November 2014

         Need a ride? UBER has arrived. The City of Houston has approved the UBER company to serve Houstonians. Passengers love it since it is much cheaper than a taxi. When they call UBER they can watch the  route the driver takes on their cell phone so they know exactly when their ride will be there. 

    Ken Castaneda started driving for UBER six weeks ago and he loves it. He can work when he wants to. Recently, Ken won $100 for making the most trips. When  he signs in, UBER will assign him a passenger within a few minutes. He has 15 seconds to accept the assignment or they will alert another driver who is also close by. UBER monitors the route the driver takes and so does the passenger. The passenger can also see the driver’s photo on the phone. They pay UBER online so Ken doesn't have to worry about getting robbed. UBER deducts 20% and sends him a check.
All UBER drivers have a criminal background check, use their own 2006 model or later, 4-door vehicle with full insurance. They work as much as they want to.
  Ken loves talking to people, people from all over the world. Sometimes they ride up front with him or sit in the back. Each passenger grades the driver on a scale 1 to 5. An overall rating below a 4 causes, the driver  to lose his job. Ken says they need more drivers. If you  would like to get some tips call him at 713-412-9305.
One tip he has for everybody, “Keep the oil changed in your vehicle.”    

Richard Morrison
Fort Bend County
Commissioner Pct. 1
Morrison works with three other commissioners to set the budget for the whole county for drainage, roads, the court system, emergency services, and libraries. Morrison says his worst problem is trying to manage traffic for the fastest growing county in the US with an increase of 30,00 to 40,000 people a year.
         Morrison feels a big accomplishment of his was setting up a program where he regularly meets with the people he serves at a time and place convenient for them. Once every quarter, he hosts a town hall meeting at Arcola, Fresno, Needville, Orchard, Kendleton, and  Beasley. He also attends Commissioner’s Court every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesday of the month at 1pm. The meetings are open to the public.
Morrison earned his bachelor’s degree from Baylor U. and graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1995. He and his wife Allyson, have lived in Ft. Bend Co. for 19 years where they are raising their five young children. They are active in Holy Rosary Catholic Church and many community activities.
Prior to becoming commissioner, in 2008,  Morrison was an attorney and an advocate for environmental and individual property rights. He used that expertise to fight for ordinary families who work hard and play by the rules. In private practice, Richard handled litigation to protect Texas families and small business owners from their own government and bring balance to the system while learning that most levels of Texas Government, from TxDOT to the TCEQ, are unresponsive and sometimes hostile to the average citizen and small business. He opposed the $6.2 million dollar CAD building. He is a board member for the YMCA, charter member of the Sons of the American Legion, on the Advisory Board of the Richmond State School, a board member of the Central Ft. Bend Chamber Alliance, and on the Advisory Board of the Mental Health Public Defendant's Office.
Morrison says, “I really enjoy the job and  I encourage everyone to come to ‘Commissioner on the Corner’ meetings and bring their questions, complaints, and suggestions.”

A call from John Riley: John called to say I didn’t  mention that Mrs. Bailey’s 91st birthday was on October 4th 1923. He remembers the day because in 1955, John was born on October 4th. 
New Road 2 Country Gospel Concert
 Nov 2nd, @ 10:45am and @ 6pm at First Baptist Church Fresno.
4501 FM 521  more info 281 431 4244
They are good folk from Tennessee; sound good to. Hope to see you there.
Almeda Moe
Moe called his wife, “Darling, it's me. I don't want to alarm you but I was hit by a car as I was leaving the office.  Mary Jane brought me to the hospital. They  ran some tests and did some x-rays and I don’t have any internal injuries except for three broken ribs. The bone in my right leg broke through the skin and they think I might have to have my left foot amputated. Honey did you hear me?” Honey replied, “Yes Moe. I heard you. Tell me who is Mary Jane?”

A day to “Pray without ceasing. And “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you,” (regardless of how the election turns out.) I Thessalonians 5:17 & 18,

In Communist China
     Sermons  must be approved. In Houston?
    In Houston the mayor subpoenaed pastors to send their sermons and the communications to their members to be reviewed by the city. Enjoy your religious freedom before it is gone and pray for those who are being persecuted. International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Believers Nov. 2nd

     I sneaked a peek in the attic and there was a guitar. My brother and I had both asked for a guitar for Christmas. If I didn’t get it that meant my parents didn’t love me. I was all prepared to feel sorry for myself. With no musical ability, I soon lost interest, my brother inherited the guitar, and I had nothing. The point of this story? When we ask God for something, do we miss out on some good stuff because we don’t trust Him that He will give, or not give, what is always best for us?
      Three year old Amy Carmichael heard about Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given you.” That night she asked God to give her blue eyes, but when she woke up her eyes were still brown. God didn’t answer her prayer but then she thought when Mama says “no” that is an answer. Later as a missionary in India she realized how fortunate she was to have brown eyes and was thankful God did not answer with a yes. When we add, “nevertheless not my will but thy will be done” to our request, it shows we trust Him regardless of the answer. God is good and wise. Why would we ever want our will if it is not his will?

Vinson Library/Multi-Center
3810 West Fuqua 832-393-2120 Open Tue. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs 12-8 Fri. 1-5 Sat.
Multi-Center open Mon. –Fri.

Sienna Branch Library
8411 Sienna Springs Blvd. 281-238-2900 International Games Day from 2 to 3 pm on Nov. 15. Gaming of all types at the library encourages patrons to interact with a diverse group of peers, share their expertise with others, and develop new strategies for gaming and learning. It provides opportunity for families to connect with the educational, recreational, and social value of games.

Just Venting
Thieves are not breaking into our homes at night anymore. My husband is a heart transplant patient. He was due for an MRI test at Methodist Hospital. We left at 7:30am and came back home at 1pm. My husband went into the house to find our home had been vandalized. They broke in through the front window, the second time thieves came and helped themselves out to our belongings. The police said, “No fingerprints, can’t do nothing, sorry.”
Today we felt like going for a ride. I was checking all the houses in Meredith Manor, where we’ve lived for the past 41 years. All the houses have burglar bars. To me they looked like birdcages. I thought, “It’s the thieves that should be behind bars, not us.” People, it’s time to stand for what is right and fight for what is ours, because “united we stand, divided we fall.” Amen – Pray, pray, pray.
Jesus will fight my battles and I will be at peace. 
Exodus 14:14                                                       Martie M

Most people don’t want to plan on the final trip for themselves or for the people they love. That is why we are easy prey for the funeral home industry. Learn a few facts before you need them: When you first call a funeral home to pick up the body, get right then, what they charge for that service and what they charge for embalming, so they can’t increase the price or make an additional charge if you decide to go with a different funeral home. Check with three funeral homes before deciding. Your best prices will be with independent homes that are not part of a big corporation. Funeral homes are required  to give you a general price list, for you to keep, listing 16 specific items and services, before you make the arraignments. The less you tell the funeral director the better off you are. Tell them how wonderful the person was, how much you love them and the price starts going up. Don’t tell them you intend to shop for a casket until you get the total bill in writing (with their casket price), then its ok to let them know you will supply your own. This is the only true way to realize your savings. If they change any initial prices, then call the FTC, because that is highly illegal! Federal Trade Commission: 877-382-4357.
The law requires the funeral home to accept caskets bought elsewhere without additional charge. If you buy a casket direct, find out if the company charges to deliver.
 If your loved one is still alive, the funeral home knows you have time to shop around and will give you their best price.
 This information came from Sidney Webb and his website. He and his family started Webb Caskets after the sudden death of their father. They  found out how some funeral homes take advantage of people. When we are rushed and emotional we are not apt to be concerned about a few thousand dollars until later. For more info go to, or call him at 713-834-2453.

Back Yonder In Almeda
Pick up a copy of the history of the Almeda area at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News
 P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info

October 2014

         Former students of San Jacinto High School toured their old alma mater on Sept. 6th to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the school built in 1914. At first a Jr. High, it became a high school in 1923 where most students from Almeda and Fresno got their final years of schooling.
         They attended classes with students like Glenn McCarthy, remember the famous hotel he built?,  Walter Cronkite, actress Gale Storm, Howard Hughes Jr., Kathy Whitmire, Yolanda Flores, A. J. Foyt, and Denton Cooley.
Dr. Cooley, who graduated in 1937, gave a speech to the alumni and guests. Although 94 years old, he was not the oldest person attending as a 1933 graduate was there. The last class to graduate was in 1970.
 Some of the former students from Almeda to attend were Dorothy Pyburn Chesser, Kay Thorp Mizell, Caroleen Dozier Bashara, Judith Scott Navarro, Ruth Risenger Duff, Patti Sue Roco Parker, Emma Jean Ray Boger, Earnest/Nancy Bastian, Gene Scott ( Judith's brother), John Breckenridge, and Howard Bruce the former minister of Almeda U. M. Church.
HCC did a $60 million renovation leaving the outside of the school, the auditorium and gym looking the same, but larger class rooms, tables instead of desks, smart boards instead of black boards, computers, a modern gym  and seating area's all over in little nooks in every hallway, instead of lockers. The alumni are asking for donations to landscape the front area of the school which is on the National Registry of Historic Places. You can buy a brick for $250 or a bench for $500 and help make San Jac a Houston showplace at 1300 Holman,    
Fort Bend County is the fastest growing and most diverse county in the country. A population of 652,365 is expected to increase to 780,000 in the next five years and by 2040 to 1.1 million. Toll Brothers, a luxury home builder, plans to build 6,500 homes in the next 15 to 20 years on 3,700 acres just south of Siena Plantation. The outlet for those homes will not be onto 521 which is already crowded, although according to Fort Bend County Commissioner Pct. 1, Richard Morris, plans have been approved to widen 521 from Hwy. 6 to FM 2234. Estimated completion date is three years. 
Work on Fresno Trammel Road  is expected to be completed in June of 2017. Four lanes and a continuous left turn lane will help the flow of traffic. There will be sidewalks from Hurricane Lane to South Post Oak.

 AT SIENNA BRANCH LIBRARY  8411 Sienna Springs Blvd
 Oct. 25th at 2pm
             NASA launched Apollo 11 to the moon 45 years ago. What exactly did it take to accomplish this successful, history-making mission? Hear a behind-the-scenes account from one of the NASA scientists who helped make that dream a reality.
          In the program “Have Rocket, Will Travel” retired NASA physicist Don Cooper will share his experiences creating the technology that helped launch Apollo 11 in 1969, and bring the Apollo 13 crew home safely in 1970. Cooper will also discuss the history of U.S. rockets, and his role in designing the Saturn V ascent guidance and trans-lunar targeting equations that would help make space travel possible.
          “Students do not know much about Apollo since it all happened before they were born,” says Cooper. “My objective is to show them how it happened, emphasize that education is essential, and show how math and physics solve real-world problems.”
          The program is free and open to the public. For more information, call the branch library at 281-238-2900

He Won’t Be Listed in Who’s Who But...
Terry James will be missed. Terry was often seen riding a bicycle in the heart of Almeda endearing himself to  many people with a wide sweep of his arm and slight bow as he graciously opened the door to Kountry Kubbard. He was quite often rewarded with a Dr. Pepper. Friends and strangers alike would buy him Dr. Peppers until his brother put out the word that they didn’t have room in the  frig for food because it was filled with Dr. Peppers. The empty cans and any he could find were recycled.         
Terry used his arms and hands to speak to people using sign language anybody could understand. Although once as a boy, his father was yelling at him. Terry ran and got a piece of paper and wrote. “You know I am deaf.”   He passed away at the age of 49, leaving his brother, Mark James, and many people who loved him. 

Almeda Moe
Moe saw an ad that said waking  up as you float down a river is a deal you can’t afford to miss, only $100. Moe went to the travel agent’s office. After he counted out $100, a man came up behind him and knocked him out. When Moe woke up he was in a barrel floating down the Brazos River. A few minutes he saw another man in a barrel. The man yelled, “Hey do they serve lunch on this cruise?” “I doubt it,” replied Moe. “They didn’t do it last year.”

A hi-rise construction worker unhooked his safety belt so he could reach a board. He lost his grip and fell 110 feet face down in a pile of dirt. When the paramedics arrived he was still breathing. They put him on a stretcher. With great difficulty and fear, he whispered, “Don’t drop me.”

Fresno Water Board will meet October 16th at the Mustang Community Center at 6pm. Rosa Medina has been appointed as vice president.
 FBC Commissioner Morrison, Precinct 1, will host a Town Hall Meeting in Arcola on Oct. 9th at Arcola City Hall at 13222 Hwy 6 start at 6:30 P.M.
Just 6 percent of the likely voters think Congress is doing a good job and 65% say they are doing a poor job. Only 25 percent of voters think their own member of Congress deserves re-election. So why do the same people get back in office? Here is a test: Who is your representative? Who are your senators? Are they Democrat or Republican? See answers in middle of page 4.
100,000 CHILDREN
 Sex trafficking in the United States uses 100,000 children. The average age of children drawn in is 12 to 14 years old. Houston is a major sex trafficking city. A documentary, In Plain Sight is available on DVD with stories of abolitionist fighting against sex trafficking and of women and children who are forced, coerced, or deceived into the commercial sex trade each year. Be informed.
Look for In Plain Sight at stores or type Documentary In Plain Sight on sex trafficking for a web site that has a trailer of the video.
Four locations in Texas, free to attend, invite a friend and join us!  Visit our website at for location information.


Theresa still does her own cooking and makes sure everything is rolling along properly at Bailey’s House of Guns which she and her late husband, Bill, established in 1954. She knows how to handle a gun and has bagged her fair share of wild game.
 She and Bill came to Almeda in 1950 and raised two sons, Butch and Bernard. Theresa  is one of the original members of the Friends of the Almeda Cemetery.

Friends of Sienna Branch Library 8411 Sienna Springs, Missouri City.  Quarterly Book Sale, October 16-18, All mystery and suspense novels will be two for the price of one.  In addition, thousands of other gently used adult and children’s books as well as CDs, DVDs, and videos will be available for purchase.  Sale hours are: Thursday, October 16, 6-8 p.m.,  Friday, October 17, 10:00 a.m.- 4 p.m., and Saturday, October 18, 10:00 a.m.-2 p.m.
In 1973, there were approximately 13,000 children, ages 5 to 17, being homeschooled in the United States. But according to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of the 2011-2012 school year, that number has grown to almost 1.8 million or approximately 3.4 percent of the school age population.
ROBERT BROWN passed away recently. He had moved to New Castle, PA in 1999 but he kept up with Almeda’s news every month.

         “Yes”, she replied. “Pray. Pray that… I don’t lose my faith.”
         Her faith was more important to her than regaining her strength, relief of pain, or life itself. But oh how easy for doubts to creep in when we are weak and hurting. Does God really care? Why doesn’t He help me? Is He really in control? Does He really exist?  The doubts are like evening wolves hungry to devour and destroy, attacking when we are weak.
Have you, like me, wondered how Christians under persecutions would  give up their homes and even their lives rather than deny their faith? Perhaps they realize there is nothing on this earth worth hanging onto without faith.
Faith is just believing what God says is true. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews  11:6  Faith is one of the fruits or the evidences of the Holy Spirit as also love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance. Galatians 5:22. We are kept by the power of God through faith...I Peter 1:5
 What a precious promise but make sure your faith is placed on the truth.  
William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army said, “The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regenerati

September 2014

Annual Fresno Volunteer Fire Department
BBQ & GUN RAFFLE FUNDRAISER              Saturday September 13th
Serving begins at 11 am. Raffle at 1pm.Call 281 431 2451 for details on raffle items. All proceeds go towards the purchase of LIFESAVING equipment.

         The crew of the Gotcha Pest Control, working with the District K city council office,  cleaned out the former Almeda Plaza clubhouse which was a haven for the bees.

Behind the Glen Iris subdivision, 65 homes were built, thanks to a donation of  land and “Oprah’s angel Network”, Habitat for Humanity for people left homeless because of the 2005 Katrina hurricane. In August 2014 a community center was completed for the residents.

Houston Libraries and Park Facilities Will Become Smoke Free September 2nd
We want the residents of our city to think of each library location as a safe, healthy, family-friendly and welcoming environment. These "No Smoking Zones" will help us meet this goal," states Dr. Rhea Brown Lawson, Houston Public Library Director.

The Houston Bar Association offers a FREE legal hotline called Legal Line
Call on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  The LegalLine Program has been available to Houston area residents since 1985. This hotline service allows constituents to access an attorney free of charge. For more information about the LegalLine Program, contact Lucy Fraga Fisher Cain with the Houston Bar Association at 713-759-1133 or via e-mail at
The above information came from the  District K e-newsletter. If you would like to contact Council Member Green call the Dist. K. office at 832 393 3016.

Almeda Elementary new principal Edward Cuevas was born in Chicago in 1973 and came to Houston five years later. His mother inspired him to go into the field of education. She has worked 25 years as a teacher’s aid and at the age of 63, she is studying to complete the hours needed for a degree.
Cuevas wife, his Reagan High School sweetheart, teaches pre-k and cares for their two daughters. Like her husband she is a U. of H. graduate.
Cuevas taught a bilingual class for grades 1st-4th for ten years, then for two years, he was the 6th grade assistant principal at Hartman Middle School before coming to Almeda. “I am excited,” he says, about the opportunities we have here to improve.”
‘A new beginning’ is the new Almeda school motto for Mr. Cuevas, Almeda’s  45 classroom teachers, and over 800 students. Cuevas agrees with what the principal at Hartman taught him, “I don’t have the power to change the world, but I have the power to change my school by providing effective leadership.”

         On September 9th and 16th meetings will be held at Arcola City Hall  for a budget hearing and a proposed tax rate. Now is the time to let your city council members know your concerns, not after they pass the budget and a new tax rate. Attend the hearings on the 9th and 16th.
         On September 29th Mayor Anderson will present the State of Arcola to the Sugarland Chamber of Commerce and let business companies know that Arcola can provide a good place to start a business.

Candidate for Justice of Peace
You can meet Karen Mendoza at the Mustang Community Center park 4521 Hwy. 521, on Sat. Sept 20th. She is running for Justice of Peace in Prec. 1 Place 2.

Debbie Johnson enjoyed reeling in this  7.03 pounds of speckled trout even though it wasn’t quite big enough to win  a prize.

Moe asked Bill Gates how he got so successful. Gates said that he surrounded himself with smart people. How do you know they are smart, asked Moe. I’ll show you, said Gates. Hey Charlie, if your parents have a child and it isn’t your brother or sister who is it? That’s easy said Charlie, it’s me. Moe went home and asked Fresno Joe. If your parents have a child and it isn’t your brother or sister who is it?  Joe didn’t know so he asked his friend, Jim. Jim replied, that’s easy, it’s me. Joe rushed back to Moe and said I know who it is. It’s Jim. No you idiot said Moe, “It’s Charlie! 

Sat. Sept 13,  10 am to 2:15 pm,  at Sienna Branch library. Full-length practice SAT test. Registration required. Go online at  (, click on “Calendar,” select “Sienna Branch Library,” and find the program or call the library at 281-238-2952 to register.

Hiram Clarke PIP meets at 4363 West Fuqua  2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Fresno Water Board  meets Sep.18th at  First Baptist Church Fresno 4501 Hwy. 521 at 6pm. 

National Night Out is the first Tue. in Oct.

Richard Harry Martini  February 11, 1925  August 1, 2014. A son of the German immigration into Texas, he left the farm life as a teenager to make his own way. He realized working for himself was the only way to accomplish what he wanted. His business began with a dump truck and long hours leading to numerous business concerns including the landfill off of Hooper Road. Three generations were involved in his life's work. Predeceased by his wife, Bette, and five of his six siblings, he is survived by  a daughter Nancy/Bob Cowan; son, Richard A./Lauren Martini; 4 grandchildren and 2 greats.

Charles Eugene “Bubba” Harrison
December 11 1954-August 3, 2014
Charles grew up in the Almeda area and was baptized at Almeda Baptist Church. A bat boy for the Houston Astros, he graduated from Madison High School where his primary interest was in FFA. Charles was also a Master Mason of the 32nd Degree, serving in the Bellaire Masonic Lodge. Preceded in death by his mother, Maxie Charlene Harrison, he is survived by his father, Gene G. Harrison, his wife, Linda Harrison of Katy, daughters: Trina Argo and Darlene "DD" Stordal; sisters: Pamela Harrison/Micheal Collum and Terry/David Nixon; numerous grandchildren, and a nephew. Please make any donations to Shriners Hospital Houston.

Beverly Jean Strauss died peacefully at home August 10, 2014. A past president of a senior women’s group at Almeda U. Methodist. She is survived by sons Robert and Tom; grandchildren Rachel, Reed, Jill, Chris, Strauss, Damion; greats  Rosie and Sean.

Jay Donald Monrad      1929 to August 2014
Jay grew up on a dairy. The dairy pasture later became Monrad street. For many years, he and his wife  traveled the U. S singing gospel songs. Predeceased by his parents Charlie/Audree, a daughter, Donna Jean, and a sister, Louise, Jay is survived by his wife, Opal; sister, Caroline Mayfield,  and four children.

Born October 20, 1933,  Elisabeth awoke from a coma, turned to her husband of 61 years and said, “I love you” with her last breathe August 17, 2014.
One of Almeda’s brightest students, Elisabeth attended Rice College (University now). She is survived by her husband, Gary, and three daughters.

AURORA VELA RIVERA January 7, 1941-August 15, 2014. The ninth of 12 children, Aurora learned to work hard as her father was a sharecropper. In 1984, she married Braulio Rivera. They lived behind Pyburn’s Grocery where she worked in the meat department for 20 years. Predeceased by eight of her siblings, she is survived by her husband, Braulio Rivera, children: Samuel/Elizabeth Mata Jr., Sylvia Mata, Joel/Velma Mata, Susanna Mata; twelve grandchildren and nineteen greats. She kept her faith.    

Ft. Bend ISD is asking voters on Nov. 4th to approve a $484 bond proposal. Register to vote 30 days before the election.
You can pick up registration applications at the library, city hall, and post offices.

Place a small roast beside a large roast in a pan. Turn heat to 350 degrees. When the small roast burns, the large roast is done.
            By Gracie Allen

         If you had the nicest house in the world, the car of your dreams, great health, fantastic job, the sweetest spouse, and almost perfect kids, would you be content?  Without all that nice stuff Hebrews 13:5 says, “Be content with such as you have.”
         Money runs out before the bills get paid, you got a cranky spouse, you have poor health and the Bible says BE CONTENT. Is that possible? It is if you take in consideration the rest of that verse which says, “for I will never leave you nor forsake you.” When we consider that Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, is with us, the importance of everything else fades by comparison. If we are discontented, griping and complaining, it is like saying, God, you, and all you do for me is not enough.

Akzo Nobel #1 on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
The DJSI is a means of establishing benchmarks for companies by which they could track and compare their social environmental and economic performance toward a more responsible business model, using sustainability endeavors to create more value with fewer resources which include people, as well as natural resources.   Among goals was the reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint by 25-30% by 2020. Boilers that have been in the plant since the 50’s were modified.  A heat recovery process is used to collect condensate and return it to the process, a project that yielded 30% in savings.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act,”             Dietrich Bonheoffer, he spoke against Hitler.

Pick up a copy of the history of the area of Almeda at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News
 P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info



         “Here is $100. When it is gone you forget about this idea of having a newspaper,” Cotton Andrews said. That $100 dwindled but this issue completes 20 years of Our News coming your way.
         In that first issue of September 1994, typed on a typewriter, the news was about Pastor Cannon at Almeda Baptist, Ann Harvey the principal at Almeda School, George Bush running for governor against Ann Richards and Debbie Johnson who had just completed 16 years of cutting hair in Almeda. Make that 36 years now.
Parker’s Hardware has been in business as a hardware store since the 40’s and I just found out after driving all the way to Hwy. 35 that Parker’s sells glass. Wish I had known before I drove 30 miles. Jason, who works at Parker’s says, “We give good customer service too.

Rosa Chapman stands in the doorway of the post office in 1935. The mail was delivered by a Greyhound bus, although in earlier years by train. The two-story house in back belonged to Mr. Fordyce who had also served as postmaster when the office was inside his store. Both buildings were located between what is now Pyburn’s and Kountry Kubbard. Between 1893 to 1959 the “office” was in several locations. After Houston annexed most of the area that was considered to be Almeda, the post office was moved inside the  Houston city limits in ‘59, taking the town of Almeda off the map.

         Edward Cuevas will be the new principal starting the school year at Almeda Elementary. Max Pope left for health reasons to return to South Carolina.
         I thank all the people who voted for me and I’ll be working to resolve their issues. I heard their concerns. To those who didn’t vote for me, I hope to win their confidence. If they have any questions I have an open door policy. Call and I’ll set up a time to meet.
Arcola will be getting a new city manager and  police chief. Rene Silva is serving as the interim police chief. Silva has about 14 years experience in police work and has been a full time officer in Arcola since January. Currently Arcola has five full time officers, one part time and one reserve officer. The City of Arcola is participating in the Fort Bend County Department of Social Services WALK WITH PRIDE SHOE PROGRAM.  Applications are available at Arcola City Hall; 13222 Highway 6; Arcola, Texas 77583.  Please turn in your name and telephone number to the staff in the front office.  Application deadline is August 1, 2014. 
Fresno property owners are paying 10 cents per 100 valuation to the water board. 75% of the tax has gone to pay off debt and 25% is used for expansion. The water board recently voted to reduce the debt payment to 50% and use 50% for expansion. The proposal will be on the ballot in November for the public to approve or reject.
The debt has been reduced and the fees for water cover all the cost to maintain the system.
A past operator put in some plastic lines to the meters. They will be corrected with copper lines as required. The next water board meeting will be held at the Fresno First Baptist Church next to Mustang Park on Aug. 21st at 6pm. The community center is being remodeled.
The Consumer Financial Protection bureau Agency is renovating their headquarters, which they rent. The estimated cost is $215 million to build a four story high glass staircase, a two story waterfall and a few other amenities like a sunken garden. If you get a chance to go to Washington DC, be sure and tell them you appreciate how they protect your of tax dollars.
 Coushatta Casino Trip
A bus will arrive at 7:30 am and return 7:30pm at the Mustang Center in Fresno for anyone over 21 years old for a $20 roundtrip to Coushatta on August 23rd. Must pay by Aug. 9th at Arcola City Hall. Call Doris Swetman at 832 641 1280.
Chevron Station on Anderson
Manager Mike hopes to open August 1st with a grand opening soon to follow.
Almeda moe 
Moe had a flat tire. He jacked up the car but when he bent down to take off the nuts he noticed something under the car so he crawled under the car to see what it was. His foot accidently knocked the jack over and the car fell on him. Moe was rushed to the hospital. “Thank goodness I just got insurance,” thought Moe. But then he got a notice from the insurance company that said, “Anybody who did what you did would have to be a moron. We consider that a pre-existing condition. Your policy does not cover pre-existing conditions.”
Look for a City of Houston program called Second Chance designed to put people to work, who can’t get a job because of a prison record.
Child Evangelism Fellowship
CEF is now in 188 countries reaching over 15,612,330 children around the world. CEF trains Christians how to reach children by conducting Good News Clubs in homes, apartments and schools. Training is also great  for parents and  Sunday School teachers. A training class starts August 9th from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Abiding Faith Methodist Church at 14300 Almeda School Road. The class is free and lunch will be provided but call Mary Walker at 281 235 2423 so she will know how many to prepare for.
Pregnant woman in need of help can call 800 974 3622 or go online to The center is located at 327 Garland Drive in Lake Jackson. If you shop at Kroger’s, you can help by enrolling in Kroger’s Community Reward  and designate the Pregnancy Help Center of Brazosport.
MIKE RODRIGUEZ JR.  passed away July 3, 2014. He had served as an Arcola Police Officer for 18 years.
TOM TUFFLY passed away July 6, 2014. Tom served many years as a member of  Arcola city council before and after he was elected mayor in May of 2006. Preceded in death by his wife, Nellie Frances, in June 6, 2012, he is survived by one son, Herbert Mckinzie and six grandchildren.
July 19, 1931—July 16, 2014
Shirley grew up in Almeda. She never had many luxuries, but a good woman blessed with a good husband and five fine children. Preceded in death by her husband, Elmer Wendt, a sister, Doris, and a brother, Buddy Rumfola, Shirley is survived by  Elmer Jr./Nita, Robert, Joe/Gail, William/Sandy, Dianna/Brian Brantley;  sister, Barbara; brother, Donald; 15 grandchildren, numerous greats, and great, great grandchildren.  
Born August 27, 1942, John went to be with his Lord and Savior  July 21, 2014. He was medically retired from the United States Navy in 1962, then  worked for Western Electric / Southwestern Bell for 35 years, retiring in 1997. He was a Charter Member and Chairman of the Deacons at First Baptist Church Fresno. John was instrumental in forming the Fresh Water Supply District No. 1, serving as it's president for 14 years. He is an Endowed Member and Master Mason in the Grand Lodge of Texas affiliated with Lodge Number 1295. Preceded in death by his daughter Beverly Bryant and granddaughter Natalie Davis, John is survived by his wife of 51 years, Carol Ann Borden, Sister, Bobbie Hatcher, Sons: John/Cyndi, Stephen/Vige; daughter, Jeannie Lea Neal, 10 grandchildren and 3 greats. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Food and Clothing Pantry at First Baptist Church Fresno, 4501 F.M. 521, Fresno, Texas 77545. 

         What right do you have to come before the Creator of the universe and ask for anything? One prayer Jesus approved of was, “God be merciful to me a sinner,” Luke 18:13.
         Jesus gave instructions to his disciples to pray “Our Father, who art in heaven…”Matthew 6:9. Have you ever thought about the privilege we have to call the all powerful, all knowing Creator, our Father? That right comes to us by way of the cross. When we believe in Jesus, and receive Him into our lives, he gives us the power or right to become the children of God...John 1:12. As a child of God, we have been invited to approach Our Father who dearly loves His children with our request in the name of Jesus. That name is like a key that unlocks the door to heaven. It doesn’t mean to just say, “in Jesus name” at the tail end of a prayer. It means to pray according to His character, according to His will trusting that an all wise and all good God will give us the best answer to our request even if the best answer in light of eternity might be no.
From the foot of the cross we can legally pray because it was there we are forgiven and cleaned from our sins.  
Quotes from Will Rogers
There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither works.
If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
Never miss a good chance to shut up.