July 2015

Arcola Officer Juarez Lassoed A 5-Foot Alligator
         Chief Bell reminds citizens of the dangers of alligators  due to the recent floods. This gator was resting under a car at a home on McKeever. Gator Grabbers arrived and relocated it to a more conducive environment.
         The Chief also wants citizens to be aware of fake contractor scams regarding home repairs. It is critical that the owners research any contractor (Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, etc...). Also, people have been getting calls regarding collections. The caller is typically one with a foreign accent and demands immediate payment or you will be arrested. They will say they are talking with the local police department about having you arrested. That is NOT TRUE!  Do NOT give any personal information or make any payments.
What cha gonna when they DON’T come
If we break the law, we are innocent until convicted and proven guilty. Not so with police officers. They are convicted by the public and media before the facts are known.
Police officers are called to take care of problems we  can’t handle. But instead of calling the police maybe we should call paid professional protestors and they could take care of the situation without anyone being offended.
Police officers should be held to a higher standard, but in every profession there are some who will misuse their power. No one, especially good officers wants a bad officer to keep his job. If an officer lets race influence his decisions, he needs a desk job. And if we are letting race influence our judgment of the officer then we should consider this: if the officer was black and in the case at McKinney the girl was white how would we react? If you think all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, you don’t know very many girls.  
  If young people, white, brown, and black, learn to respect the authority of parents and the rights of others, they would seldom have a problem with an officer.
     I personally would like to thank all officers who are protecting me and the ones I love.

Buffalo Speedway Roadway Groundbreaking
         The Buffalo Speedway Roadway Project construction will extend from the dead-end terminus to Holmes Rd. and eventually to I-610.  The project's timeframe is 442 days with estimated completion August 2016.  This extension will provide the catalyst for economic development in this territory, according to City Councilman Green. With the construction of this segment, Green was able to coordinate with TxDOT to reinvest funding for the extension of West Airport Blvd.  to Almeda Rd. A project planned for 2018.

Jr. 76, Billy 84, Bobby 69
These Keyworth brothers grew up in Almeda on a dairy farm. They learned to move slow and easy around the contented cows. But as soon as Billy could drive he flew down Almeda Road, racing the Houston boys. No lights, stop signs, or police on the road between the Old Spanish Trail and the town of Rosharon in the 1940’s. Jr.’s specialty was tearing out transmissions. Bobby observed his older brothers and the trouble they got into. He decided to go to college, get married, then got all his thrills in Vietnam. Jr. settled down and found his niche in life tearing up the ground. He owns Digger Foundation Drilling. Billy got married, operated his own dairy then established Keyworth’s Kiddie Korner on South Post Oak. He always wanted, not just fly, but to jump out of an airplane. 

 It was on his bucket list. Getting Jr. to join him was easy. Bobby researched skydiving on the Internet and  decided to watch his brothers jump out of a plane at 14,000 feet. Jr. said freefalling 8,000 feet was a blast. That big smile on Billy’s face says I am so glad I’m still alive.  On the way down he clutched the harness that strapped him to the instructor with a look of sheer terror on his face. Perhaps the thought that this item on his bucket list was the bucket.
Billy enjoyed the descent after the canopy opened, but rather than accept a free trip, he said he would pay not to go up again. They both made excellent landings. Jr. is ready to go with his wife, Sherry, who wants to celebrate in five years their 60th anniversary skydying, I mean skydiving. 

 Feedback All feedback is truly appreciated as often a new way of looking at things is given. Most recent is a letter from C. Clay. After reading all his info concerning the word “cross” instead of tree, I still go to Hebrews 12:2 KJV.

 On May 29,  Jos Claesson,  Akzo Nobel Site Director,  presented our 2015 Community Outreach Scholarship Award to Cody Faulkner from  Alvin High School.  Cody will be attending Tarleton State University, and  majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. We all wish Cody the best as he pursues his degree.
 Almeda Moe
Hi Moe, I see you have a new TV. Yeh, my wife was really mad so I bought a new TV and she is still mad. She says the old was just fine. So why did you buy a new one? Well...  a friend told me that if I would fire my pistol dry I could overcome a tendency to shoot high. ‘What does that have to do with your TV?  I was gonna practice while watching a baseball game. ‘But you forgot to take the bullets out of your gun.’ “Yeh.”    (Based on a true story.)
Also heard that a man cut down a 30-foot high tree with a  gun, for real.
Almeda School starting in September children will have one early dismissal day on the first Tuesday of each month.
Almeda’s enrollment is 857 students.
U.S. Department of Education Guidelines. Expression of a student’s religious beliefs in the form of homework, artwork, and other written or oral assignments is protected speech and should be allowed.
 FBC Commissioner Morrison, Precinct 1, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Arcola on July 16th at the Arcola City Hall located at 13222 Hwy 6 starting at 6:30 P.M.  He will be discussing any concerns that the residents of Precinct 1 may have. Come see Your Commissioner!!
Almeda Moe would be proud of Leroy
Leroy was teased for being dumb. Some of the old timers would hold out a quarter and a dime and ask him which one he wanted. He took the dime every time. Then they would roll their eyes and grin at the stupid kid. When a friend asked him why he didn’t take the quarter he replied, “If I take the quarter they would stop and I wouldn’t get anymore dimes.”
Vinson Library
3810 W. Fuqua 832 393 2120  closed Sun. & Mon.
Multi-center open Mon. thru Fri.

Sienna Branch Library
8411 Sienna Springs Blvd 281-238-2900
      Andrew Bennett, will present demonstrations of the informational legal resources  available to the public at the Fort Bend County Law Library. Brief, introductory classes will take place every Thurs. in July, between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. To register, call the Law Library at 281-341-3718.
Annual Summer Book Sale
 Sat. August 1, from 10 am to 4 pm, in the Missouri City Branch Library, located at 1530 Texas Parkway.
Tremendous bargains  of hardback and paperback books for adults and children, bestsellers, newer-release movies, and audiobooks on CD,  magazines, DVDs,  music CDs, and more. Many items for 50 cents. 

 Madison High School
         Plans for the school include erecting the new building adjacent to the existing school so that students can remain on campus during reconstruction of the old.
Carson No Political Experience!
He is running for president and he doesn’t have  political experience? Ben Carson agrees. He says, “I have never voted for a budget we could not afford. I have never voted to raise the debt limit. I have never voted to raise taxes. And I have never promised a lobbyist anything for a donation.”
Sounds like a good man to me but I doubt if Washington D. C. wants him.

Seems a status symbol of today is those cell phones that everyone has clipped onto their belt or purse. I can't afford one, so I'm wearing my garage door opener.
When people see a cat's litter box they always say, 'Oh, have you got a cat?' Just once I want to say, 'No, it's for company!'

During the depression in 1929, hundreds of people were standing in food lines and going to soup kitchens provided for desperate and hungry Americans. It would be interesting to know how many percentage wise stood in line for food compared to how many need food stamps now? 

Regina Dawn"Jenny"Tyson Defee, 37, passed away June 22, 2015 in Bastrop, LA,  Jenny was born in Almeda where she went to school. She enjoyed golf, hunting, fishing and just being outdoors. She became a health care professional and a member of Hillview Freewill Baptist Church when she moved to Bastrop. Preceded in death by  her father, Donald D. "Buddy" Tyson, Jenny is survived by her husband, Jason Defee; mother, Joy Tyson; children: Landen Blake Eubanks and Caleb Ryan Tanksley, all of Bastrop, LA, brothers: Ray Smith of Houston, Terry Tyson of Almeda, and Eric Tyson of Bastrop, LA.

          According to an article in a booklet 30 days of Prayer for the Muslim World, a missionary living in a Somali refugee camp received a visit from a Somali sheikh named Abdul-Ahad. The sheikh demanded an answer. “Yes or No. Jesus’ blood paid for the sins of everyone?” The missionary was nervous but he said, “Yes.”
         The sheikh said , “You’re lying!” … “The blood of Jesus cannot forgive my sins.”  He went on to tell of some the violent acts he had done in war-torn Mogadishu. He began to tremble and weep. “I need relief from that,” he said.
The missionary explained the gospel and the sheikh prayed and received the message and forgiveness. Before leaving he said, “When you look at me on the street, you see my Muslim hat and my beard, and you are afraid of me. But you need to know that inside we are empty. Don’t be afraid of us. We need the gospel.”
While Muslims are fasting during Ramadan from June 18th to July 17th, millions of Christians are praying that they will find the truth that will give them peace in their hearts and forgiveness.
We don’t hear in the news how thousands are turning to Christ like never before. Isis has caused many Muslims to question their faith. Never before has there been any outward criticism of any of the Writings. Through the Internet, radio, faithful Christians, Bibles translated into their own language, God’s Holy Spirit working through miracles and dreams, Muslims, for the first time in their lives, are learning what the Bible really teaches. 
As we pray we will overcome fear and hatred, ignorance and apathy of the  Muslims for “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7 

2015 Tahoe For Arcola Police Department 
The residents of Arcola purchased the Arcola Police Dept. a new Patrol Vehicle: 2015 Tahoe. The APD also  received a donation of an Evidence Cage from Hefco Enterprises. They did a wonderful job in designing and fabricating it. It will preserve the integrity of the evidence that is seized by the APD. THANKS to HEFCO ENTERPRISES for their donation! Also, THANKS to QUALITY WRECKER for donating the wrecker and time to deliver the cage to the APD!!
Back Yonder in Almeda starts with the survey of Sims Bayou. Pick up a 160-page-paperback copy at Debbie’s Barber Shop (next to Parker’s Hardware) in the 14000 block of Almeda Road for $12 or have a copy mailed to you for $14.50. Send a check to Our News P. O. Box 450336 Houston, TX 77245
The book is $12 Postage $2.50
call 713 433 1098 for more info

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