January 2015


Just moments before this picture, Jacey had been terrified of the waves that kept crashing over her. But, clinging to her dad, in his arms....her face says it all. The waves didn't stop crashing. The current didn't stop pulling everything back out to sea. But her fear was replaced with joy because of her father. I needed this reminder tonight. The waves aren't gonna stop, the current isn't going to let up...but in the arms of my Heavenly Father, my fear for what this life has to offer can be replaced with joy as I cling to Him, trusting that He holds me secure. "I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely." Psalm 63:8              by Jenny Blackmon


By March 29, 1893, Almeda had a population of almost 50 people so James Hicks filed an application for a post office. He listed the surrounding post offices as Houston, 11 miles northeast, Manvel 8 miles southeast and Duke, 8 miles southwest. Pearland and Fresno post offices were established later.


Police are in the news like never before, but the news media seem to pick and choose certain events. Did you hear about the honor roll college kid in San Antonio that got shot by an officer who was out of his district? It seems the events that can be used to stir up the most animosity toward the police are reported, leading to what?

Solzhenitsyn, who was confined to a Communistic labor camp, wrote how Lenin began bringing all law enforcement under central control. Prisons were changed from just housing criminals into forced labor camps. Their constitution was trashed and anybody who broke existing laws or vocalized disagreement with communism, Lenin, or Stalin were sent to the camp. The prisons couldn’t hold all the dissidents so they worked/starved them to death to make room for more. From 1917 to 1959, during their internal repression an estimated 66 million lives were lost.
In our country there is increased centralized government into all aspects of our lives. Health care, education, and now a push toward federal control of police officers starting with sensitivity training. What kind of national training comes next? Have you noticed the trend toward black uniforms of all police departments? And now body cameras that can take a picture of everyone they stop. It is easier to correct local corruption than federal corruption.


A Houston city ordinance in 1865 stated that all idle persons within the city limits without visible means of support and making no exertion to obtain a livelihood by honest employment, and all persons who may be found begging loitering or strolling about the city streets and all persons found sleeping in pubic places or on private property without permission of the owner shall be deemed offenders against the peace and good order of the city. They shall be arrested and examined. If found obnoxious to the ordinance they shall give a bond of not less than $100 or more than $500 to be kept for 12 months or they shall be adjudged to work and labor on the public works for six to 18 days. This shall not apply to sick or decrepit persons unable to do manual labor.

Now, 150 years later, if that ordinance was in effect the city would have hundreds of people to do public work. Instead, the homeless can go to different locations and get enough help to allow them to continue their own lifestyle. A young man in his 30’s, who was a business major in college said “I don’t have any money but I can always find food to eat, like the BBQ he was eating provided by a church group that night.

About two hundred hungry men, and a few women were getting a hot meal, and an opportunity to pick out some warm clothes, get their phones charged, use the organization’s address to get mail and attend an outdoor worship service.

The business major had taken a nap during worship service. He wasn’t concerned about the future, but was he worried about sleeping outside? To him it was an extended camping trip, which even some rich people prefer. If they are murdered there would be a big write up in the paper. What about the poor people? “Oh yeh they get killed too, but there will just be a small blurb written about them,” he explained.

While we were talking another man told his friend that all their stuff had been stolen. In spite of the risks, some like their freedom loving, adventurous life style; others just need a helping hand until they can get back on their feet. They are worth it all.

Almeda Moe

A cocky young guy got out of his fancy car at his favorite bar when he saw Moe’s Uncle Stu standing by a puddle of water with a fishing pool. “What you doing ol’timer?”he asked. “I’m fishing,” replied Uncle Stu. The young man felt sorry for the ‘old fool’ and said, “Come on in, I’ll buy you a drink.” As they sat at the bar drinking a beer, he couldn’t resist asking Uncle Stu how many fish he had caught. Stu quietly replied, “You are the sixth one tonight.”


Bobby Rose shot this 20" wide - 8 pointer in Rosharon, on November 30, 2014. Bobby owns Champion Foundation Repair.


The new police chief, Fred Bell, wants citizens to know of three ways to contact the police. 1. Call 911 – If it is an emergency and you need an officer to respond immediately, or If you see a crime occur and want to report it when it happens. 2. Call 281 341-4665, a non-emergency number for the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch center, if you want to speak to an officer regarding a police matter and crimes that are not in progress, and non-emergencies. 3. Call 281 431-5205. This is the Arcola PD main line. Call if you need general information (ex: general questions, pick up report information, accident information, comments or concerns regarding the police department). This number may not be answered when you call if the officers are out of the office. You can leave a message and when the officer returns to the office, the messages will be checked. DO NOT call this number if it is an emergency!!DO NOT call this number if you want to speak with an officer immediately or if you want one to respond in a short time.

Teach children the Bible and you might hear something like what five-year-old Journey Rose said, “Mom, remember, when you have a bad attitude, you don't shine bright. Say this verse with me...Let your light so shine before men...." 

You think you know me
My every care
How I should feel
As if you were there
How I wish I knew
That part of me
You think you know
‘tis not to be
by Shirley Munke

Daring to Change
A Recovery Support Group
Meets 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00 p.m. Abiding Faith UMC
14300 Almeda School Road
Recovery can and does happen!

Vinson Library
3810 W. Fuqua 832 393 2120 closed Sun. & Mon.
Multi-center open Mon. thru Fri.

Sienna Branch Library
8411 Sienna Spring Blvd 281-238-2900 FAFSA: Financial Aid for College,” on Sat., Jan.10th, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step toward receiving federal or state financial aid for college.

Worksheets can be downloaded from FAFSA’s webpage, http://www.fafsa.ed.gov. The actual application form may be completed online and submitted electronically, or submitted by mail.
Call 281-238-2952 to register for computer classes held at 10am on Jan. 6th, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th 21st, 22nd, 27th & 28th
Microsoft Excel for Spanish-Speaking Adults, Jan. 29th ,10am

TOM MAPLES 1995-2014
Tom passed away Nov. 30, 2014. As long as he was able Tom served many hours in the Almeda U. Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife, Shirley, three sons and numerous people who appreciated his ardent service.
His burial was at Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Sue Irvin Mize
, 89, Services, were held Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at the Wallis United Methodist Church, in Wallis, Texas
See more at: http://www.legacy.

Betty Ruth Wetherill Husser 78 passed away December 11, 2014 in boulder, CO. Betty graduated from San Jacinto High School in 1955. Preceded in death by her brother Tommy Wetherill and grand daughter Crystal Lehew, Betty is survived by two sons: Tommy and Richard and one grandson. 

Prickly Pear Cactus Pie Instructions

It is very tasty!