November 2014

         Need a ride? UBER has arrived. The City of Houston has approved the UBER company to serve Houstonians. Passengers love it since it is much cheaper than a taxi. When they call UBER they can watch the  route the driver takes on their cell phone so they know exactly when their ride will be there. 

    Ken Castaneda started driving for UBER six weeks ago and he loves it. He can work when he wants to. Recently, Ken won $100 for making the most trips. When  he signs in, UBER will assign him a passenger within a few minutes. He has 15 seconds to accept the assignment or they will alert another driver who is also close by. UBER monitors the route the driver takes and so does the passenger. The passenger can also see the driver’s photo on the phone. They pay UBER online so Ken doesn't have to worry about getting robbed. UBER deducts 20% and sends him a check.
All UBER drivers have a criminal background check, use their own 2006 model or later, 4-door vehicle with full insurance. They work as much as they want to.
  Ken loves talking to people, people from all over the world. Sometimes they ride up front with him or sit in the back. Each passenger grades the driver on a scale 1 to 5. An overall rating below a 4 causes, the driver  to lose his job. Ken says they need more drivers. If you  would like to get some tips call him at 713-412-9305.
One tip he has for everybody, “Keep the oil changed in your vehicle.”    

Richard Morrison
Fort Bend County
Commissioner Pct. 1
Morrison works with three other commissioners to set the budget for the whole county for drainage, roads, the court system, emergency services, and libraries. Morrison says his worst problem is trying to manage traffic for the fastest growing county in the US with an increase of 30,00 to 40,000 people a year.
         Morrison feels a big accomplishment of his was setting up a program where he regularly meets with the people he serves at a time and place convenient for them. Once every quarter, he hosts a town hall meeting at Arcola, Fresno, Needville, Orchard, Kendleton, and  Beasley. He also attends Commissioner’s Court every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Tuesday of the month at 1pm. The meetings are open to the public.
Morrison earned his bachelor’s degree from Baylor U. and graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1995. He and his wife Allyson, have lived in Ft. Bend Co. for 19 years where they are raising their five young children. They are active in Holy Rosary Catholic Church and many community activities.
Prior to becoming commissioner, in 2008,  Morrison was an attorney and an advocate for environmental and individual property rights. He used that expertise to fight for ordinary families who work hard and play by the rules. In private practice, Richard handled litigation to protect Texas families and small business owners from their own government and bring balance to the system while learning that most levels of Texas Government, from TxDOT to the TCEQ, are unresponsive and sometimes hostile to the average citizen and small business. He opposed the $6.2 million dollar CAD building. He is a board member for the YMCA, charter member of the Sons of the American Legion, on the Advisory Board of the Richmond State School, a board member of the Central Ft. Bend Chamber Alliance, and on the Advisory Board of the Mental Health Public Defendant's Office.
Morrison says, “I really enjoy the job and  I encourage everyone to come to ‘Commissioner on the Corner’ meetings and bring their questions, complaints, and suggestions.”

A call from John Riley: John called to say I didn’t  mention that Mrs. Bailey’s 91st birthday was on October 4th 1923. He remembers the day because in 1955, John was born on October 4th. 
New Road 2 Country Gospel Concert
 Nov 2nd, @ 10:45am and @ 6pm at First Baptist Church Fresno.
4501 FM 521  more info 281 431 4244
They are good folk from Tennessee; sound good to. Hope to see you there.
Almeda Moe
Moe called his wife, “Darling, it's me. I don't want to alarm you but I was hit by a car as I was leaving the office.  Mary Jane brought me to the hospital. They  ran some tests and did some x-rays and I don’t have any internal injuries except for three broken ribs. The bone in my right leg broke through the skin and they think I might have to have my left foot amputated. Honey did you hear me?” Honey replied, “Yes Moe. I heard you. Tell me who is Mary Jane?”

A day to “Pray without ceasing. And “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you,” (regardless of how the election turns out.) I Thessalonians 5:17 & 18,

In Communist China
     Sermons  must be approved. In Houston?
    In Houston the mayor subpoenaed pastors to send their sermons and the communications to their members to be reviewed by the city. Enjoy your religious freedom before it is gone and pray for those who are being persecuted. International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Believers Nov. 2nd

     I sneaked a peek in the attic and there was a guitar. My brother and I had both asked for a guitar for Christmas. If I didn’t get it that meant my parents didn’t love me. I was all prepared to feel sorry for myself. With no musical ability, I soon lost interest, my brother inherited the guitar, and I had nothing. The point of this story? When we ask God for something, do we miss out on some good stuff because we don’t trust Him that He will give, or not give, what is always best for us?
      Three year old Amy Carmichael heard about Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given you.” That night she asked God to give her blue eyes, but when she woke up her eyes were still brown. God didn’t answer her prayer but then she thought when Mama says “no” that is an answer. Later as a missionary in India she realized how fortunate she was to have brown eyes and was thankful God did not answer with a yes. When we add, “nevertheless not my will but thy will be done” to our request, it shows we trust Him regardless of the answer. God is good and wise. Why would we ever want our will if it is not his will?

Vinson Library/Multi-Center
3810 West Fuqua 832-393-2120 Open Tue. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs 12-8 Fri. 1-5 Sat.
Multi-Center open Mon. –Fri.

Sienna Branch Library
8411 Sienna Springs Blvd. 281-238-2900 International Games Day from 2 to 3 pm on Nov. 15. Gaming of all types at the library encourages patrons to interact with a diverse group of peers, share their expertise with others, and develop new strategies for gaming and learning. It provides opportunity for families to connect with the educational, recreational, and social value of games.

Just Venting
Thieves are not breaking into our homes at night anymore. My husband is a heart transplant patient. He was due for an MRI test at Methodist Hospital. We left at 7:30am and came back home at 1pm. My husband went into the house to find our home had been vandalized. They broke in through the front window, the second time thieves came and helped themselves out to our belongings. The police said, “No fingerprints, can’t do nothing, sorry.”
Today we felt like going for a ride. I was checking all the houses in Meredith Manor, where we’ve lived for the past 41 years. All the houses have burglar bars. To me they looked like birdcages. I thought, “It’s the thieves that should be behind bars, not us.” People, it’s time to stand for what is right and fight for what is ours, because “united we stand, divided we fall.” Amen – Pray, pray, pray.
Jesus will fight my battles and I will be at peace. 
Exodus 14:14                                                       Martie M

Most people don’t want to plan on the final trip for themselves or for the people they love. That is why we are easy prey for the funeral home industry. Learn a few facts before you need them: When you first call a funeral home to pick up the body, get right then, what they charge for that service and what they charge for embalming, so they can’t increase the price or make an additional charge if you decide to go with a different funeral home. Check with three funeral homes before deciding. Your best prices will be with independent homes that are not part of a big corporation. Funeral homes are required  to give you a general price list, for you to keep, listing 16 specific items and services, before you make the arraignments. The less you tell the funeral director the better off you are. Tell them how wonderful the person was, how much you love them and the price starts going up. Don’t tell them you intend to shop for a casket until you get the total bill in writing (with their casket price), then its ok to let them know you will supply your own. This is the only true way to realize your savings. If they change any initial prices, then call the FTC, because that is highly illegal! Federal Trade Commission: 877-382-4357.
The law requires the funeral home to accept caskets bought elsewhere without additional charge. If you buy a casket direct, find out if the company charges to deliver.
 If your loved one is still alive, the funeral home knows you have time to shop around and will give you their best price.
 This information came from Sidney Webb and his website. He and his family started Webb Caskets after the sudden death of their father. They  found out how some funeral homes take advantage of people. When we are rushed and emotional we are not apt to be concerned about a few thousand dollars until later. For more info go to, or call him at 713-834-2453.

Back Yonder In Almeda
Pick up a copy of the history of the Almeda area at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News
 P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info

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