Our News April Issue Vol. 17 No 8 Senior citizens Garden Club

Betty Dixon, Lillian Kelly Eleanor Dickens, Florence, Philistin, Terry Garner, Florence, Eleanor, Betty



were hard at work at 8 am March 14 in spite of the time change and drizzling rain. The Senior Citizen Garden Club welcomes you to come out and help them garden at the Hiram Clarke Multi Center on Fuqua. Under the guidance of Terry Garner the club planted tomato, eggplant and a variety of pepper plants as well as lettuce, zucchini, and bean seeds. Garner brings the seed and plants and a treasure store of information to the 11 sites he oversees for the city.

Floyd Andrews dropped by to see if he could learn some tips. Floyd was amazed that his own home garden of cabbage and collard greens survived three days of a hard freeze. He uses Triple-13 fertilizer, but Garner recommends 6-2-4 Micro lite organic fertilizer. Garner also pointed out that if you put a gallon can, with both ends cut out, over a plant it will absorb additional sun and grow faster. He showed the club how to fix a trestle for the cucumbers to conserve space.

Jenny Malin was also there to do a documentary on the garden. To view her website go to www.growingseasonmovie.com

Wanda Allen and Betty Dixon are co-coordinators who schedule times for the teams to work. If you would like to join this group and share the harvest call Rosa at 832-393-4252.

Wanda Allen, Rita and Maureen Richardson below

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  1. I like that garden club president's name ... Terry Garner the gardener. Try to say that fast.