improve your environment.

In May 2010, five volunteers of the Windsor Village Civic Club were concerned that the neighborhood was going down. Property values had dropped. The work started as a temporary clean up, but the above six men not only found plenty of work to do regularly, they enjoyed it. They look forward to Tuesday mornings as others help out when they can.

According to Yvonne Ray, who is president of the civic club, the attendance at the civic club meetings have increased from five to fifty. Citizens are realizing they can make a difference. Yvonne and Dean Brooks encourage the work crew with a hearty breakfast.

One draw back the volunteers have is that no one speaks Spanish and they have no way to communicate with some of the residents. If you would like to help, you can talk to someone near the entrance on Tues. at 8am.
They hope others will follow their example.

Rodrigo Carreon wants to encourage you to contact your state representatives as they are now considering the bills that they will work on next year. Rodney Ellis is our senator in the state. He can be reached at 713-236-0306. Ronald Reynolds Dist 27 call 512-463-0494. He does not have a local # listed. Alma Allen is Dist. 131 call 713-776-0505. Your voter registration tells you what district you are in. Not sure who your representative is call long distance 1 888 836 8368 or go to the web at for a local number or email contact.

Almeda Moe

Moe was in his yard when an elderly lady came crashing through his hedge into the yard. He helped her out of the car and commented that she was quite old to be driving. “I’ll have you know young man I am old enough I don’t need a driver license,” she proudly said.

“I didn’t know you could ever drive without a license, Moe replied.

“Oh, yes,” said the lady. “The last time I went to my doctor, he took my driver’s license, cut it up, threw it in trash, and said that I would not be needing it any longer.”

Fresno Joe

Moe was shocked when he went to see his buddy, Joe. “Why in the world are you tearing out the walls in your house?”

Joe replied, “My wife read in Our News that when you walk through a door your mind becomes a blank slate and you forget what you were going for in another room. So she decided if we tear out all the walls then she wouldn’t forget.

D. K. Estelle collects books written before 1956. Call 832-876-2358.


Recent targets of thieves are tools. One deterrent is a keyed dead bolt lock on both sides. If they break through a window they can’t get out through the door. Always report a theft which will help us get more patrolling done in the area. Call the sheriffs department at 713 221 6000 or the Houston police department 713 884 3131.


Easy pecan pie recipe: Beat 3 eggs. Stir in 3/4 cup of sugar, add one cup of dark Karo syrup and one cup of pecans. Optional, one teaspoon of vanilla. Pour mixture into 9 inch unbaked pie shell. Bake one hour at 300 degrees.

Another recipe: Mix one stick of margarine with two cups of sugar. Add three eggs and three tablespoons of flour. Mix well then add one cup of buttermilk, one cup of pecans, one teaspoon of vanilla and a dash of nutmeg. Pour in ten inch unbaked pie crust. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Pie shell: one cup of flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/3 cup of shortening. Cut shortening into flour until it is small pieces about the size of peas. Then add three tablespoons of cold water. Form ball and roll out on floured board to fit the pie pan.


Pour two quarts of pecan halves into large bowl. Bring to boil three cups of sugar and one cup of water. Boil on medium heat until mixture reaches the thread stage - dip a spoon into the mixture, lift it up and as it dribbles down, it makes a thread. Not a string. Then pour over the pecans and stir about two minutes until sugar mixture crystallizes.


3810 West Fuqua 832-393-2120 Open Tue. 10-6, Wed. 10-6, Thurs. 12-8
Fri.1-5 Sat. 10-5 Closed Sun. and Mon.
Web site
Multi– center open Mon. thru Friday.


8411 Sienna Springs Blvd. 281-238-2900 Web site

Sienna will be closed Dec. 22-25.

A special puppet show will be held on Dec. 8th at 10:30 and again at 11:30. Special Holiday Story Times will be Dec. 15th Sat. and Dec. 31st Mon.


Recently the BFI landfill tipping fee provided $50,000 to the Fort Bend Corps, $37,000 to Meals on Wheels, $37,000 to the YMCA and $37,000 to the Fresno Fire Dept.


Starting Dec. 20th, KHCB at 105.7 FM will play Christmas music without any commercials. KHCB is a non-commercial Christian radio network with 26 English stations in TX, LA, OK, and Fl as well as ten Spanish stations and one Vietnamese/Chinese station at 1400AM. For the other station listings call 713-520 5200 or listen on their website at


ROBERT MOSLEY, 36 passed away November 17, 2012 at his home near the corner of Jupiter and Anderson Road. A graduate of Madison High School, he enjoyed playing football and was an outstanding athlete. Robert was a truck driver who had an outgoing personality and a wonderful spirit. He died of smoke inhalation in a fire in his bedroom where apparently he had been smoking. A neighbor commented she had never seen so many fire trucks and people trying to help save his life. Preceded in death by his mother Gladys Mosley, Robert is survived by his wife, one son and one daughter.


Visitors to a prison said that they firmly believed every person who claimed not to have done what they were accused of, were innocent. It seems only two people out of more than 600 claimed to have not done the actions for which they were arrested. All the others claimed innocence of a crime not because they didn't do the illegal action but they had an excuse WHY they did it, and they felt people just didn't understand why, in their circumstance, the action was justified. SOMEBODY ELSE WAS TO BLAME.

1, God will still be on His throne
2. Jesus will still be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
3. The Bible will still have all the answers to every problem.
4. The tomb will still be empty.
5. Jesus will still be the only way to heaven
6. Prayer will still work - it will still make a difference and God will still answer prayer
7. The cross, not the government, will still be our salvation
8. There will still be room at the cross.
9. Jesus will still save anyone who places their faith and trust in Him.
10. God will still be with us always - He will never leave us . forsake us.

PHOTO TAKEN ABOUT 1915  Here again I need to learn how to save scanned photos so I can retrieve them.

Ida Harris, Daisy Parker, and Laura Anderson represent three families who came to Almeda before 1895. When Laura Anderson taught school in 1926, the older brothers of Almeda school students were constantly inquiring about the progress of their younger siblings. Not one of those young men were able to win the fair maiden. Laura dedicated her life to teaching.

Daisy Parker’s father, Anson Parker, built Parker’s Hardware, although from 1900 to 1915 the building served as a grocery store/post office and later a gas station. Daisy worked right across Almeda Road at the railroad depot. When no passengers or freight needed to be dropped off, the train slowed down enough that a conductor could hang a mail bag on a depot hook.

The home of Ida after 1915.

Before 1915, Ida’s home was the Almeda hotel built by developers. People came by train from up north to view the sunny south. The developers usually had some one meet the train and transport the prospective clients in a fancy buggy to the hotel even though the hotel was in easy walking distance along the board walk from the railroad track to Bridgeport.

The 1915 hurricane washed the board walk down to the Gulf of Mexico and damaged the hotel. By then most of the land had been sold so the developers sold the property to John Harris. Much later, the home was remodeled and made into four apartments.

Of the three families, the Harris family is the only one that still has members living in Almeda.

For the history of the Almeda area order Back Yonder in Almeda by Rose “Sis” Andrews. Call 713-433-1098 or pick up a copy at Debbie’s Barber Shop or Bob’s Inspection Station for $12.

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, least it come to dominate our lives and interests." Patrick Henry 1736-1799

Dr. Tony Evans gave an excellent series of sermons on KHCB on government based on the principals laid out in the Bible. He put those principles into four groups: self government, family government, church government, and civil government. He explained how if one group doesn’t do their part and another group takes on their responsibility it results in the mess we are in now.

The Bible gives fathers the responsibility of providing and training of the children. He is responsible for choosing a church and school and seeing to it that his child is being taught properly. If the church is not teaching his child according to the Bible, he should choose another church. If the school goes against the word of God, he should provide education somewhere else. It may cost time and money. His wife is to assist him (Genesis 2:18). But it is his responsibility. Ephesians 6:4 Genesis 18:18-19 Deut. 4:9, Deut. 11:19, Ps. 78:3-6.

Well taught children will be more likely to govern themselves as adults. Most of our prisons would be empty as children would have learned how to discipline themselves. The need for welfare by the government would be out of business. “If any would not work neither should he eat,” II Thessalonians 3:10.

The responsibility for those who cannot work falls on the family and then the church. Think about it. A good although imperfect family, with natural love for one another knows far better than the government if a person needs help or needs a lesson in self discipline or a lesson in humility. Not humiliation. A good example is the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 which is also the story of how God feels toward us when we return to Him.

The Bible teaches that church government and civil government should be separate as illustrated when the great King Uzziah tried to take over the job of the priests and immediately became a leper as related in II Chronicles 26:3-23. Through out history and today we can see that when the civil or church government tries to rule over both, it doesn’t work. Communism is a prime example of government overstepping their authority. Our founding fathers saw how the church of England used the government to enforce their beliefs. That is why they demanded Amendment I in the Bill of Rights: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

1. Go to
2. Select the option to write to your representatives, remembering that they are supposed to represent you whether you voted for them or not.
3. Drop them a quick note to let them know your thoughts and that you are paying attention to how they vote.
More comments by James Andrews at

November 2012


Usually number one is good but not if you are the number one city in human trafficking. This modern day form of slavery is when a person is a victim through force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Many of these victims are only 11 and 12 year old children. 20% are males and 80% are girls. One out of three runaways are caught up into this billion dollar industry.

Is there anything that can be done to lose this shameful title for Houston? You can call Redeemed Ministries at 832-447-4130 if you need help or want to help. It is a strictly all volunteer organization. They seek to rescue girls from this lifestyle and help them learn how to survive and live on their own in a safe house. They also try to get better laws.

In Sweden a law makes it a felony for the buyer. The prostitute is the victim. Police know from eavesdropping on human trafficking rings (who calculate profits, costs, and risk of getting caught) that Sweden is considered bad business.

Many people point out that President Obama has not kept his promises, but the most important one he has made great strides on and yes he does need four more years to get everything in place. He promised to change America and he is. His greatest effort was made to pass the health care bill. The federal government will take on full responsibility for health care, which is socialized medicine.
So many things are involved in our health, if the government is taking on the responsibility we must be willing for the government to make rules on things that involve health such as what you eat and what you drink, what kind of fuel will be permitted, what type of vehicle you drive and how far you drive to work. Public transportation could prevent pollution.

Doctors will be working for the government and under the authority of an unelected board that will dictate what can be done for patients. Certain procedures will be too expensive especially for people who are non productive and not paying taxes: babies, seniors, physical or mental handicapped. Yes, Obama needs four more years to fully accomplish his transformation of America.

The 2,700 pages of ObamaCare gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services 700 instances where they “shall” do something and 200 times where they may at their sole discretion enforce some form of regulatory action. In essence one person, appointed by and reporting to the president, will be in charge of the health care of 310 million Americans once Obama Care is fully operational in 2014. This bill gives a lot more power to a few people bypassing any control from Congress. It will undermine the Constitution by forcing churches to go against their faith and gives the federal government even more of the responsibility that the Constitution delegates to the states.

Something to think about when you vote, but regardless of who wins we must remain a united people and pray for the good of the nation even if we totally disagree on what is good.


For 67 years William May has operated the pumping plant on the Brazos River at the third canal since he started in 1945 on his 25th birthday. His first year on the job he pulled a seven-foot alligator out of the canal by himself while two friends watched. “Sold the hide for $1.25 a foot,” he says.

May has witnessed the river almost dry during the five years of drought in the early 1950’s followed by a flood in June of 1957. For several days, he could travel the 3.7 miles from the pump station to Hwy. 521 in a motorboat.

In the last 67 years, May has missed work a total of 22 days: once when his appendix ruptured, then a prostrate operation, and later a three-way bypass operation after having an heart attack. If you had only one word to describe him it would be hard to choose between tough or dedicated.

Besides keeping the machinery running smoothly, May keeps the surrounding five acres as neat as any yard. That way a snake, alligator, or panther can’t sneak up on him. He leads a quiet life but is still adding to his stockpile of interesting events as he continues to work.

New security guard on duty at Comerica since a robbery occurred last month. No other details available at this time.

Feedback from James Andrews:

We should always rejoice when a person finds success and happiness. We should know that their success does not come at our expense. It is not as though they are eating a piece of pie that we could have had. The pie of life is limitless. We hold ourselves back when we try to hold someone else back. Live free!

Feedback from Helen Horne Scott

Well it's that time again. The time when all American citizens can express themselves as to how he/she wants our government to run county, city, state and nationally. We have watched and read about all the conventions, debates, and the speeches and the spin. Now it's time.

Thankfully, one has the right to vote for any parties platform or any man one chooses. I would like you to remember this; whether your choice wins or loses on November the sixth please go back out there to vote again in the next county, city, and state election. Although, the white house election is so very important, the conditions that may affect us the most do not begin in the White House. The right to vote was not handed to all of us. It was a struggle for us. So, please go out and express YOUR view. VOTE!

Blank Slate I Understand
Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was?
 Psychologists at the U. of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an event boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale. It's not aging, it's the stupid door! Thank goodness for studies like this.

Almeda Moe

Moe’s grandmother was arrested for shop lifting. When she went before the judge he asked her, "What did you steal?" She replied, "A can of peaches.."
The judge asked her why and she said that she was hungry. The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can. She replied, "six."
The judge said, "Then I will give you six days in jail." Before the judge could conclude the trial, Moe’s grandfather spoke up and asked the judge if he could say something to the judge in private. The judge nodded and Moe’s grandfather whispered, "She also stole a can of peas."


The pastor at Southway Community Church pointed out Matthew 28:19 where Jesus spoke to his followers and said. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. One name not names.

One of the most difficult things to understand is how Christians can positively say there is only one God and yet worship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. How can there be three in one and one in three? Yet that is what the Bible teaches.

We can know something to be true but explaining the Trinity so someone can understand is considerable more difficult. You can use examples like water is H2O and steam is H2O, and ice is H2O or hold up one triangle as an illustration of one God with the sides being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. That might help us understand the Trinity but it is not a totally accurate example. Maybe there are some things we just have to accept without understanding until God chooses to make it clear.


Democrats are afraid that Romney will win. Republicans are afraid that Obama will win. Many others are afraid if either one of them win. Fear will disappear when we remember that God is still on His Throne and nobody is going to defeat Him.


Since 9/11/01 there has been 19,680 deadly attacks, with over 260,000 deaths in the name of Islam according to Gadi Adelman a writer and lecturer on the history of terrorism and counterterrorism. He grew up in Israel, studying terrorism and Islam for 35 years after surviving a terrorist bomb in Jerusalem in which 7 children were killed. He can be reached through his website

We should not ignore the truth but we don’t and shouldn’t live in fear. Jesus said in Matthew 10:28 “Do not fear those who kill the body, but are unable to kill the soul: but fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Nonie Darwish, raised to hate Jews and now founder of Arabs for Israel said, ‘this fear that I used to live in, in the Muslim world – which was fear of speaking my mind, fear of saying the truth – is now following me to America. … My culture of origin is now infecting America with fear of speaking the truth. Islam lives on propaganda and denies the truth.

Darwish said she wants to see Arabs and Israelis living side by side in peace, but that cannot happen as long as “the number one enemy of Islam is the truth.” She explained that Muslims have failed to deal with reality for the past 1,400 years and have irrationally loathed the Jewish people since they rejected Muhammad in the seventh century.

Muslims, Jews, Christians, Atheist, are all individuals created in the image of God and deserve our respect. Christians are told to love one another even our enemies for “God so loved the world”. HE didn’t say it would be easy.

Jan Moylan, CoriWofford, Wes Wofford
Virginia Whitley Wofford, Valeria Wofford, Cecilia Wofford
Virginia, surrounded by her son, Wes, his wife, Cecilia, and granddaughters, is the center of attention in an event where she was honored for her 30 years with the Klein Oak District.

Virginia spent eight years as a student at Almeda School. She grew up in a small wood frame house just west of 288 on Almeda Genoa Road. Back then she was in the country. Her mom took care of their cattle that roamed along Sims Bayou, her father hunted coyotes and Virginia won a calf at the Houston Rodeo and Fat Stock Show.

Education was important to Virginia. After graduating from Sam Houston. Her first teaching experience was in Germany where her husband was stationed. Then a short time in Fort Worth before she started at Klein. Virginia earned her Masters Degree in Education and worked her way up to become the Associate Principal at Klein High School. We are all proud of this Almeda girl and glad we still have her daughter-in-law, Cecilia, who is the first person you see when you walk in the door at Almeda School.


Public Access Catalog for electronic devices available for use of residents in any county. When you access FBCL’s website with your mobile device, the website will switch to the mobile view.

For more information, ask at any of the Fort Bend branch libraries, or call the library’s Public Information Office at 281-341-2677. The Culinary Book Club will meet on Monday, November 19, at 1:30 pm, located at 8411 Sienna Springs. The topic of the month is “Soup Recipes.”


At the Sept. 24th city council meeting EEOC matters including settlement of a case (involving former chief J. Bartley), release, resignation and related matters.

City Council discussed the settlement of a case involving former Chief J. Bartley. After discussion, Council Member Florence Jackson moved that the mediation settlement with Mr. J. Bartley be approved and accepted, and that the Mayor be authorized, on behalf of the City Council, to accept a letter of resignation from Mr. Bartley effective November 8, 2011.

Council Members Florence Jackson and Effie Jones vote Aye, Tom Hilton and Rosie Rojas vote Nay. Tom Tuffly

was absent. Mayor Evelyn Jones broke the tie and voted Aye.

The above information was sent by City Attorney Jim Dougherty from the not yet official notes of the city secretary. Council member Tom Hilton said the $20,000 settlement would be paid by the Texas Municipal League.


Mia Lachey Moore won a belt buckle for 3rd place for showmanship of her steer at the Fort Bend Co. Fair Oct. 5th. Daughter of Robert & Charissa, Mia must be taking after her grandmother, Bobbie Moore.


When God Puts Alms in the palm,
Don’t be greedy, Freely, give to the needy.
Acts 20:35 It is more blessed to give than to receive.
By Emmaline Wiley
Larry V. Green, Esq. Houston City Council Member, District K

To address the issue of Public Safety, the District K Office in collaboration with the Central Southwest and Fondren Garden Super Neighborhood Council will host a community public safety forum on Thursday, November 1st from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Townwood Park Community Center, 3403 Simsbrook Dr. The Forum will allow residents in the Hiram Clarke Community the opportunity to ask questions regarding their safety concerns and hear from senior police officials from the Houston Police Department, METRO, Houston ISD, and Harris County Precinct 7. For more info, call the Dist. K Office at 832.393.3016 or visit District K and Hiram Clarke residents have a new Early Voting Location at the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center, 3810 West Fuqua St. Early Voting ends Nov 2, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. For voting info, call 713.755.6965.

Get your copy of Back Yonder in Almeda to read the history of this area from 1892 to about 1956
Email for more info

Our News is published by Sis Andrews

2500 copies distributed 1st wk of month
12 issues mailed to your home for $9.50
Our News is online at
Deadline for news/ads is the 25th

October 2012


FREE ADMISSION to a fundraiser for the American Cowboy Museum with everything from pony rides and face painting to BBQ and fresh produce. See ad on page 6 for time, place, and telephone numbers for vendors to call.


Sacred cows should never be criticized or denied or questioned. Channel 26 has been showing why HISD needs a $1.9 billion bond proposal passed to rebuild 20 schools. Since the education of children is so important no one ever questions the necessity of borrowing money and raising your taxes. What kind of illiterate person would raise such a question? Maybe somebody like me who questions everything.

The sacred cow wants to give the best education to our children and it would only be $70 more a year on a $100,000 home. $70 is not much to have 20 new schools but that is $70 more every year on top of what your property tax is now.

I question how much interest would be paid on borrowing $1.9 billion. I also question as to whether HISD couldn’t save a million here and there and rebuild one school at a time.

You know pay as you go. What an obsolete idea for today!

Education is important, but not above all other considerations nor is it so sacred to be above examination.

An interesting side note is that HISD doesn’t treat all schools the same. T. H. Rogers Middle receives $18,027 per student whereas New Aspirations Middle in Sharpstown receives $2,706 per student. Dowling with 1,322 students gets $7,729 per student. Madison High with 2,168 students gets $5,599 per student. The elementary schools in this area all get from $4, 812 to $5,212 according to Texas Watchdog.

Freddie Wyche’s

Model T Dream Car Don’t think Freddie is an old-timer puttering about and reminiscing about the good old days. His “T-Bucket” has reached up to 120 mph.

Freddie graduated from Madison in 1977. When the job market slowed down in 1989, he joined the Navy. He was honorably discharged in 2000. In 2006, he decided to build his dream hot rod, a 1920 Model T Ford. The body is a replica, as original bodies are expensive and very hard to find. It has a 350 small block Chevy engine mated to a TH350 transmission. The rear end is from a 1996 Chevy S-10 pick-up. The frame was purchased from a company in Conn. and the other parts of the chassis were either made by friends and Freddie, purchased off EBay, or found in the salvage yard.

Freddie belongs to a local car club, the "H-Bombs". The club has strong family values as wives and children participate. They meet the first Friday of each month at: The Tree House Ranch 10740 Mykawa Rd. @ 7:00 PM. Visitors and all types of cars are welcome.

Gilbert Anthony Uribe Jr.

Gilbert graduated on June 3, 2012 from Madison High School with honors. He was in the ROTC Navy for three years. He left September 3, 2012 to the U.S. Navy Fire and Rescue. His parents Gilbert Sr. and Sylvia P. Uribe are very proud of their son and wanted the local community to know. Love you sonARCOLA NEWS

It was good to see that city council member Tom Tuffly has recovered enough to be at the meeting Sept. 11th. The project manager, Llarance Turner, for the Kelly Kaluza city engineer firm, was also there to announce that they are ready to accept construction bids for the main water line. Turner estimates the main line will be completed by April. The city hired the Kaluza firm almost three years ago.

The tax rate set at the Sept. 24th meeting is 0.954262, the same as last year and recommended by Phyllis Herbst, the new bookkeeper.

The council is already looking for volunteers for Arcola’s annual Christmas party.


By the end of October Maxwell Heights residents and Kansas Street which includes part of Fresno Gardens will be getting water.


II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, will heal their land.

Acts 17:30 - Pray for repentance for yourself and for our nation.

Psalm 32:6-7 - Pray that Christians will be motivated to pray faithfully for this election and that the Lord would deliver us from the wrong leaders.

Proverbs 16:13 - Pray that our nation will listen to the truth and not be led astray.

Psalm 125 - Pray that those who trust in the Lord will not be shaken.

Psalm 86:14-17 - Pray that the Lord would defeat those who have no regard for Him in this election.

II Kings 13:16 - Pray that the Lord would put His hands on the man of His choice for president (and his team) and guide them in this election.

Luke 12:54-57 – Pray that God's man and our nation will be discerning and do what is right.

Psalm 16:7-8 - Pray that the Lord would give wise counsel and guidance to His choice for president in this campaign.

Proverbs 1:5-6 - Pray that God's man will listen with discernment, add to his knowledge, and receive wise counsel in this campaign.

John 16:33 - Pray that the man of God's choice would be given wisdom and ability from the Lord to overcome any obstacle or difficulty during this campaign.

Philippians 4:13 - Pray that the Lord's choice for President will have special strength and unusual ability from God.

Psalm 18:32-36 - Pray that the Lord would arm the man of His choice with strength; would guide him in battle (this election); and would sustain him and give him victory.

Hebrews 11:32-34 – Pray that God's man could, through faith, persevere and maintain his courage throughout this election.

2 Corinthians 12:9 – Pray that the Lord would empower and enable his man in any area of weakness.

Habakkuk 1:5 and 3:2 - Pray that the Lord would do something that would utterly amaze us and give His servant victory.
Received from Janell Klingenberg


Michelle Obama gave an interesting, heart warming speech at the Democratic Convention. Nobody went to sleep while she was talking. You might say she had the audience in the palm of her hand. She was able to make everything she said sound so right, like “you should be able to marry who you love”. That sounds right. Who would object?

Probably only the people who believe the Bible gives us guidelines and is the written word of God including Romans 1: 24-28. A paraphrase: God gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves the due penalty of their error. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a mind void of judgment to do those things which are not proper.

God gives each of us the right and the responsibility to pay attention to His words or to choose the words of those who lead us away from God’s way.

The Basics of Male Homosexuality by Tim Gould is a book available on which gives a Christian overview of how homosexuality develops, as well as steps those with same-sex attractions can take to regain control of thoughts and behaviors and deepen their relationship with Jesus and others.


Rule 1 Life is not fair - get used to it! Rule 2 The world doesn't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3 You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4 : If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5 : Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents called it opportunity.

Rule 6 If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7 Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were so before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8 Your school may have done away with winners and losers,

but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

To the Residents of District K

My staff and I are thrilled to serve the citizens of the newly formed District K. District K stretches from the edge of the Texas Medical Center to the portion of Houston within Fort Bend County. The District also includes the Reliant/Astrodome complex, two management districts, and two school districts—Houston ISD and Fort Bend ISD.

The District K office continues to work diligently to solve many constituent issues in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact the District K office if you have any questions that our office may be able to assist you with.

The Our News staff has graciously agreed to allow us space to keep you informed about what is going on in District K. we enthusiastically welcome your feedback on how to improve the quality of life and broaden economic development in District K. Please forward your ideas /comments by email

or by telephone at 832.393.3016.
Thank you for giving me the privilege to serve.


Larry Houston City Council Member Larry V. Green, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. James Wark will attend the premiere showing of the movie In Search of the American Dream. James played the part of a sheriff in the movie. The movie will be in theaters in Jan.

Welcome to the Community
Welcome to James Rippard the new principal at Grissom Elementary.

Virginia Hernandez is looking for someone to write a small book on her recollections of the founding of the city of Arcola. Call her at 281-431-2407 if you are interested.

FBC Commissioner Morrison,
Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Arcola on October 11th at the Arcola City Hall located at 13222 Hwy 6 from 6:30 P.M. till 8:00P.M. He will be discussing any concerns that the residents of Precinct 1 may have. Come out to see Your Commissioner!

3rd Annual Trade for A Difference Day
Arcola Feed and Tack is the place Oct. 20th from 9am to 4pm. Trade or buy horses, crafts, plants, poultry, etc. Vendor fees are donated to Breast Cancer Research. See Arcola Feed page 6

Almeda Moe
Moe came home with romance on his mind but his wife was already in bed, sound asleep with her mouth wide open. Moe went into the kitchen and got an aspirin, walked back in the bedroom. He carefully dropped the aspirin in his wife’s mouth. She woke up startled and choking. “What are you doing?” she demanded.“ I thought maybe you had a headache,” said Moe. “Well, I don’t have a headache,” she said. Moe smiled, “That’s all I wanted to know.”

Fall Festival Anderson Road Baptist Church

5114 Anderson Road

October 28, 2012 4 pm to 7pm.

Earn FREE TICKETS for the events by coming to Sunday School

from Sept. 30th to Oct. 28th

otherwise you must purchase tickets for

hayride, horseback riding, cake walks, fishing, Tootsie Pop pull, hot dogs, nachos, Frito pies…. And
much, much more For our community.   FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Sept. 29th the Harvard and Almeda U. Methodist Churches helped the Noah’s House residents dedicate and plant their community garden.

Sienna Branch Library at 8411 Sienna Springs Blvd., will present “The Cook’s Herb Garden – Grow, Harvest, Store & Cook,” on Tuesday, Oct.16, at 7:00 pm, The program is free to the public. For more info on this and other events at the library, call 281-238-2900. The quarterly used Book Sale is from October 18-20th. Thousands of books for children and adults-most are $.50 to 1.00. Sale starts Thur. Oct. 18th, 6-8 p.m., Fri.19th, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., Sat. 20th, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. More info contact

But for the Grace of God, how ignorant we are but for the Grace of God.
We all fall short of the Glory of God, but for the Grace of God.

We are capable of any sin known and unknown to mankind, but for the Grace of God.

We are all prone to any accident, any illness, any mishap, but for the Grace of God.

How arrogant, how ignorant, for us to think any differently. Lord forgive us of the greatest sin of all, PRIDE.

Lord heal us of our SHAME. Make us whole in You, in Your Word, in Your Name I pray Sweet Jesus, and thank You for the Grace of God. Amen
By Ruth Maxwell

BBQ - F B C Fresno

BBQ served Sat. Oct. 27th from 10am to 2pm or until the food runs out. For more info call First Baptist Church Fresno 281-431-4244


JOHNNY JOE FAJKUS SR. 74, was born January 16, 1938 and passed away August 18, 2012. He lived most of his life in Fresno, TX moving there in 1974. Before that Johnny and his family lived in Almeda since 1969. He worked for Heatran and Exchanger Repair for years retiring at the age of 69 from Shell N Tube. He was a welder/pipefitter foreman by trade. In the 1980’s, Johnny and Al Koreneck built the largest tree digger in the world. He loved gardening, spending time with his family, and barbequing. Johnny is preceded in death by his wife, Shirley Coleman Fajkus; parents, Joe/Agnes Fajkus; two great grandsons, Kolten and Kameron Haven; one brother, Mark Fajkus. He is survived by two sons, Brian and Johnny Fajkus both of Fresno; Daughters: Marcella (Marcy) Deaville of Morse, LA., Cynthia (Cindy) Fajkus of Fresno and Stephanie Marsh of Houston; three brothers Dennis Fajkus of Houston, Bobby Fajkus of Victoria, Kenneth Fajkus of Tomball; sisters Dorothy Jasek of Houston and Earlene Patek of Hallettsville; 13 grandchildren and nine greats. Johnny was a loving husband, caring father and wonderful PawPaw. He will be sadly missed.

GWENDOLYN DAVIS 57 passed away September 17, 2012. She was an employee of HISD since 1975 and worked at Almeda Elementary for the last 20 years as a teachers assistant for the PALS, a program for preschool children with a disability. She had no children of her own, but bestowed an abundance of love on hundreds of children at Almeda. Her class would walk like little soldiers through the hall. Davis could make you laugh when you wanted to cry. She will be sorely missed.

ED. Note: I will try at a later date, when I have more patience, to insert pictures.

Our News September 2012

Register to Vote 30 days Before November 6th

In Texas you must be registered to vote 30 days before the election. If you have moved, you need to be registered in the county you live in. You can pick up a voter registration form at Vinson Library or Sienna Branch or call 281-341-8670 for Fort Bend Co. or 713-755-6965 for Harris Co and they will mail you a form. It is against the law to register if you are not a citizen of the US. It is also against the law to vote if you have been convicted of a felony.


Agenda 21 is all about global control of the masses-that’s you and me. Seems a few people who very concerned about the planet also know what is best for us. Their goals are to be accomplished through local officials. A recent example of control is the Houston city ordinance that says the city will decide if you can have a permit to give food to the homeless. 30,000 people have signed a request to allow citizens to vote on this ordinance but the mayor says there isn’t enough time to check the veracity of the signatures. Hey us peons might make an unwise decision.

To control people, they have to be dependent on the government. If you want to give away food you will have to get the government to make it ok.

More people than ever are depending on the government to get food. According to USDA 45.8 million people, or almost 15% of the population, get food stamps. Will that influence who they vote for?

Other people are so durn contrary and independent that they succeed without the government. So tax. Regulate, or jail, them. Like the guy who tried to collect rain water and violated an Oregon law that says all core sources of water belong to the state. He is now due to serve 30 days in jail according to CNS news.

If we vote for candidates who promise to give us stuff our grandchildren will have to pay for, and if Christians ignore what God says but vote according to what the TV says, and if we put our priority on stuff and safety instead of liberty, we will get the leaders we deserve.

Just keep on believing all Democrats or all Republicans are good and we will have leaders who love regulations and will fit right into the plans of Agenda 21


Billy Reagan Educational Center   at 4842 Anderson Road will be in full swing accepting students K thru 8th grade. One classroom of Kindergarten students will have the opportunity of a two-way dual language program in an effort to develop full bilingualism and bi-literacy for all students.

The center will implement this program in one of the kindergarten classes during the 2012-2013 academic year and add one grade per year until there is a complete two-way dual language program in grades K-8.

The new school, named after Billy Reagan who was an HISD superintendent for 12 years, is located about a mile from the Anderson Road homestead. Gustaf Anderson was a school trustee of the Almeda School District when his children, Lilly, Laura, and Carl attended Almeda’s one room school. Gustaf along with trustees A. L Parker and E. P. Anderson had a two-story cement and brick building built with two outhouses. The complex served approximately 40 students coming from parts of three counties.

In 1921, Laura Anderson started teaching Almeda students in the best school building south of Holcombe Blvd. She seldom had to punish her students since she was acquainted with all their parents. In 1937, Laura started teaching at Lamar until she retired in 1963, lacking a few hours of getting a PhD. Lilly got her PhD and taught in HISD for 44 years.

The Anderson family loved education. It seems fitting that Anderson Road has the latest in the field of education with the Yes Academy and the Billy Reagan Center.


An HISD bond proposal for $1.89 billion to construct 20 new high schools and improvements on other schools will be on the ballot in Nov. If the bond passes, Madison HISD Bond cont… will be included in the 20 schools to get a new campus. The tax rate would have to be raised to $1.15 per $100 valuation of your property. Then in two years the rate would be raised to $1.20. This year according to the HISD website, HISD is losing $120 million over the next two years in state funding and $5.7 million in Federal funds.

Carl David Anderson, wants to know if anyone recognizes the house of Erick Lindberg, who was the nephew of his grandfather. It was built in 1895 about 3 miles from the Anderson homestead, near the community cemetery. Call 713-433-1098 and I’ll email Carl David so he can get in touch with you.


Is prayer a cry of desperation for help? Is it a wish list like we gave to Santa Claus when we were kids? Is it an effort to get God to do something for us that we need or want? Or is it a time to confess your sin, a time to thank God for what he has already done, or just praise him for who he is?

Prayer can be any and all of the above but through it all prayer is a way to get to know God. So-called unanswered prayers can reveal God’s character to us. We might feel like He is not listening, but are we listening? He says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Isaiah 46:10

He also says Pray without ceasing. When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, He gave an example in Matthew 6:9-13. And then He said God already knows what we need. So what is the point of asking God for what we need? Sometimes we realize we don’t need what we pray for, but we do need to learn to trust him regardless of how He answers.

Phillip Yancy in the book Prayer, tells about George Chen, who was arrested in China for telling others about Jesus. The guards forced him to work in a cesspool , knee-deep in human waste, turning it with a shovel to make compost. Chen said, “They thought I’d be miserable but actually I was happy. It smelled so bad no one would come near me, so I could pray and sing aloud all day.”

I don’t know what Chen prayed but evidently it made a difference in his life. Each one of us will learn what is the point of praying - by praying.


When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act--a.k.a. Obamacare--was enacted in March 2010 it included (in Section 2713) a non-specific requirement that health care plans must provide "additional preventive services" to women. These unspecified "additional preventive services," the law said, were to be "provided for in comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration," a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS commissioned a federally funded committee at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) which recommended regulations and HHS Secretary Sebelius finalized the regulations which says that all health care plans, except those provided by an actual house of worship, must provide coverage for sterilization to “all women with reproductive capacity.”

That could include a girl as young as 12. It certainly could relieve the stress on a pimp if his girls are sterilized.


The 2013 Hog Out County Grant is currently accepting a Notice of Intent to Participate Form from any county that wishes to participate in the Hog Out Challenge (October 1 - December 31, 2012). Forms must be received by September 28, 2012.
Texas is home to nearly 2.6 million feral hogs, the largest feral hog population in the U.S.
Last year Hartaman County was rated first as 2,047 feral hogs were killed. Fort Bend Co. placed 11th with 610 killed .


Like any other art, these people practice until they know how to dupe some of the smartest people around. Recently Daniel, who has been involved with computers since the beginning for almost 40 years, and is a retired Adjunct Professor of Economics, got scammed. An email from a stranded niece needed him to wire money to Spain. A favorite spot for a lot of scammers because the destination is hard to track in Spain. Daniel wasn’t about to ignore a cry for help from his family. How did the thieves get the info to trick him? I guess that is why they are called scam artist. They also thrive on good hearted, trusting people or on those who are hoping to take advantage of a good deal. Don’t let anyone rush you to make a decision without asking family or friend for advice, and never give out any info on the phone or the Internet.

Keeping Him Close By - is a commercial free radio station that provides Christian music and programs at 105.7 FM in English, in Spanish at 1400 AM., or in Vietnamese at Call 713-520-5200 for more info.

The Government Sues the Government

August 23rd a group of 10 federal immigration-enforcement agents -- including the president of the agents' union -- filed suit against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton.

This lawsuit seeks to prevent law enforcement officer Plaintiffs from being forced to either violate federal law if they comply with the unlawful Directive or risk adverse employment action if they disobey the unlawful orders of the DHS Secretary. This lawsuit also seeks to preserve the balance of legislative and executive powers established by the United States Constitution.


I finally received my tax return for 2011 back from the IRS. It puzzles me!!! They are questioning how many dependents I claimed. I guess it was because of my response to the question: "List all dependents."
I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads; 42 million people on food stamps, 2 million people in over 243 prisons; and 535 persons in the U.S. House and Senate, plus 1 President."Evidently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.


If the guy who killed people at a Sikhs service thought he was attacking Muslims, he was wrong. The Sikh religion was founded by Nanah, who was born in 1469 in the northern part of India. Early on they underwent persecution because they disagreed with both the Hindus and the Muslims. Nanah was their first Guru, who they believed had a divine spirit which he passed on to the succeeding nine gurus. The last guru died in 1708. Over 20 million Sikhs believe in one God and equality of all people regardless of sex or anything else.

Correction: the deleted last line in Digging up History was “Crane Co. along with other companies removed the swastika mark from their products.”


Darrell Mayfield who turned 92 July 27th. Darrell has lived his entire life in Pierce Junction or Almeda except for the years he spent on a ship during WWII.

Garnett Lewis celebrated his 79th birthday on August 12th. How does he celebrate? He gives another pint of blood. He gives three times at Southview Baptist Church and another three times a year at the Blood Center behind the Astro Dome. So far he has given 16 gallons, more or less. There is a demand for his O positive blood. Garnett says, “The Lord has really blessed me.”

Happy Birthday also to John Breckenridge, John, 84 on Sept. 12th, is also a transplant from Pierce Junction.

Almeda Moe

Moe won a BMW and a trip to London. He drove his new car to New York City, went to a bank, and borrowed $3,000. The loan officer wanted to know what Moe had for collateral. Moe handed over his BMW keys. After the bank checked to see if he had a clear title they loaned him the money and put the car in their parking facility. Moe left for London and the city bankers started laughing at the country hick who put up his expensive car for collateral for just $3,000. Two weeks later Moe gives the bank a check for $3,000 plus interest of $12.08. The bank clerks try not to laugh at the dumb Texas boy. The loan officer said to Moe, “Sir we found out that you have a sizable amount of money in a bank in Texas. Why did you borrow money from us? " Moe replied, Where else in New York could I safely park my car for two weeks for $12.08?

Vinson Library

3810 West Fuqua Call 832 393 2120 for info on other programs. Open Tue. 10-6, Wed. 10-6, Thurs.12-8, Fri. 1-5, Sat. 10-5. Closed Sunday and Monday. web site www.
Multi-center open Mon.—Friday.

Sienna Branch Library 8411 Sienna Springs Blvd Closed Sept.3rd for Labor Day and Sept. 28th for fair day. Call 281-238-2900 for times and dates for following: *Book Club Meeting/Selection
*Back-to-School Resources Children’s Programs Computer Classes *Culinary Book Club Meeting *The Art & Sport of Dragon-Boat Racing *Mental Success in School *Intro to MS Excel in Spanish *Free SAT Practice Test

September is Library Card Sign-up Month, A library card provides free access to videos, DVDs, CDs, software, and books. See the library’s website at a


The FWSD #1 water meter is ready to service to people of Arcola. According to Rodrigo Carreon, the Fresno Water Board engineer told him that the meter located at the corner of Post Road and 521 has been approved for service.


Grain –finished cattle spend most their lives grazing in a pasture then the last 4 to 6 months in a feedyard. They be given FDA-approved antibiotics or growth promoting hormones. Grass-finished cattle spend their entire lives grazing and also may be given FDA-approved antibiotics or hormones. Naturally raised cattle can be grain or grass finished but have never received antibiotics or growth promoting hormones and must be certified by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. Certified organic cattle can be grain or grass finished as long as the feed is 100% organic. They never receive antibiotics or hormones and also certified by USDA. All cattle may be given vitamins and minerals.

A 3-oz serving of lean beef supplies 150 calories and on a 2000 calorie diet, 48% protein, 37% Vitamin B12, 33% Niacin, 20% Vitamin B6, 12% Iron of the daily requirements.


If you are interested in teaching children the Christian faith but aren’t sure how, then you can attend a six hour seminar, free of charge which will present the basics and great ideas on how to get started. This training would be helpful to Sunday School teachers, parents, or those who would like to start a Bible club.

The seminar will be held in Almeda. The date has not been set so call Our News at 713-433-1098 and leave your number and I’ll return your call as soon as I know.

Dear God for many years I lived in fear, and shed a lot to tears. I thank you for giving me relief from my grief.
God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. II Timothy 3:7
© Copyright By Emmaline Wiley, who is celebrating her 50th birthday on Sept. 9th.


James Ray Thompson passed away on Saturday August 04, 2012 in Houston, Texas. He was born on October 4, 1932 in Duckhill, Mississippi to Wade and Mary Thompson. He is preceded in death by his wife Evelyn. He is survived by his Daughter Sheila Landreneau and her husband Jerry of Magnolia, Texas, Daughter Lisa Hoffman and her husband John of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Son Ray Thompson and his wife Donna of Aurora Colorado, Son Rick Thompson and his wife Rhonda of Channelview, Texas, five grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren, one brother, and six sisters.

James was a member of the masons and a weekly attendee of his church. In lieu of flowers a contribution may be made to the American Cancer Society or the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Yvonne McGarr Thompsom says, “I hope before I die there will be a park for the kids in Arcola and a museum with a wash tub, clothes line, and a hand water pump. Yvonne is at the Sugar Land Health Care Center. She sent a letter saying, “This facility is just too good to be true. I have not seen people look so good, work so hard and in prompt time since I worked for Hugh Hefner, Play Boy Mag on East Walten at 919 Michigan in Chicago and the Veteran Hospital in Houston—after I passed a Civil Service test. We looked good, worked hard, and were so proud of being employed. These people here at the center are also well kept from head to toe, anticipating your needs. The food is just too good.”

Yvonne praises the center and all the people that work there, although she says the therapy sessions are about to kill her. She also wants to thank Mrs. Helen Duncan and M/M Leon Washington who were instrumental in getting her help at the Center even though she left home kicking and screaming not realizing how good a care she would receive.

August 2012

The results of the Republican Primary on July 31st show that the Republican party of the past no longer controls the way the majority of Republican voters will vote.


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says "There is nothing we want more than to make sure every person in South Carolina has the right to vote. And we're not just talking about it; we did something about it. We had an 1-800 number. We opened the lines for two weeks. We said anybody that needs a ride to the Motor Vehicles, we will take you. We'll help you get the ID that you need. The people who were against this said there are thousands and thousands of people that can't get to the DMV. Do you know how many people actually got rides? Less than 30 across the entire state got rides to get picture ID."

True the Vote here in Houston has the same offer to help people to get their photo ID in Harris Co. residents call 713-368-8683. Fort Bend Co. residents call 281-342-3411 press 4, or google voter registration in your county and get various ways to get a photo ID so you can vote in November. You must be registered 30 days before an election. If you can’t get any satisfaction call me at 713-433-1098.


John Walker is always on the search for information of the history in Fort Bend Co. Recently he and a friend were tracing the Cane Belt RR bed west of Guy, Texas. They were checking out the Moore Ranch and possible location of the community of Mooredale shown on the 1936 Ft. Bend Co. map. They found a suspicious spot but no proof, but they did run across a fellow named Al Greising who worked as an electrician for 23 years for Sugar Land Industries. He had an item that was 'old' from the Sugar Land Industries plant. The old item had a swastika, the foundry mark used by Crane Co. in the early 1900’s.

Seems the swastika was an ancient symbol of good luck and served ancient peoples as a symbol of life, or of man or of the sun. It has been found on religious artifacts from hundreds of years ago.

Over the centuries the swastika and its numerous variations have been used by many cultures worldwide. These include a number of Native American tribes such as the Hopi, Kickapoo, Pottawatomie, Zuni peoples and others.

Swastikas have been found in ancient cave paintings in Mexico and on many antiquities from China, Egypt, Japan, India, Tibet, Ancient Crete, Scotland and Ireland. They are also found in artifacts of the Central American Maya and Aztec peoples and on a coin of Ethelred of Northumbria from the 9th century as well as on Christian vestments dating from the 8th and 9th centuries.

When Crane Company began manufacturing cast steel valves and fittings over a century ago, the good luck swastika (the word is believed to originate from the Sanskrit “su” meaning “good” and “asti” meaning ”to be”) was chosen as its foundry symbol for these products.

Early in the twentieth century the so-called “American Swastika” was a popular adornment on manufactured products ranging from industrial equipment to good luck charms, commemorative medallions and even greeting cards. By one description, the arms of the symbol represented four connected letters “L” which stood for Light, Love, Life and, above all good Luck.

Later, the NASDAP or German Nazi Party adopted a version of the swastika as their official insignia. When they rose to power, the world became aware of the nature and methods employed by that regime and Crane Co. along with other companies removed the mark from their products.

Colorado Tragedy

Seems like every time a vote restricting gun owner- ship comes along there is another killing spree. Those who are in favor of banning guns seem to think the tragedy justifies passing a law. Others take the opposite view thinking that if just one person had a legally concealed handgun, the killing would have been stopped much sooner.
It was a tragedy in Colorado, but look what happens in countries where the citizens do not have guns.

50+ million dead: Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50) In just 7 years over 50 million!
12+ million dead: Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945)

5+ million dead: Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39)
2+ million dead: Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44)
1.6 million dead: Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79)
1.5 million dead Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94) :
1 million dead: Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78)
900,000 Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan,1979-1982)

800,000 dead: Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994)
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” –Thomas Jefferson    Writer of the Declaration of Independence and our third president.


It wasn't supposed to happen in England, with all its very strict gun control laws. And yet last week Derrick Bird shot and killed 12 people and wounded 11 others. A headline in The Times of London read: "Toughest laws in the world could not stop Cumbria tragedy."


In the kindergarten school of prayer, I learned that when we most need God’s help, we may feel too helpless to even pray. That is when we need the prayers of family and friends.

Like a boxer who gets battered and bruised, goes to the corner of the ring and receives comfort and encouragement from his trainer so he is able to get up and finish the fight. When the fight gets tough, mentally, physical or emotionally, we too need to rest in God and his words. Words like Philippians 4:6: “Be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Isaiah 40:29 “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”. (Thanks Mrs. Bailey)

If we have memorized some of the verses, then all we need is a reminder to calm our heart. A favorite is I Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation (or trial) has overtaken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful and will not allow you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to endure it.”

In Tuscany Rehab, a man named Dominic, had a rack of pipes fall on him. His neck was broken twice and he was paralyzed the waist down. While at the TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) Dominic saw people in worse shape than he was so he picked a different person every day to pray for. He has a long way to go toward recovery but what an attitude.

It helps to remember that God does not waste our tears. In His grand plan, everything –good and bad– works together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

For a book which addresses questions, especially about unanswered prayer, get a book by Philipp Yancy titled Prayer.

INFORMATION VS. REGULATION           By James Andrews

The information technology industry and the internet are shining examples of why freedom works best. The growth, opportunity, job creation, and improvement to everyone's standard of living all occurred without government regulation. People were free to be creative, productive, and to profit mightily for their efforts. That environment proved that freedom generates more benefit for us all than does regulation. The last great example before that was the rise of American prominence in the world. We went from nothing to the greatest nation on earth because of a void in regulation and government intimidation, rather than because of it.

We should focus on information rather than regulation. When information becomes available that there is a better way of doing something, the people and businesses who adapt to the new information will succeed. Regulations merely force everyone to follow a particular course of action whether it is the best action or not. Regulations hinder progress; only freedom and creativity advance progress. The only time, regulations contribute to progress is when they drive people to be creative about how they get around the regulations.


    Fox News Channel 26 allowed suspended Arcola Police Chief Howard Sylve to give his side of the dispute between him and Arcola Mayor Evelyn Jones. Her allegations are in a letter on Isiah Carey’s blog.
   An open forum will be held on August 14th at city hall where the issue may be settled by a full city council. Residents will also be allowed to address the problem.


The new Billy Reagan middle/elementary school on Anderson Road has already enrolled over 500 students and will enroll more August 6th-10th, Their phone # is 713-434-5285. To find out the enrollment dates for Almeda call 713 434 5620, Petersen 713-434-5630, Montgomery 713 434 5640, Hobby 713-434-5650, Grissom 713-434 5660, Windsor 713 726 3642, Dowling 713 434 5600.

Ft. Bend Schools: Burton 281 634 5080, Goodman 281 634 5985, Baines Middle 281 634 6870, Hightower 281 634 5240, and Ridgepoint 281 327 5200.


“I had gall bladder surgery and now I have no gall,” says Missy Partin.

Almeda Moe

Moe got a job hauling two chimpanzees to the zoo in Houston when his truck broke down on Almeda Road. Worried about the animals being in the hot sun for several hours, he decided to flag down a car to finish the job. The first person to stop was Fresno Flo. When Moe explained the situation and offered her $100 to take the chimps to the zoo, she agreed and they buckled the chimps up in the back seat. A few hours later Moe was driving near the zoo and he sees Flo walking down the street and holding on to each hand was one of the chimps. “What are you doing? I paid you to take them to the zoo! “ Moe demanded. “Oh,” replied Flo, “We have already been to the zoo, but we had some money left so we are going to the museum.”


See how well you score
Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die?
Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Q3. River Ravi flows in which state?
Q4. What is the main reason for divorce?
Q5. What is the main reason for failure?
Q6. What can you never eat for breakfast?
Q7. What looks like half an apple?
Q8. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?
Q9. How can a man go eight days without sleeping ?
Q10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Q11. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have ?
Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?
Q13. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
The professor gave the student zero on the test. Seems like to me he got all the answers right. 1. In his last battle. 2 At the bottom of the page 3. liquid 4. marriage 5. exams 6. lunch and dinner 7. The other half 8. It becomes wet 9. He sleeps at night 10. You will never find an elephant which has one hand. 11.very large hands 12. No time at all, the wall is already built. 13. Any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack.


U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
       * Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
        * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
  * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000
Now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:
        * Annual family income: $21,700
      * Money the family spent: $38,200 
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
               * Total budget cuts: $385

Death Notices   Condolences

ARTHUR F. OLSON, 92 went on to be with his dear friend, Jesus, and his beloved wife, Garnett, on June 26, 2012.

Art fought in WWII. Part of the account he wrote of the Normandy invasion was published in Our News. Art is survived by his five children: twenty grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren. Including spouses, his family, numbered sixty-six people.
Donations may be made to Frontier Camp, a Christian Youth Camp
in Grapeland, TX and Sandy Point Bible Church Sandy Point, TX.

PAUL THOMAS FORD SR. born January 11, 1930 passed away July 3, 2012. An active member of Almeda Baptist now Southview, he and his wife raised their family in Almeda. Preceded in death by two children Lana Sanders and Paul Jr., he is survived by Willie Ruth, his wife of 63 1/2 years, and five children: Debbie/Thomas Knight, Kathy/John Brock, Richard/Judy Ford, David/Susan Ford and William “Andy”/ Laura Ford; 13 grandchildren and 14 greats. Services were at South Park.

MARGARET W. HOHENSTEIN, 94, died July 9, 2012. A doctor rode a horse during a blizzard to deliver Margaret on February 4, 1918 in West Leisenring, PA. She had a wonderful childhood growing up in a coal mining town with her father and stepmother after her mother got tuberculosis. After WWII, she and her husband, Joe, moved to Almeda where their third child, Roger was born. She personally cared for Roger who had Down Syndrome until she was 82. Her staunch faith in Jesus Christ brought her strength, peace and joy through the rough times, She was known for her faith, gratitude and generosity. Buried by Joe and Roger she is survived by her children Peggy Hohenstein and Greg Hohenstein, two grandchildren and three greats.


KHCB is a commercial free radio station that provides Christian music and programs at 105.7 FM in English, in Spanish at 1400 AM., or in Vietnamese at For programs in Chinese and other stations in English go to or call 713-520-5200 to have a copy of all their programs mailed to you free of charge.

How heavy is this glass of water?.

If you hold it at arm’s length for a minute it weighs about 10 oz.
If you hold it for an hour, you’ll have an ache in your arm.
If you hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.
In each case it's the same weight, but the longer you hold it, the heavier it becomes. That's the way it is with stress. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on.


August 24th-26th a revival will be held at the Darrington Prison. If you have a desire to help go to the web site Prisoners Bible or call 281-489-1699 for future events. This organization is in Manvel, TX.

Light of the World

The Word of God is tight, but it is right.
Keep your eyes on Jesus. He’s the Light of the world and the Bright and Morning Star. © Copyright by Emmaline Wiley
John 8:12 Then Jesus spoke, “I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Arcola Fresno Baseball

Free play the month of August for 4yrs-8yrs (Ages)..If your child wants to play please call the Baseball Agent: Annika Howard 832-922-2374 to set up the teams.

Town Hall Meeting

Commissioner Richard Morrison, Fort Bend County Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Fresno on August 2nd at the Mustang Community Center located at 4525 FM 521 North from 6:30 P.M. till 8:00P.M. He will be discussing any concerns that the residents of Precinct 1 may have.

Vinson Library
3810 West Fuqua Call 832 393 2120 for info on other programs. Open Tue. 10-6, Wed. 10-6, Thurs.12-8, Fri. 1-5, Sat. 10-5. Closed Sunday and Monday. web site www.
Multi-center open Mon.—Friday.

Sienna Branch Library 8411 Sienna Springs Blvd at 281-238-2900.
LEARN EMBROIDERY BASICS August 4th and 11th at 1pm.Reservations are required. To register online at the library’s website (, click on “Calendar,” select “Sienna Branch,” and find the program or call 281-238-2952, or visit the library.


The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount ever of free meals and food stamps to 46 million people.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us "Please Do Not Feed the Animals as it will cause them to become dependent on handouts and unable to fend for themselves.”



Read the history of the early years of the town of Almeda in Back Yonder in Almeda.
Available at Debbie’s Barber Shop in the 14000 blk. of Almeda Rd. or at Bob’s State Inspection 14910 Almeda Road or call 713-433-1098 to have a copy mailed to you. $12 plus $2 for postage

The end.