February 2013


Tezeno came to work for the City of Arcola in 2007 as a reserve officer primarily to maintain his license which he received at the U. of H. Law Enforcement Academy. He was the guy you never see as he worked from 10 pm to 6 am and on the week ends, hours which suited him just fine since he had a trucking company.

When Tezeno was only seven years old his dad, a diesel truck mechanic, took David on his job one day. Right then he decided he wanted to be a truck driver and that is what he did for 33 years. Driving from sea to shinning sea was like a vacation every day for Tezeno. He loved the open road. Since becoming the chief in October 2012, he has had to turn the driving over to his son and cousin. Being a police chief is a full time job even in the small City of Arcola.

Besides getting a new chief in October, Arcola acquired a canine unit named Otto and his partner, Officer Juarez. They work full time for Arcola and also assist Fort Bend County and Precinct 1. Six reserve officers, still in training and working for free, joined the Arcola police force of four full time officers and four part time officers. Even during the Christmas holidays crime was down. With a total of 14 officers, Arcola has enough manpower to enforce the 55 mph speed limit inside the city limits on Hwy 521.

The department also purchased three used cars. Not enough money in the budget to buy new cars, but Tezeno believes that will change as Arcola will be providing city water which will result in new businesses moving in, and they will provide more revenue. Work is in progress on Compton now.

Tezeno misses the open road at times, but he is taking one day at a time and learning something new everyday.
The father of four children, husband for 23 years to his wife, Diane, and a deacon at his church for seven years, Tezeno says, “I’m here to do the best job I can, while I can.”

Lone Star Recycling & Transfer Station

Wonder what goes in that large building at 4107 Beltway 8? Wonder no more. It is a new transfer station in operation for the last two months by Mr. Bults Inc. or MBI.

After regular size garbage trucks unload at the station, The front end loader drops 12 to 14 scoops of garbage down into an 18-wheeler that can haul over 40,000 pounds of waste to a landfill site. It takes the big trucks 2 1/2 hours to make a round trip. Twenty four to 26 of the big trucks pull out every day. The last truck leaves about 3:30 p.m.

You might think the smell would be really bad but every bit of the trash is hauled off every night and the building is washed down. If you are there around noon on Friday, instead of the smell of garbage you will greeted with the pleasant odor of hamburgers on a grill. Every Friday MBI provides grilled hamburgers for all seven employees and for all the waste truck drivers. These guys, many who work for Waste Connection, might start working 
as early as 1:00 am collecting household waste. They unload then pick up several more loads  until they finish their route ten or more hours later. The transfer station is one busy place, one reason Oscar Zavala, who has had eight years of experience, likes his job.     

Sandy Hook had to ask people to stop sending their expressions of sympathy. They were overwhelmed with gifts. Anybody who didn’t grieve had to have a pretty cold heart. But where is the grief over 3,000 lives snuffed out everyday in abortion clinics? Boys and girls who will never have a chance to go to first grade.

Is there no grief because the unborn are smaller than first graders? That would be like saying a woman is not as important as a man since women are usually smaller than men.

Or is it because the unborn has not reached a certain level of development? A six year old girl has not developed her reproductive system. Does that mean she is of less value than a 14-year-old?

Or is it because of the environment? If you move from a small house to a larger house is your life worth more? An unborn only has to move eight inches to be born.

Or is it because of the degree of dependency? Is a person’s life worth less if they depend on certain medications to stay alive? Is a human being only valuable if they are valuable to someone else? Or only valuable if they can contribute to society? In that case who should decide which person contributes enough to deserve life?

Planned Parenthood receives $487 million from our government—our taxes. Both Democrat and Republican members of Congress have okayed this expenditure, while this non-profit organization pays 30 of their executives between $200,000 to $300,000 a year to exterminate the most helpless of our society. The man who gunned down precious children committed a horrible crime and is condemned by all of society rightly so, but the “doctors” who abort babies get paid. And we help pay them.

Most of us in one way or another share the blame for the 53 million babies who have been aborted since 1973, but now is the time to choose: individually and as a nation. Will we help the desperate girls and young women to choose life instead of death? Having a baby is tough but being alone and pregnant is overwhelming. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are equipped to help any one who doesn’t know where to turn for help. One recommended is Anchor Point 832-632-1221 in League City to help if a person wants to keep her baby. Adopt Texas at 713-529-4341 is another alternative. These places can help and they need help.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I'm fearfully & wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know this full well. Psalm 139:13-14

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart." Jeremiah 1:5

I’m thankful that the Creator of the Universe knew me, cared for me, and had big plans for me even when I was in my momma's belly.
Jenny Blackmon

Correction: James Wark was at the Houston Gem & Mineral Society not metal.

Candidates can sign up in February for May 2013 election races for city council, school board, and other local races according to Rodrigo Carreon.

According to Jerry Berck, he got the biggest deer every killed in the State of Texas. He doesn’t have a picture but with a slight smile Jerry says, “Trust me.”

Almeda Moe

Moe’s grandmother asked Moe to please come over and help her. “I’ve got a jigsaw puzzle I just can’t get started, she said” “Have you tried getting all the straight lines together,” Moe asked. “I can’t find any straight lines. Nothing works.” “What is it suppose to look like? What is the picture on the box.” “It looks like a rooster,” she replies. Moe drives over to her house and she hands him the picture of the rooster. She shows him where all the pieces of the puzzle are spread out on the table. Moe puts his arm around her shoulder and says, “Grandma, I think...I think we ought to have a cup of coffee and then put these corn flakes back in the box.”


Mr. Greg Fleck, has been appointed to the Fresno water board. He is filling the vacancy left by David Stoneham who has moved to San Augustine. Fleck, who bought the Morris Storage business has lived in Fresno for 13 years with his family. Fleck says, “I’m learning the procedures. The more I see, the more I appreciate what the board has done.”

Commissioner on Your Corner Commissioner Richard Morrison, Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Fresno on Feb. 7th at the Mustang Community Center at 4525 FM 521 from 6:30 P.M. till 8:00P.M. He will be discussing concerns the residents may have.


William May 93, passed away January 24, 2013 at his home after spending a week in bed with the flu. May had spent the last 67 years in charge of the pumping station on the Brazos river south of Arcola. His services will be held January 30th at Froberg Funeral in Alvin. He will be buried beside his wife at the Fresno Cemetery. May is survived by a son and several grandchildren.


According to Dorothy Chesser, a style show, dinner, and silent auction Feb. 5th will bring in money to be used to provide the meat for the Father’s Day drawing at Pyburns, scholarships, a dinner for families of patients at the Ronald McDonalds House for 50 people, and grilled hamburgers with side dishes at the Fisher House for 20 to 25 at the VA Hospital. Once a year for 20 years the ladies have served at the McDonald House and for five years at Fisher House.


If you needed help you could count on Joe. He was dependable and helped all who asked. He was true to his wife, a good father and took his religion seriously. He was well known as a good man. But one day the bottom fell out. A tornado ripped through town and destroyed his uninsured home and his business. Inventory was scattered for miles. His wife survived but they lost all their children. The trauma was almost more than a human being could bear. Stress caused health problems. Why? Why? Why? He had lived his whole life wanting to please God. God had been good to him, but now.

His wife blamed him and in her grief turned against him. His longtime church friends came to console him, suggesting that he wasn’t as good as he seemed to be; he better admit his secret sins. Joe denied any secret sins but he prayed. Don’t all things work together for good to those who love God? Over and over he almost demanded an answer. Why God? Why have you allowed my life to be ruined? Joe wanted an explanation. Finally, God did answer.

He answered with questions showing Joe just how little he knew and how little control he had over anything. Joe got a new vision of God and of himself. Joe didn’t get an explanation but he began to see things in a new light. Instead of demanding an answer to his misfortune, he asked God to forgive him for he saw himself as God saw him and he saw God as HE is.

Then God healed him, doubled his fortune, and gave him more children.

Joe’s real name is Job. You can read all about him in the Bible. The book of Job comes just before Psalms in the Old Testament.


On Feb. 24th at 9pm a young man from Rice U. was presented in a favorable light as he fights to have the Christian viewpoint of how the world began removed from the textbooks in LA. He based his argument that scientist believe in evolution therefore any opposing view is frivolous, causing confusing and should not be presented in the textbooks.

But there are thousands of scientist, many with doctor degrees, who do not believe in the theory of evolution. Evolution is something people have been taught to believe in without questioning. Dr. Kent Novine asks questions. Since evolutionist believe that our universe began with a big bang, He wants to know what caused the explosion? And since we have laws to govern the universe where did the laws come from? What about energy, where does it come from? Which evolved first, the termite, which can’t digest wood or the tiny critters inside the termite that digest the wood termites eat? Type Kent Novine in your search engine and learn some things you won’t find in the text books

For 40 years, scientists with the Institute for Creation Research have proven that many of the so called facts of evolution are wrong. Type ICR in your search engine and they will give you material with scientific facts that might surprise you.

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Only he who believes is obedient, and only he who is obedient believes." Bonhoeffer