September 2014

Annual Fresno Volunteer Fire Department
BBQ & GUN RAFFLE FUNDRAISER              Saturday September 13th
Serving begins at 11 am. Raffle at 1pm.Call 281 431 2451 for details on raffle items. All proceeds go towards the purchase of LIFESAVING equipment.

         The crew of the Gotcha Pest Control, working with the District K city council office,  cleaned out the former Almeda Plaza clubhouse which was a haven for the bees.

Behind the Glen Iris subdivision, 65 homes were built, thanks to a donation of  land and “Oprah’s angel Network”, Habitat for Humanity for people left homeless because of the 2005 Katrina hurricane. In August 2014 a community center was completed for the residents.

Houston Libraries and Park Facilities Will Become Smoke Free September 2nd
We want the residents of our city to think of each library location as a safe, healthy, family-friendly and welcoming environment. These "No Smoking Zones" will help us meet this goal," states Dr. Rhea Brown Lawson, Houston Public Library Director.

The Houston Bar Association offers a FREE legal hotline called Legal Line
Call on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  The LegalLine Program has been available to Houston area residents since 1985. This hotline service allows constituents to access an attorney free of charge. For more information about the LegalLine Program, contact Lucy Fraga Fisher Cain with the Houston Bar Association at 713-759-1133 or via e-mail at
The above information came from the  District K e-newsletter. If you would like to contact Council Member Green call the Dist. K. office at 832 393 3016.

Almeda Elementary new principal Edward Cuevas was born in Chicago in 1973 and came to Houston five years later. His mother inspired him to go into the field of education. She has worked 25 years as a teacher’s aid and at the age of 63, she is studying to complete the hours needed for a degree.
Cuevas wife, his Reagan High School sweetheart, teaches pre-k and cares for their two daughters. Like her husband she is a U. of H. graduate.
Cuevas taught a bilingual class for grades 1st-4th for ten years, then for two years, he was the 6th grade assistant principal at Hartman Middle School before coming to Almeda. “I am excited,” he says, about the opportunities we have here to improve.”
‘A new beginning’ is the new Almeda school motto for Mr. Cuevas, Almeda’s  45 classroom teachers, and over 800 students. Cuevas agrees with what the principal at Hartman taught him, “I don’t have the power to change the world, but I have the power to change my school by providing effective leadership.”

         On September 9th and 16th meetings will be held at Arcola City Hall  for a budget hearing and a proposed tax rate. Now is the time to let your city council members know your concerns, not after they pass the budget and a new tax rate. Attend the hearings on the 9th and 16th.
         On September 29th Mayor Anderson will present the State of Arcola to the Sugarland Chamber of Commerce and let business companies know that Arcola can provide a good place to start a business.

Candidate for Justice of Peace
You can meet Karen Mendoza at the Mustang Community Center park 4521 Hwy. 521, on Sat. Sept 20th. She is running for Justice of Peace in Prec. 1 Place 2.

Debbie Johnson enjoyed reeling in this  7.03 pounds of speckled trout even though it wasn’t quite big enough to win  a prize.

Moe asked Bill Gates how he got so successful. Gates said that he surrounded himself with smart people. How do you know they are smart, asked Moe. I’ll show you, said Gates. Hey Charlie, if your parents have a child and it isn’t your brother or sister who is it? That’s easy said Charlie, it’s me. Moe went home and asked Fresno Joe. If your parents have a child and it isn’t your brother or sister who is it?  Joe didn’t know so he asked his friend, Jim. Jim replied, that’s easy, it’s me. Joe rushed back to Moe and said I know who it is. It’s Jim. No you idiot said Moe, “It’s Charlie! 

Sat. Sept 13,  10 am to 2:15 pm,  at Sienna Branch library. Full-length practice SAT test. Registration required. Go online at  (, click on “Calendar,” select “Sienna Branch Library,” and find the program or call the library at 281-238-2952 to register.

Hiram Clarke PIP meets at 4363 West Fuqua  2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Fresno Water Board  meets Sep.18th at  First Baptist Church Fresno 4501 Hwy. 521 at 6pm. 

National Night Out is the first Tue. in Oct.

Richard Harry Martini  February 11, 1925  August 1, 2014. A son of the German immigration into Texas, he left the farm life as a teenager to make his own way. He realized working for himself was the only way to accomplish what he wanted. His business began with a dump truck and long hours leading to numerous business concerns including the landfill off of Hooper Road. Three generations were involved in his life's work. Predeceased by his wife, Bette, and five of his six siblings, he is survived by  a daughter Nancy/Bob Cowan; son, Richard A./Lauren Martini; 4 grandchildren and 2 greats.

Charles Eugene “Bubba” Harrison
December 11 1954-August 3, 2014
Charles grew up in the Almeda area and was baptized at Almeda Baptist Church. A bat boy for the Houston Astros, he graduated from Madison High School where his primary interest was in FFA. Charles was also a Master Mason of the 32nd Degree, serving in the Bellaire Masonic Lodge. Preceded in death by his mother, Maxie Charlene Harrison, he is survived by his father, Gene G. Harrison, his wife, Linda Harrison of Katy, daughters: Trina Argo and Darlene "DD" Stordal; sisters: Pamela Harrison/Micheal Collum and Terry/David Nixon; numerous grandchildren, and a nephew. Please make any donations to Shriners Hospital Houston.

Beverly Jean Strauss died peacefully at home August 10, 2014. A past president of a senior women’s group at Almeda U. Methodist. She is survived by sons Robert and Tom; grandchildren Rachel, Reed, Jill, Chris, Strauss, Damion; greats  Rosie and Sean.

Jay Donald Monrad      1929 to August 2014
Jay grew up on a dairy. The dairy pasture later became Monrad street. For many years, he and his wife  traveled the U. S singing gospel songs. Predeceased by his parents Charlie/Audree, a daughter, Donna Jean, and a sister, Louise, Jay is survived by his wife, Opal; sister, Caroline Mayfield,  and four children.

Born October 20, 1933,  Elisabeth awoke from a coma, turned to her husband of 61 years and said, “I love you” with her last breathe August 17, 2014.
One of Almeda’s brightest students, Elisabeth attended Rice College (University now). She is survived by her husband, Gary, and three daughters.

AURORA VELA RIVERA January 7, 1941-August 15, 2014. The ninth of 12 children, Aurora learned to work hard as her father was a sharecropper. In 1984, she married Braulio Rivera. They lived behind Pyburn’s Grocery where she worked in the meat department for 20 years. Predeceased by eight of her siblings, she is survived by her husband, Braulio Rivera, children: Samuel/Elizabeth Mata Jr., Sylvia Mata, Joel/Velma Mata, Susanna Mata; twelve grandchildren and nineteen greats. She kept her faith.    

Ft. Bend ISD is asking voters on Nov. 4th to approve a $484 bond proposal. Register to vote 30 days before the election.
You can pick up registration applications at the library, city hall, and post offices.

Place a small roast beside a large roast in a pan. Turn heat to 350 degrees. When the small roast burns, the large roast is done.
            By Gracie Allen

         If you had the nicest house in the world, the car of your dreams, great health, fantastic job, the sweetest spouse, and almost perfect kids, would you be content?  Without all that nice stuff Hebrews 13:5 says, “Be content with such as you have.”
         Money runs out before the bills get paid, you got a cranky spouse, you have poor health and the Bible says BE CONTENT. Is that possible? It is if you take in consideration the rest of that verse which says, “for I will never leave you nor forsake you.” When we consider that Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, is with us, the importance of everything else fades by comparison. If we are discontented, griping and complaining, it is like saying, God, you, and all you do for me is not enough.

Akzo Nobel #1 on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
The DJSI is a means of establishing benchmarks for companies by which they could track and compare their social environmental and economic performance toward a more responsible business model, using sustainability endeavors to create more value with fewer resources which include people, as well as natural resources.   Among goals was the reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint by 25-30% by 2020. Boilers that have been in the plant since the 50’s were modified.  A heat recovery process is used to collect condensate and return it to the process, a project that yielded 30% in savings.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act,”             Dietrich Bonheoffer, he spoke against Hitler.

Pick up a copy of the history of the area of Almeda at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News
 P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info


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