May 2014

         Not sure who to vote for in the Republican primary? The best and concise information I found was an email from the Peter Morrison report. Request it by email and I’ll email it to you.
When the Federal government posted their sign in Nevada, someone, who has read the Constitution, put their own sign up.
         I guess the Feds don’t think the Constitution is applicable on 70% of the public land in Nevada which is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management.
         Since the Federal government owns over 30% of  United States, you would think that would be enough, but NO. The BLM now wants to grab 90,000 acres in Texas of privately owned land along the Red River. Land which Texans have a legal deed and have paid property taxes on.
According to ACLU, a Constitution free zone around the United States "expands 100 miles (from the border) and includes 197 million people." These zones, where anything of yours can be searched for any reason without authorities having "cause," is an ongoing Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy. Since Arcola, Fresno, Almeda, and Houston are within 100 miles of the coast that policy applies to us. You think it won’t affect you? Maybe not unless you do something that offends those in power or have something they want.

That rancher in Nevada has caused us to consider the wisdom of government control especially when we read that a Chinese owned energy giant, ENN Energy Group, wants to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel manufacturing plant. According to journalist Marcus Stern with Reuters,  Senator Harry Reid and his oldest son, Rory, are involved in helping the energy giant use the land the rancher has used since 1870.

BLM is one of many bureaus of the Interior Dept. If you look at their 389 page report, you will see that almost all the  bureaus request an increase of funds.

BLM’s budget is 1.2 billion. They are asking for an increase of 32.6 million including 10.3 M. for land acquisition. More land –more employees. Instead of more how about selling a few of the 650 million acres the government owns and pay down the national debt instead of printing more money making it worth less, eventually worthless.  
       It is easier to get a person to believe a lie than it is to get them to admit that they had believed a lie.

         For 46 years the residents of Almeda met in the same building as the school. But when the Almeda Independent School District decided to disband and turn the building over to HISD, the citizens decided it was time to build a church. 
         Mrs. C. W. Fellows told the Methodist District Superintendent that Methodist outnumbered other denominations. They sent out a student, Weldon Morton from Duke University, who walked from house to house or rather farm to farm and found enough interested to build the church, which cost $3,500. The first church service was Easter Sunday 1939.
In 1955, the church had grown to the point where the congregation felt they could afford bigger and much nicer facilities. They moved from the small building at 14 Broadhurst to the corner of Almeda School Road and Fellows Road just across the street from Almeda School.
Caroline Monrad Mayfield and Dorothy Bruns Roco are two of the first members still attending the church as well as Dorothy Pyburn Chesser who was christen in June of 1939. Judith, daughter of Barney Scott, was the first baby to be christened and the first member to be married in the new church.
The Almeda UMC has discerned that the will of God is to pass the blessings and possessions it has gathered to a new or transforming faith community designated by the Texas Conference so that a viable faith community may continue in this place. As of May 31st, Almeda UMC will be replaced by Abiding Faith UMC. Read about the new pastor next month.

         Mayor Evelyn Jones is facing a challenge from Mary Etta Anderson. James F. DeVoge and Florence R. Jackson are running against city council members Effie Jones and Florencia Martinez. Early voting starts April 28 –May 6th.
         Election will also be held on the same dates for the Ft. Bend School Board and the Fresno Water Board.

Fire Chief, Chris Tormey, said the Fresno FD has a new fire truck purchased with a grant for $200,000 from the Texas Forest Service. Hopefully they won’t need to use it very often. Tormey also said to keep in mind the bridge across Cohn will be replaced with a concrete bridge, beginning on May1.  Don’t see many wood bridges anymore.
What would you do if the electric power grid was disabled and the electricity was turned off  through out Texas? Could you survive? How long? Three days? Three weeks or longer? What would you do? Please email any ideas you have on how you and your neighbors could survive?

The Odds of Dying From:         Total from any cause 1 in 1.
Heart disease 1 in 7;        Cancer 1 in 7;
Chronic lower respiratory disease 1 in 28;
Intentional self harm 1in 106;    Motor vehicle incidents 1 in 108;
Unintentional poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances 1 in 123;
Falls 1 in  158;  Assault by firearm 1 in 340;   Car occupant 1 in 415;
Pedestrian 1 in 749;       Motorcycle rider 1 in 907;
Accidental drowning 1 in 1,112; exposure to fire, or smoke 1 in 1,419;
Choking from inhalation or food 1 in 3,842; Pedal cyclist 1 in 4,982;
Firearms discharge 1 in 7,059; Air and space transport accidents 1 in 7,229;
Excessive natural heat 1 in 11,111; Electric current, radiation, temperature and pressure 1in 12,146;     Contact with sharp objects 1 in 32,322;
Hornets, bees, 1 in 71,107; Legal execution 1 in 79,815;
Dog bite 1 in 122,216; Storm 1 in 126,158; Lightning 1 in 126,158

   Mobile BBQ Kitchen
16 X7 trailer 7ft. Pit/smoker 4 sinks  Asking $17,000.
Call   281-451-0538 for more info
         On Easter morning, Christians, through out the world, proclaimed that Jesus Christ is alive, but the question can still be asked what difference does it make?  You could point out that hospitals have been built in His name and that countries which adopted the principals that Christ taught have a higher standard of living than other countries, but aren’t those things that are just the result of following the example he gave us during his life on earth?
A peek at the life of the men who followed Jesus for three years could answer that question. When Jesus was arrested, his followers ran for their lives. One of them even denied he knew Jesus. But when these same men talked and ate with Jesus after they had seen him die, they willingly risked their lives and were killed in the process of proclaiming the news of Him to the world.
While we could talk about many results that have happened and are still happening among those who believe that Christ conquered death, the real question is, “What difference does it make in my life?”
We sing with great joy on Easter morning. Then the next day we face problems? If we really believe that Jesus had the power to overcome death, shouldn’t that change the way we view our problems? The way we view death? 
      Bill Gaither wrote a song “Because He lives I can face tomorrow.”
What we believe does make a difference, but the real difference is made when we allow Jesus to live in us by His spirit. He doesn’t just tell us what is good, but can give us the power to do what is right and live a life filled with peace, love, and joy even in the face of adversity. Rely on Him moment by moment. Prove to yourself that HE IS ALIVE!
  AkzoNobel  and Nalco Champion Chemical Plants 
          In an effort to keep the community updated on the chemical plants  and address any concerns, a panel meets once a month. In the April meeting, members learned that 13 AkzoNobel employees   attended a Safety Conference and training to keep updated on the best practices. Nalco Champion  reported that work continues to shut down Fresno Energy which has not been active prior to the Ecolabs purchase. , 
General Manager of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, Mike Turbo, spoke and described the process of subsidence, the lowering of land over time that has affected parts of the region.
The District was created by the Texas Legislature in 1975 to regulate groundwater withdrawal throughout Harris and Galveston counties to prevent further land subsidence.  Subsidence in a region that is generally flat leads to increased flooding when rain is heavy. Mike noted that west Harris Co. has subsided 1.28 feet in the last decade. At a test site in Sugarland it dropped 1/2 foot.
This entire area is only 50 feet above sea level. The Evangeline  Aquifer which provides our groundwater is thick enough for a 90 to over a 300 foot deep well to draw from. When more water is pumped from the aquifer than is restored the clay underground compacts, losing its elasticity causing subsidence. The western part of Harris County has dropped 1.28 feet in the last decade, Sugar Land ½ foot.
The conversion from groundwater to alternative sources of water is under way to manage subsidence. Fort Bend Co. is among those in the process of changing to groundwater due to rapid population growth which depends almost entirely on groundwater.   It is now using 60% groundwater and 40% surface water; the surface water, however, is primarily used for manufacturing and agricultural uses.  Houston takes its water from Lake Houston, which is dependent on the Trinity River, Lake Livingston, and Lake Conroe.  The Brazos River serves as a resource for the western part of the region.
In response to a question that hazardous wastes might get into the water supply, Mike assured members that injection wells are far beneath the depths of the aquifers in this region as regulated by the state.  
To another question Mike replied that hydraulic fracturing does not cause subsidence, but there is uncertainty about the movement of the ‘plates’ that form the layers of deep sub-layers.
New laws are of no concern to those who have a private water well as long as it is under 5 inches in diameter.
All of this information and much more can be found online.
 FEEDBACK: From a reader. You gave some erroneous information again. The U. S. Army Air Force, (more appropriately known as The U. S. Army Air Corp, pronounced “core” ) was a part of the U. S. Army until 1948. At that time, it was spun off as a separate military service, and became known as The U. S. Air Force.
Ed. Note: Please accept my apologies. 
Another reader’s letter stated that Jesus never commanded the day of his resurrection be celebrated but he did instruct his disciples to remember the sacrifice of his body and blood. (Luke 22: 19 & 20) The letter also stated rabbits, dyed eggs, even the word Easter were all used in pagan celebrations of spring. Ed. Note. Perhaps a lamb rather than a rabbit could be used since Jesus was called the Lamb of God. Do you think He would object to our celebrating Resurrection Day as we remember the sacrifice He made.
On April 25, 1915, Mary Buell was born in Almeda, Texas at her parents home on the southwest corner of Anderson Rd. and Hiram Clarke. She now resides two miles from her birthplace.Congratulations Mary.  
HPD Hiram Clarke Storefront
PIP Meeting Every 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 713-433-2720.
Storefront open 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Fresno Fresh Water Board 1
The Water Board meets at Mustang Community Center, 6 PM, on the third Thursday of the month.  

Almeda moe
Moe was waiting for his wife at the doctor’s office with his daughter, Ann. Nearby was a lady nursing her baby. While Moe hid his nose in a magazine, when Ann started asking questions. The lady amused, answered her. Then Ann said, “My mother has some of those but I don’t think she knows how to use them.” 
South Houston Concerned Citizens Coaltion The SHCCC will host their annual Spring Clean-up de-litter event throughout the Hiram Clarke community on Sat, May 3. The staging location will be at Townwood Park, 3403 Simsbrook Dr. and is set to start at 8:30 a.m. Call 832-393-4205.
 Vinson Library/Multi-Center
3810 West Fuqua 832-393-2120 Open Tue. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs 12-8 Fri. 1-5 Sat. 10-5 Closed Sun. & Mon. Multi-Center open Mon. –Fri.
 Sienna Branch Library,
8411 Sienna Springs Blvd ,281-238-2908411 Fort Bend County Libraries will demonstrate May 29th at 10 am, a new online resource, Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center.  The online research tool offers “how-to” instructions on everything from mountain climbing to 3,000 healthy recipes. Call  to register.
Japanese sushi-making  demonstration on Sat. May 3rd at 2:00 pm, Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
Ann Weisgarber’s will read from and sign her book, The Promise, Thursday, May 8,  at 7:00 pm, All proceeds will benefit the libraries.
Children Summer Reading Program
Registration for the 2014 Summer Reading Club (SRC) will begin on Monday, June 2, and continue through August 30, at all Fort Bend County Libraries. Children who are good readers are usually the most successful learners. For all other programs call the library or go online
Pinnacle Senior Center of Fort Bend County Is Open
The City of Houston contributed $500,000  to the construction of this facility; although Fort Bend County Health and Human Services Dept. will administer the operations, which includes a fully equipped exercise room,  Wi-Fi internet cafĂ© and library, large multi-purpose room, kitchen as well as dental and wellness rooms. The  Center is FREE and open to the public from any county. If you are interested in volunteering, or have a suggestion for a program please contact Sonya Santee @ 832-816-9540
TxDOT reconstruction expansion of FM 2234 from Cartwright Rd. to the Fort Bend Tollway, an 11-month project, is estimated to be complete by November 2014.  The expansion of the FM 2234 reconstruction project will include a 4-lane highway, curb and gutter section with a raised median. 

 Summer Jobs Program for youth
Most positions are for 32 hours per week, at $7.25 per hour.  For more info contact: SER Jobs for Progress: 713-773-6000 ext. 120 or Houston Area Urban League: 713-393-8700 or email at summerjobsprogram

National Day of Prayer May 1st
The first Thursday of May is the official National Day of Prayer since 1952. In 1775, the nation was called on to fast and pray, although  the day varied. 
Geraldine (Jerry) Bernier Summers, 89, born January 15, 1925 in Houston, Texas entered into eternal rest March 3, 2014. Preceded in death by her husband William "Bill" Summers,  she is survived by her children: Janet/Kenny Sibley, Sheryl/Ed Von Ruff; grandchildren: Brandon, Blair, Brittany, Brooke, and  Summer; great- grandchildren; Vallyn  and Bryce.  Interment at Brookside Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Alzheimer's Association.
Thomas Wayne Teal, Jr., 68, went to be with his Lord March 14, 2014 after a short battle with cancer. Preceded in death by his brother David Teal and nephew Riley Teal, Tommy is survived by his wife of fifty years, Cheryl Keeling Teal; sons Curtis/Terry Teal and Scott/Kym Teal; grandchildren: Holly, Christopher, Hayley, Ashleigh, Jacob, and Cody; greats: Kaine, Alana, Jaide; mother Ruth Teal; siblings: Sandra,  Jeanette, and Marshall; and the many people who consider it a privilege to have known him. Services were held at Willow Meadows Baptist Church with interment  at Shiloh Cemetery in Mt. Enterprise, TX.
Kathaleen Blye Le Fan, 99, born October 25, 1914 passed away Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. Blye lived for many years in Minnitex until she moved to Almeda. Preceded in death by her husband, Skeet, Blye is survived by her daughter, Jo Ann Hooper; grandchildren, Richard and Donna; great-grandchildren, Ryan, Roddy, John, and Courtney; five great greats. Larry Burrelson, a pastor from Southway Community Church conducted services held at South Park.