September 2011


Did they pray for rain, Sue Hughes wanted to know. No they prayed for our nation. A theme song was Lord have mercy for we have placed our hope in Thee.

It was inspiring just seeing people from all races, backgrounds, ages, and cultural gathered together and joined in praise and worship of Jesus Christ while praying for forgiveness and asking God to help us as individuals to do what is right and to heal our nation.

         Madison High School’s new head coach is not exactly new. He has been coaching at Madison for 17 years. A graduate of Winona State University and avid fan of the Minnesota Vikings, Reinecke was advised that Texas was the best if he wanted to coach football.

In 1993, he taught at Tijerina El and coached at Holland Middle School. In ’94, he taught and coached at Black Middle School. Every week, he asked if there was an opening in a high school. Finally Ray Seals had an opening. Reinecke rode up to Madison on his motorcycle, long hair and a beard. Seals hired him in August 1995 as the offensive line coach.

After the regular football season, he is the power lifting coach and works with the HSPD program. Ray Seals had brought the NFL High School Player Development program to Texas. It has grown and is growing so he and Seals split Texas. Reinecke is the regional director for the 23 schools in Houston. The program teaches basic fundamental football and character development.

During the summer, Reinecke is the site manager of the Texans Youth Football CampThe kids get a Planner to learn how to organize their time. They also work on character development. SAT scores and UGPA are discussed and worked out. “Not every boy will go to college, but there is something out there for everyone,” says Reinecke who invites the National Guard to open up other opportunities.

Reinecke puts in a lot of hours doing the job he loves. It helps that Heather, his wife, understands. Her dad was also a coach. Raised in Chicago, Heather loves the Chicago Bears and now nine-year-old son, Brody has decided he is a Green Bay Packers fan. You can imagine what goes on in their house during football season.

Reinecke will continue to teach the boys how to be a man of character following in the steps of former coach Seals. The coaching staff take the kids as a team to different churches in the community where one boy might be a member.

The staff has two new members, Coach Pickett, from Sterling to work the defensive line and with the freshman. The quarterback coach is Coach Sowells from Rice, Bush and Lamar as their quarterback coach. Not only did Seals retire, Coach Barnes, who loved Madison retired after 38 years.

To kick off the ten games of the regular season, Madison played Pearland, a team that was the 5A Champion last year. The game was televised on Channel 57 August 25th. The last district game Madison plays will be Nov. 4th against Bellaire. Hopefully they will get to play six more games in the district playoffs. “We have high expectations this year,” says Reinecke.

For years our schools and universities have been turning out many intellectual giants who are void of godly wisdom. The have knowledge but lack understanding.
Human wisdom can be taught but godly wisdom comes from God. According to James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God….Solomon prayed in I Kings 3:9 that he might have understanding so as to rule his nation. He wrote in Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord gives wisdom...James 3:17 says wisdom is pure and peaceable.
Human wisdom leads to pride. Isaiah 5:21 says men become wise in their own eyes. Jeremiah 4:22-They are wise to do evil. Romans 1:21 When they knew God, they glorified him not as God... professing themselves to be wise they became fools …(25)and changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped the creature (or mother earth) more than the Creator. I Corinthians 3:19 says the wisdom of this world is foolishness.
Job 28:28 says the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.
Wisdom comes from the Spirit of God, but I Corinthians 2:14 says the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him. When a man comes to Jesus Christ that is changed.


Commissioner Richard Morrison is pleased to announce the opening of Fort Bend County Animal Services holding facility in Fresno. This new facility, located on FM 521, will offer a shorter response time for the east side of the county and will be a holding facility for the animals picked up. All animals will be taken back o the Rosenberg facility at the end of the day where they can be redeemed by their owners. Call the main office at 281-342-1512 or the website for services or to see if an animal has been impounded


While the private shallow, 50 to 100 foot deep, wells which have been tested in Arcola pass the Texas standards for drinking, most residents buy bottled water to drink. When Arcola does get their own well they will dig 400 to 600 feet to tap into a water aquifer. Aquifers are like underground rivers but they don’t run straight. The aquifer may be 400 feet deep in one spot then drop 50 to 100 feet a little further away as a mountain of rock might be blocking its way to the sea.

Many things have been worked out to have a public water system. Just one thing is lacking and that is money. Previous applications for grants have been approved but Texas Water Development and the USDA have not sent the money. EDAP or the Economically Depressed Area Program is totally dried up. No money or you might say it is economically depressed. Right now the city manager is reapplying for a grant from USDA which does have some money.

Arcola is also looking for citizens interested in getting on a zoning and planning committee for the city.


God gave me rest for my soul, because I did my best when I was put through so many test.
 Copyright By Emmaline Wiley
Matthew 11:28  Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
John 16:33, I Peter 4:12,13 and Psalm 116:6-9.


According to the U. S. Congressional Research Service 2009 publication R40872, we have more fossil fuel (oil) than China, Canada and Saudi Arabia combined.

In a US Geological Survey in 2011 America leads in fossil fuel equivalent with 1.324 trillion barrels-more than any other country. We have 28% of the world’s coal supply, more than any other country.

The Dept. of Energy released a report that the largest known oil shale deposits in the world are in the Green River formation in Co., Wy., and Utah in economically recoverable quantities ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 trillion barrels, enough to supply all we need for the next 400 years. In 1995 they estimated that the Bakken Oil Field in North and South Dakota and Montana had 456 million barrels of oil. Ten years later 4.5 billion barrels.
Does anyone know why we don’t drill?

Jones’s family Budget

The Jones family total income was $38,200. They spent $59,900. They added $21,700 new debt to their credit card so now they have an outstanding balance of $159,210. So they decided they needed cut their spending and agreed to a historic amount of $385 for the year.
Amount of new debt added to the credit card this Year:
Percentage wise you have what Congress has done this year with the US budget. Just add a bunch of zeroes.

Save $19 Billion Over Ten Years
The Department of Defense operates hundreds of grocery stores and dozens of elementary schools in the United States. These grocery stores are in the same communities that have Wal-Mart, Costco, Safeway, and other choices for military personnel. Instead of paying our soldiers more money and allowing them to choose where to shop, we subsidize thousands of federal employees to work in grocery stores around the country. Similarly, the Department of Defense employs thousands of teachers in a unique school district called the Department of Defense Education Activity. Under the Pentagon’s management, taxpayers are spending more than $50,000 per student enrolled in these schools.
It might seem as though Obama’s policies have failed if you look at the unemployment numbers, the increased national debt, down grading of our credit rating, more regulations preventing drilling for our own oil and a health care bill that has made businesses afraid to hire new employees and includes stuff life paying a real estate tax if you sell your house. But before you say his policies have failed consider the possibility that they are accomplishing his goal of “leveling the playing field.” Could that be another way of saying redistribution of wealth?

Star Parker, a black columnist, writes:
Maybe a real bonus that will have come from electing a black president is that blacks will take seriously Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream that we judge men by their character and not their color.

Tom Tuffly, Mayor Anderson, Tom Hilton stand below the street sign S. Post Oak Blvd.

It took over ten years but on July 25, 2011, the ribbon was cut as South Post Oak Blvd. is now ready for traffic from Hwy. 6 to McKeever Road.

Three lanes of concrete have also replaced the two lanes of asphalt on McKeever all the way to Steep Bank Trace. Arcola will have an increased tax base as the 211 acres of land owned by Jamie Griffith is developed. Griffith, the owner of Houston Southwest Airport gave the easement through his property and $500,000 for the construction of S. Post Oak Blvd which enhances the value of his property between McKeever and Hwy. 6. Besides his $500,000, Ft. Bend Co. spent $2 million.

There has been a long running disagreement between the City of Arcola and Griffith as to whether McKeever should curve into S. Post Oak which would more or less eliminate McKeever east of S. Post Oak. The city prevailed and there is a T intersection. According to city councilman, Tom Hilton, Griffith wants the part of McKeever Road which runs along side of the airport to be torn out so he can expand his runway allowing larger planes to use the public runway. He estimates the FAA has given Griffith $5 million to expand.

Hilton got involved when he found out his home just west of the airport would be bulldozed. As a private citizen he started asking questions and didn’t accept vague answers but dug into facts and records. Determined to save his home, he realized his only hope was working with Arcola. He ran for city council, has continued to be re-elected and is one of many citizens in opposition to the expansion of the airport.


For two decades Ray Seals coached the kids at Madison High School where several went on to play pro ball. The new couch, Patrick Reinecke, has some big shoes to fill.

Hot Air Out, Cool Air In
      The most basic thing you can do to keep your house cooler without air conditioning is to keep as much sunlight out as possible and let cooler air in at night. During the day, keep windows, drapes, blinds, or shades closed, especially on the southern and western sides of your home. If you have a porch, you can put up large plastic or bamboo shades to cut down on sunlight. For windows, use white or light colored window dressings or reflective slicks to cut down on light. At night, leave cabinets open as well, as they store heat from the day.

       Place fans in windows at night to bring more cool air in. Ceiling fans can also make a big difference. In terms of cooling, even a one-mile-per-hour breeze will make you feel three to four degrees cooler
      In terms of energy savings, if you run a ceiling fan full-blast for 12 hours, you will only spend about $10 a month in electricity. Set ceiling fan to blow down.
When the air is several degrees hotter outside than inside, shut your windows.

     Cool your home without air conditioning by placing a bowl of ice or a frozen gallon jug in front of one or more fans.

       Identify the appliances in your home that generate heat. Shut off as many electric appliances as possible. Try to use heat-generating appliances only during the coolest part of the day. Keep your electronics on a power strip for a quick way to “power-down” before leaving for the day.
       Fluorescent bulbs are cooler than incandescent bulbs. Turn off lights when not in use.
Humidity makes a room hotter. Do laundry early or late in the day. Take showers or baths during the cooler times of day. Invest in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid climate.
       Insulate Your Attic. A well-insulated attic, especially when an attic ventilating fan is used, is one of the best ways to keep heat out of your home.
       Plan out landscaping for your home. Have deciduous trees, trellises and shrubbery on the southern and western portions of your home. If you have AC these tips might help you to lower the cost.


        For two years the kids at Almeda Elementary have been looking forward to leaving the temporary buildings on Almeda Genoa Road and getting in their brand new building at the corner of Almeda School Road and Fellows Road. The school is “marvelous and well designed” according to the principal, Mrs. Cage. It is a “green” campus, with up to date technology. Instead of black boards they will have “smart” boards. There will be two detention ponds to collect excess water just in case it ever rains again. Almeda School Cont. from p. 1 Pre-K round up starts at 9am August 3rd. First come first served. New students K-5th can register August 8th– 12th from 9am-
                                                                                                     The north east corner of Almeda El.
noon.   Parents can meet and greet their child’s teacher Tue Aug. 16th for K-2nd and Aug 18th, Thur. for grades 2nd-5th.  The south east corner of the new building.

       New teachers are Maria Ambriz a PPCD teacher, Karen Bingo 2nd grade bi-lingual and Jorge Estebane also 2nd grade bilingual. Cage expects 750 to 800 children. She doesn’t expect to need waivers to allow more than 22 children in a classroom. Classes in the 5th grade on up are allowed to have as many children in the classroom as the principal deems necessary. New hours are 8 to 3 Mon. thru Fri.
      Bus service is available for kids at Canterbury Village and Summerland sub-divisions, but many parents will drive through the circular drive way to pick up their children. Mrs. Cage expects a lot of congestion at first so it might be a good spot to avoid at 3pm.

I'm such a rebel, with my 'non-tinted' windows. I swear, the govt. is way too involved in our lives. Building codes say I have to put tinted windows in my house to make it more energy efficient. Well, I happen to like to see out my windows. Besides, I have shade trees, and the only windows that even get direct sunlight are the ones that face south. You know, the ones that let more light in when the sun drops to the south in the winter ... when it's cold, and people want some extra heat from the sun.

Govt. regulations, won't somebody save us from idiocy ... oh yeah, Ron Paul. Please win!
By James Andrews


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
If Congress would respect the Constitution a lot of federal regulations would be eliminated.

Sienna Branch Library

KINDLES AVAILABLE TO CHECK OUT Beginning July 18, Fort Bend County Libraries will have a limited number of Amazon Kindles available for check-out at each of the branches in the library system. The Kindles come pre-loaded with more than 20 bestselling adult fiction and nonfiction books. “Anyone who is considering the purchase of a digital reading device – or eReader – may wish to check out one of the libraries’ new Kindles so that they can become familiar with how the technology works,” says Library Director Clara Russell. “eBooks give readers a whole new format in which to enjoy their favorite books and authors, and we are happy to incorporate this emerging technology into the libraries’ collection.”The Kindles come loaded with books by bestselling authors such as Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Jodi Picoult, Clive Cussler, and many others.

Florida is the first state that is now going to require drug testing to receive welfare!

Jesus is the Rock,
He is the Shepherd over the flock,
He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother, He is like no other.
I Corinthians 3:11 & 10:4, Ezekiel 34:23, I Peter 2:25, Proverbs 18:24
Copyright by Emmaline Wiley

      One unexpected finding from an IHS study was that “an increase in oil and gas activity reverberates throughout the broader economy,” said James Diffley, senior director of IHS Global Insight’s U.S. Regional Economic Group. “Each new hire (in the Gulf) results, on average, in more than three additional jobs in an array of industries around the country” – not just in the Gulf region
        July 21, 2011 in a study six months after the drilling moratorium there is a *250% increase in the backlog of deepwater plans pending governmental approval a*86% drop in the pace of regulatory approvals for plans * 60% drop in all GoM drilling permits * 38% increase in the time required to reach each regulatory approval required. This is the first in a series of studies IHS expects to conduct into the status of GoM oil and gas activity post-Macondo.
        If you need a job, ask the president and congress to find out what is the hold up which keeps Texans from drilling for oil in the Gulf.

         I have trouble getting past a hundred thousand so I checked to make sure. A trillion is 1,000 billion or one million millions. In Feb 2011, the White House released budget documents estimating the revenues as $2.174 trillion and estimated expenses at $3.819 trillion. That means they want to go in the hole one trillion and 645 billion. The solution: borrow more money. The problem: we paid $418,954,825,362.17 in interest last year. That is almost $419 BILLION in interest.
         Let’s see one billion is 1,000 million. To most of us peons one million is a lot of money, but not to our government. I think if they got a few bargain shopper housewives who know how to balance a checkbook to work for them, they could reduce spending by 1,000 billion here and there.

        It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
Thomas Jefferson


       “I am so proud of my group at the Hiram Clarke Multi-Center,” says Terry Garner who is in charge of the 11 community garden centers in Houston.
        The seniors have a garden to be proud of. Three raised beds (one 45x4 feet, and two 22 feet x 4 each) produced approximately 15 pounds of lettuce, 15 lbs. beans, 75 lbs. cucumbers, 17 lbs. egg plant, 15 lbs. squash, 25 lbs. of okra and 125 pounds of nice tomatoes not to mention gobs of sage, rosemary, parsley, cilantro and peppers. They circled four small trees with cantaloupe plants and harvested 24 pounds. They are still harvesting egg plant, okra, and herbs. These seniors water every morning. One thing you will be hard pressed to find is a weed.

         They don’t need Terry to encourage them. They encourage Terry the way they have participated. Terry just offers the knowledge of a Master Gardner and will soon get the certificate to go with the knowledge.
          He maintains the worst pest in the garden is weeds and the best fertilizer is your shadow at work. He also recommends Micro-Life organic fertilizer which is expensive, about $30 for a 40 lb. bag. To control insects without pesticides use diluted dishwashing detergent, garlic juice, citrus oils, tea bags and herbs. The seniors have herbs planted right beside the vegetables except for mint. Mint needs to be isolated otherwise it will take over the whole garden.
           It won’t be long before the seniors will be planting fall crops such as turnips, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, English peas and especially mustard greens in time for a Thanksgiving harvest.
          Most of the above can take a light frost and spinach can take a 19 degree hard freeze. Turnips actually are sweeter after a light frost.

Notes for this information were taken from a talk by
.By John Mc Arthur

         False salvation –does not have the Holy Spirit.(Jesus Christ died and took the punishment for what we have done wrong. He conquered death and is alive. When we receive Jesus, He sends the Holy Spirit of God to guide us . We know we have true salvation iif we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is love, joy, peace etc. Galatians 5:22 & 23. You can have the Holy Spirit and yet allow the following things to steal joy.)

          Satan & demons (yeh... they are real and so is evil. Evil is live spelled backward.)

          Inadequate understanding of God’s sovereignty. God is in control of all things. Some of those things are bad but work for our good.

         Prayerlessness which leads to frustration instead of dependence on God.

         Low after spiritual high

         Emotion controlled by circumstances of world and materialist concern


         Forgetfulness—forget what we are saved from and the past love and help we have received

         Dissatisfaction with earthly condition

          Fear (lack of trusting God)

          Uncontrolled feelings-control your feelings by telling yourself what to feel instead of listening to yourself.

       Morbid self analysis

       Self centered (You’ve heard of joy in serving others)

       Guilt—can’t forgive yourself (Got a higher standard than God?) All of these things rob us of the joy we should have as beloved children of God, our Savior, Friend, and Creator. Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and power and glory. In Jesus name Amen.


      It isn't enough to sign a bunch of papers establishing an estate plan and other end-of-life instructions. You also have to make your heirs aware of them and leave the documents where they can find them.

      At least 10 states have been investigating whether some of the country's largest insurers are failing to pay out unclaimed life policies to beneficiaries. Insurers say under policy contracts, they are required to pay a claim when beneficiaries come forward. You can avoid such problems by securing important documents and telling your family where they are stored.

      The financial consequences of failing to keep your documents in order can be significant. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, state treasurers currently hold $32.9 billion in unclaimed bank accounts and other assets. (You can search for unclaimed assets at .)

       Most experts recommend creating a folder of documents that family members can access in case of an emergency, so they aren't left scrambling to find and organize a hodgepodge of disparate bank accounts, insurance policies etc. Store the documents with your attorney, lock them away in a safe-deposit box or keep them at home in a fireproof safe that someone else knows the combination to.

Sometimes people hold onto so many papers that loved ones can't find the important ones easily.

Proof of Ownership You should keep documentation of housing and land ownership, cemetery plots, vehicles, stock certificates and savings bonds; any partnership or corporate operating agreements; and a list of brokerage and escrow mortgage accounts. If you don't tell your family that you own such assets, there is a chance they never will find out. Mr. Moseley says in such an event, clients must perform their own detective work, watching the mail for real-estate tax bills or combing bank accounts for interest payments, for example. File any documents that list loans you have made to others, since they could be included as assets in an estate. Similarly, keep a list of any debts you owe to avoid surprising your family. Wills and living trusts generally are drafted to include provisions for how debts should be settled, and creditors have a stipulated period of time in which to file a claim against the estate. Make the most recent three years of tax returns available, too. Looking at last year's returns offers a snapshot of what assets a person has. Cont. next month