Our News June 2012

Happy Father’s Day June 17th


Never heard of Agenda 21? That is because it will be worked out easier if you don’t know about it until it is too late. Actually it is already happening little by little.

Agenda 21 a plan for every person on this earth and it is a plan that puts the control in the hands of a few people. Hard to believe? Just keep sleeping. The full text of Agenda 21 was revealed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), held in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt the program. The number 21 refers to an agenda for the 21st Century.

The UN describes it as quoted: "Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level."

On June 9, 2011 our president signed EXECUTIVE ORDER 13575 and established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). This new administrative body is responsible for federally coordinating and implementing sustainable and green development locally. Here is an excerpt from EO 13575:

Section 1. Policy- Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead. Sounds good but in order to achieve these sustainable goals the UN Agenda 21 will erode property rights and make America submissive to foreign bureaucrats.

Notice how many recently locally passed laws already affect our private property. Who decides what is an endangered species or harmful to the environment, and what kind of plants a business has to plant. We better elect officials who understand what is going on. Learn all you can about Agenda 21.


Evelyn Jones was sworn in as the new mayor after receiving 62 votes. The incumbent Mary Anderson received 46. Effie Jones is the new city council member with 45 votes. Tom Tuffly held on to his seat with 37 votes, Martinez got 29 votes, Burton, 33, Abarr 36.

Results for Fort Bend County School Board Pos.7

Rosenthal 4,171; Gary 3, 306 and Rodrigo, 504.

Fresno Water Board

Borden, Stoneham, and Casher all retained their seats


James Wark called the Arcola police after being notified that someone was on his property. Officer Mike Rodriquez told James the guy would probably return, then he notified the next shift to be on the look out.

The guy had put a stack of scrap, Wark had saved, by the fence. Wark loaded the stuff in his truck and then he went inside his trailer. Sure enough, at 4:30 am, the guy came back and jumped the fence. As he threw stuff across the fence, Wark called the police, “burglary in process.” The officer asked if Wark could see the license plate? Wark got the number, and then asked the guy, what was he doing. The young man replied that he was just leaving. Wark pointed a gun at his head. “The guy could have won and academy award for the surprised look he had on his face,” said Wark.

He denied doing anything wrong and then fell to the ground, holding his chest. He asked Wark to get his heart medicine out of his truck. Wark knew about heart attacks. He had had a heart attack several years ago and pronounced dead nine times. Instead of falling for that trick and giving the guy a chance to escape, Wark’s gun followed the guy’s head. Wark has played similar parts in movies but this was different. No retakes. It seemed like 30 minutes to an hour, but it was only three or four minutes before Officer David arrived followed by Fort Bend Co. constables.

“Well hello, Jeremy,” said the officer.

Jeremy had gotten out of jail about a month ago. When the officer handcuffed Jeremy, he protested, “I didn’t take anything besides I can’t go to jail.” . he protested, “I didn’t take anything besides I can’t go to jail.” And why can’t you go to jail?

“ Today is my 21st birthday. I got a birthday party to go to.”

“Oh, in that case, happy birthday” said the officer, as he helped Jeremy into the squad car.

Let’s hope that Jeremy will learn some things that will help him have many happy birthdays like Carmelene.


Carmelene Ihrig celebrated her 97th birthday April 20, 1915. Carmelene was known as the Mrs. Cleaver of TV fame. She was very active at the Almeda Baptist Church, the Lions Club and other organizations since moving here in 1949. She is now residing at Park Manor Nursing Home 11910 Richmond Ave. Houston 77082 if you would like to send a card or call her at 281-497-2838. She still loves to talk.


The board of trustees decided to have all staff and faculty sign a pledge that they will refrain from drugs, alcohol, adultery, and homosexuality. About two dozen employees protested the requirement but the students are in favor of it.

Freeze Dried Food-What is it

First off, FDF is not dehydrated food. Dehydrated food is heated and a lot of nutrients and flavor are destroyed. Have you ever ate dehydrated broccoli- how about okra, yuk!

Freeze drying locks in nutritional valve, taste, color and freshness. It starts with fresh food which is cleaned, sliced and flash frozen. Then 98% of moisture is removed by vaporizing the ice. The food is sealed in moisture and an oxygen proof can to ensure freshness. When ready to eat, restore with water and it regains the original flavor and nutrients.

One can eat many of the fruits and vegetables straight out of the can without replacing the water. It us a perfect way to build a food inventory for a unforeseen emergency because many of the foods have a 25 year shelf life.                                                                  By Bob Keyworth
To find out more or order Freeze dried food call 281-431-2216 and talk to Bob.
Thanks for the calls to say that Ida Cagle is also survived by Susan Cagle. her daughter.

Bruce McLendon called to say “I think it is awesome that people still have faith and will write about it. I don’t read much but I appreciate the piece The Greatest Man in History. Keep doing what you are doing.” Thanks Bruce for the encouragement. I needed it.

Holy without no man shall see the Lord.
Without a doubt, I will shout it to the world. By Emmaline Wiley
Hebrews 12:14 “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.”

Chances are if someone says you are holy, they are being sarcastic. I asked a friend if she was holy. She asked what do you have to be to be holy? When I told her another word for holy is pure, she replied, “Heaven’s no. None of us are pure.”

Yet in the Old Testament, Lev. 11:44 it says “ye shall be holy for I am holy.”
The command is repeated in I Peter 1:16 : “Be ye holy for I am holy”
So what is the deal? Is God telling us to do something that none of us can do?

He also says to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and a fewhundred other things that none us can do. The harder we try to be holy, it seems the results are that we become more obnoxious until we realize just how unholy we are. So what is the point of knowing what God wants us to do if we can’t do it. I believe the answer lies in the one word: humility. His commands forces us to admit we don’t measure up to his standards. Admitting I’m a sinner doesn’t exactly make me feel good but it is the first step in realizing my need for forgiveness and receiving the power to do what is right. Jesus took the punishment we deserve. His action provides a holy God to be merciful and yet just in forgiving us. But the ability to live the way HE commands us, requires his power which comes to us through Christ who sends the Holy Spirit to live in us. As we allow the Spirit to guide and direct us, we too can be “holy as HE is holy.” Accepting the gift of mercy is a one time decision but yielding to the Holy Spirit is a decision we make every 30 seconds or so.


Speaker: Barbara McGinity of the Better Business Bureau, consumer Education Dept. will be speaking on Fraud and scam issues and how to prevent and report problems of concern. The event is June 5th at 10am at the Almeda United Methodist Church, Almeda School Rd @ Fellows Rd in the memorial bldg during the Almeda Seasoned Citizens monthly meeting.

Everyone is invited to come. Phone Frances Woodruff at 713-433-2114 if you can stay for lunch.


KHCB is a commercial free radio station that provides Christian music and programs at 105.7 FM in English, in Spanish at 1400 AM., & in Vietnamese at www.mytnpa.org. For programs in Chinese and other stations in English go to www.KHCB.org or call 713-520-5200 to have a copy of all their programs mailed to you free of charge. I’ve listened to KHCB for 50 years and never been asked to donate a dime.


Texas Coastal CattleWomen will be sponsoring with Pyburn's Meat Market. This year the winner will receive $100.00 worth of Beef. The contest will start on June 9th. and end on Friday night at 8 p.m. on June 15th. Winner will be notified by phone and must be able to come and pick out the Beef for your love one on that Friday.

Texas Coastal CattleWomen will host a Hamburger Cookout on the June 16th. at 3 p.m. at the Fisher House at the DeBakey Veterans Hospital. The Fisher House is a home on the Hospital Grounds where family members of Veterans can stay while they visit their love ones . The Texas Coastal CattleWomen try several times a year to send gift cards, stamps and Beef Jerky to the soldiers to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice to keep our country free.


RICHARD SCEARCE JR, 60, passed away May 4, 2012. Preceded in death by his parents Richard and Rosemary, he is survived by his wife and two children.

EILEEN MARIE BOWEN born August 4, 1934 passed away May 22, 2012.

EDDIE GARZA, 74, born November 22, 1937 in San Antonio, Texas went home peacefully to be with his Lord on April 26, 2012 at his home in Houston. He served in the U.S. Army for five years before marrying his beloved wife, Hilda Guerra, and starting a family. He graduated from U of H in 1970and began his professional career as an accountant in the oil and gas business for 23 years. He lived a faithful life to the Lord, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7. Well done, good and faithful servant! Matthew 25:23.
He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Hilda Garza; three sons Tim (Tracy), Victor, Dean (Alison), daughter-in-law Shelly Garza; 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. He loved playing his favorite card game, "Crazy 13."
Ed, Hilda and their sons were former residents of Briarwick and attended Anderson Road Baptist Church where he served faithfully as a deacon.

HAROLD GODDARD RAYNOR JR. 79, went to be with the Lord on May 22, 2012. He was born April 4, 1933 in Westfield , New York , a veteran of the U S Army, serving in Korea. He worked for 30 years for the United States Postal Service in Houston. He was a Deacon for Almeda Baptist Church, founding member and Deacon of Fresno Baptist Church, Deacon of Martindale Baptist Church in Little Rock, member of Fellowship Bible Church. He is survived by his loving wife of 53 years, Carolyn Louise, children, Robert, (Gayla) Sandy and Jennifer Hacker, 4 grandchildren and one great all of Little Rock.

William "Bill" A. Summers, 86, born September 3, 1925 in Huntsville, Texas entered into eternal rest May 25, 2012. For many years Summers owned and operated the Almeda Lumber and Building Materials store on Almeda Road. Preceded in death by his parents and sister, Anabel Dorrell, he is survived by his wife, Geraldine "Jerry" Summers; children: Janet/Kenny Sibley, Sheryl/Ed Von Ruff; grandchildren:

GWEN BATES  waves goodbye to all the people who have known her for the last 25 years at the Almeda Branch Post Office on Fuqua. After 32 years working in the postal service she is ready to stay home.

She wasn’t going to get away without a hug and best wishes from a long time customer, Mr. Jackson.

Jackson knows how to conduct an interview. What are you going to do? “I’m going to work in my flower beds, read, volunteer in a nursing home, watch my movies, (She has 250 some of which have never been opened.) and I am going to enjoy life,” Gwen replies. Her family? Her husband, one college son, and her mom will get a lot more attention. Gwen will be going to Denver, CO more often than just spending her birthday, with mom.

Her co-worker, Ellise Mayberry, is smiling through her tears. Gwen’s only regret is leaving the customers she has come to love and fellow employees. She won’t be dropping by very often.

We all wish you the very best Gwen. You have earned a good retirement. but once in while think about us as we will remember you.


Several years ago, I wrote an article with that title. Today when I was moaning about my aches and pain, my sister-in-law reminded me, with a slightly sarcastic tone of voice “That pain is good,” although she didn’t agree with me.
But without pain how would we know something is wrong? We finally agreed pain is “necessary.”

Vinson Library
3810 West Fuqua Call 832 393 2120 for info on other programs. Open Tue. 10-6, Wed. 10-6, Thurs.12-8, Fri. 1-5, Sat. 10-5. Closed Sunday and Monday. web site www. houstonlibrary.org

Sienna Branch Library 8411 Sienna Springs Blvd at 281-238-2900.
Camp Teen Computer Classes 2pm June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th.
Nutrition Series Thur. 6:30-7:30 pm June 7, 14, 21,& July 5, 12,& 19th.
Social Networking June 27th 10 am
Learn How to download eBooks to Kindle June 19th Tue. 10am
Get it Free We. June 6th 10am
High School StudentActivities 2pm Sat
Teen Programs Thur. 2pm
Grades 1-5 Tue. 2pm
Pajama Night Mon 6:30pm
Pre-school 10 - 11:15 every Wed.
Toddler Time Thur. 10-11:15
Mother Goose Time every Tue. 10am.
Adult Computer Classes 7pm June 7th, & June 12th (repeated June 13th) June 20th ten am, June 2pm Sat.
Summer Movies Tues. 6:30 pm refreshments served.
The Book Club will discuss The Loop by Nicholas Evans. June 11th Mon. 1:30 Super Saver Money saving tips June 16th 2pm. The Culinary Book Club meets June 18th Mon. at 1:30 pm. The topic is a vegetarian diet.

SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST FOR TEENS begins Mon., June 4, through July 14 for Fort Bend Co. teens, ages 13-18.
Register online (www.fortbend.lib.tx.us) or call 281-238-2900

The water board meets on the third Thursday of the month. They have connected 284 homes to water and are almost half through. Out of all the residents only about 80 people voted. In th May election.

Almeda Moe
Moe bought those expensive double-pane energy efficient windows last year. His wife complained until he told her that the salesman said the windows would pay for themselves within a year. Last week, she answered the phone when the man who had installed the windows called and wanted to know what the problem was that they had not paid for the windows? She repeated the conversation to Moe and said, “I reminded that salesman that he said the windows would pay for themselves in a year, so what was his problem? He didn’t say a word. I bet he felt like an idiot.”

Piano Tuner/Song Writer Raymond Phillips

After Phillips tunes your piano, he will play and sing one of the songs he has written or rearranged. The following is to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Harold Arlen                                                            E. Y. Harburg
(Christian lyrics by Raymond Phillips and Judy Sury)

Verse: Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
God is watching His children, guiding them with His eye;
Over all of creation-pours His love,
Drawing all who are willing, turning their eyes above:

Chorus: There’s no more sorrow, no more pain
And no more crying over there-in Heaven;
I’ll sing and dance and give Him praise
I’ll worship Him all of my days-because I love Him:
Somewhere over the rainbow-Jesus waits,
Waits for me to enter in thru those pearly gates.

Coda: Someday I’ll see the Morning Star and wake up where the world is far behind me,
Where God shall wipe away each tear
and Jesus Christ will then appear,
In all His Glory!
Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly,
Birds fly over the rainbow, some day,
So will I !
You can reach Phillips at 979 849-0602